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What To Avoid On 1st Day Of College – 10 Survival Tips, Do’s and Don'ts


What To Avoid On 1st Day Of College

Everyone has excitement for 1st Day of College, everyone has plans that when they will go to college they will do like this or that. But, in actual does it happens? No, because a new atmosphere new society takes little time to settle. So, today we will discuss on What to Avoid On 1st Day of College and also we will share 10 Survival Tips for 1st Day of College.

In this article we have presented so Do’s and Don'ts which you must know before your join your college. Mostly, student’s thinks that first day of college will be every stressful but we will share some tips to make sure that your first day is as fun and as easy.

Lean Tips for Surviving Your First Day at College:

College time is the best experience that anyone can have and this will you realize when to leave the college time is near. So, make your college life a memorable time which can be possible if you try not to make mistakes On 1st Day of College that may keep coming up in your coming years.

Go through the Survival Tips that you must Avoid On 1st Day of College and must read Do’s and Don'ts to get survival in college. Go through the provided information given below about what to Avoid On 1st Day of College by the team members of www.privatejobshub.in.

What To Avoid On 1st Day Of College

Here are things that you must avoid on the first day of college for a good impression. Go through the given points you need to avoid on 1st Day of College. Read out the given points and try to follow them on your 1st day of college and also in coming days.

Open Your Hostel Room Door

If you are looking to make friends quickly then you must open your hostel room door so that when people will drop in and say “hi” as they move in, and this also lets you know when your dormmates have moved in.

Be An Extrovert

Lack of confidence is something that makes someone an introvert and unsociable. It’s always important to tell yourself that “I AM CONFIDENT”. Even then if you are not able to build some of it then just start faking it. It will come eventually.

Unpack Your Bags

Unpack your bags and make your room neat and clean so that it can be a place to live with healthy life.

Explore Your Campus

Once you’ve unpacked and made yourself feel a little more at home, go and explore your new surroundings that is explore your campus.

Don’t Spend Your First Night Alone

Don’t spend your first night alone. Whether people on your halls are going to a party or they’re all staying in with a chick flick and some popcorn, you must join them and try to make friends and know your batch mates. 

Be Respectful

If you are polite, friendly and respectful you will gain respect and a good reputation instinctually. Seniors are the mentors that you need in your college life. So try to make a relationship with them.

Meet As Many People As You Can

Be prepared to meet as many people as you can in your first day. Everyone is going to be smiling and keen to make new friends, so be sure to take advantage of this!

Know That Everyone Is As Nervous As You Are

As you are new to college and having nervous that does not mean the other students are not nervous they are also feeling same as you are. So, try to get comfortable with them.

Check Your Course Details

This is an obvious task but you should know what exactly you are going to study for coming years. Don’t hesitate to consult your faculty’s central office as their job is to point you in the right direction.

Take A Picture With Your New Friends On Your First Day

It’s important to capture some new memories with new people. It would be better if you take the picture with your college name flashing behind as it will remind you to your first day of college.

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Do’s and Don'ts You Should Care About On 1st Day of College
  • Be personable and don’t listen what others says. Don’t stress yourself, try to enjoy everything that you have been given. Work hard play hard, but concentrate on your studies.
  • Don’t afraid to ask anything from anyone as it is quite essential for you to ask when you don’t understand. Don’t be afraid to ask your professors or friends for help. Keep this in mind that they are willing to help you all the time and all you have to do is ask.
  • It’s an exciting situation, isn’t it? You’ve got yourself admitted to a college and basically waiting for the first day of college. This is the time we’ve all felt thrilled and nervous about all at the same time.
  • There is a fear of anything going wrong, yet having the confidence to beat it on the first day itself. So go through the points that you need Avoid On 1st Day Of College and keep these few things in mind always, and you’re all set to go!.
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Important and Final Note:

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