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Yoga Instructor As A Career - Jobs Opportunities/Description, Scope, Courses


Yoga Instructor As A Career

Yoga instructors are fitness specialists, who teach yoga to controlled postures and breathing methods to develop flexibility and strength. To become a yoga instructor, in any style, complete and specific training is required.

Are you opting the Yoga Instructor As A Career? If yes, then this article is complete guide for you. And it provides entire description like what will be the Jobs Opportunities, what is the career scope as a Yoga Instructor and courses detail etc.

Is it right to choose Yoga Instructor As A Career?

Yoga is a type of fitness that engages breathing exercises, physical postures and also meditation. Yoga is premeditated as one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy, but it is having its relations with meditative practices in Buddhism and Jainism too.

And, yes it is the right option for you, if you want to make it as a career option. In the below portion of this article (www.privatejobshub.in) read description about the yoga instructor job if you desire to know more or want to build your career.

Yoga Instructor As A Career

Which Courses Are Required To Become a Yoga Instructor?

Nowadays, there are many courses available in this field; some of them are mentioned here:

Course Type
Name Of Course
Certificate Course
Certificate Course in Yoga (CCY)
HSC passed.
Bachelor Course
Bachelor in Arts (Yoga Philosophy)
10+2 Passed
UG Diploma in Yoga Education
Graduate Degree Holder
Master Course
PG. Diploma in Yoga Therapy
Graduate Degree Holder
Master of Arts in Yoga
Graduation Degree
Other Course
Advanced Yoga Teachers
Training Course in Yoga (AYTTC)
Graduation in yoga

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What is Career Scope In this field?

Yoga instructors have an ability to move up in the ladder or the field of the spas and gyms they work in and also get administrative positions. They are also liable to give private coaching to rich consumers.

The job description for yoga instructor is to train the students about the proper aasans and yogic positions. These days Yoga has gained a lot of importance as it has concentrated as a quite effective to fight with diseases.

What will be Job opportunities?

After completing degree or diploma in this field, you can apply for any one of the jobs i.e. listed below. 
  • Research Officer- Yoga and Naturopathy
  • Yoga Aerobic Instructor
  • Assistant Ayurvedic Doctor
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Yoga Therpaist
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Therapists and Naturopaths
  • Trainer/ Instructor Health Club
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How much amount will be paid to Yoga Instructor?

Yoga instructors easily earn on an average of INR 181,207 – Rs 476,781 with differences based on experiences and certification, etc.

Must Read, Duties and Responsibilities Of A Yoga Instructor

They have to instruct their students about the various yogic positions and initiate them with few basic steps.
  • They have manage their compatibility with any age group as their student into account as anyone can be a student
  • It is important for them to monitor every one carefully.
  • They have to be experts themselves and even have skills to offer dietary advice to their students but only after consultation with a dietician according to particular student
  • The education required is not at all expensive. The only thing is that they have to be absolute experts in doing yoga. They get employment in gymnasiums, health centre, spas, etc.
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It is obligation for yoga instructors to be experts in teaching yoga and their responsibility is to strictly monitor. Yoga trained inappropriately will impact badly and might be causing damage.

It is duty of yoga instructors to instruct each and every student well while monitor them carefully. Since, the popularity of yoga has increased even celebs have chosen it as means of staying fit and well.

Final Note:

Now-A-Days staying fit has become the want for all. Exercising is one of the best and also the safest ways to lose weight comparatively than choosing various measures such as dangerous surgeries, medications and diets.

Those who are not capable of doing heavy cardio or other tough exercises, for them yoga is a great the option. You/Me and We All are unique and this is a beautiful aspect of life. If you desire to choosing up Yoga Instructor As A Career then go ahead… it’s a great option for future.

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