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5 Great Ways To Get Motivated | Secret Ways to Motivate Yourself


5 Great Ways To Get Motivated

A famous American author Sam Levenson has said-Don’t watch the clock; Do what it does. Keep going. But sometimes the word “keep going” becomes challenging. Here we are providing 5 Great Ways to Get Motivated to face that challenge.

All are busy in their lives to achieve success. To attain success one has to get over the competition and keep oneself fixed to their path. Sometimes there may be a chance of getting distracted from that path. We are providing here some secret ways to motivate yourself that can change your life forever.

Firstly, to get motivated, you should know certain things.

What is motivation? Motivation meaning:

It is form of energy that keeps us inspiring to do things that we don’t want to do. It is one of the most important ways to get results or to achieve goals.

Why is there a need for motivation?

Anything whether job, business or studies require a lot of hard work commitment, patience, sacrifice, in short we can say pain and discomfort. Many times we feel exhausted, zero energy and no need to do anything. We are not the only one but sometimes the most motivated person does feel unmotivated. This happens to everyone. To get better results one should remain motivated.

5 Great Ways to Get Motivated 

Let’s see these Motivational ways-

1. Set a clear goal that you want to achieve

When we have a clear goal to achieve in life then automatically, motivation becomes strong.Think for a minute, just forget about current life and imagine where you see yourself, what type of you want in your life, in which type of surrounding you want to live in, the job you are doing, the partner you have. Don’t hesitate; there is nothing wrong in imagining. All that matters is that your goal motivates you. By the end what matters is what you have become not what you have acquired.

2. Find Your ‘Why’ 

Before starting any work ask yourself, “why are you doing this work” .Your ‘answer' will definitely keep you motivated to complete that work without getting any distraction. You have to remember why this is important to you.

3. Adopt a Learning Mindset
  • Keep yourself curious to learn things in this ever-changing world. Best learners are motivated to move ahead because it is their wish.
  • Engross yourself in reading books, watch videos, keep yourself updated with latest technologies, attend seminars, workshops etc. these things will keep you motivated to learn new things. You can also read autobiographies, biographies, quotes and messages of some of the great personalities which will help you definitely to get motivated.
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4. Find a Mentor or Hire a Coach
  • Having a mentor or a coach gives you support, encouragement, guidance and also make your performance better. The best way to enhance your capabilities is to surround yourself with those whohave betterstandards and have achieved something in their lives.
  • In the words of John Crosby, “A mentor is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”
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5. Fall in Love with the Process, Not the Results

The most successful people in the world know what to keep their attitude towards the journey while reaching the destination. Not only the destination but also the journey plays an important role.

To become perfectionist one has to love the whole process of getting success. There are lot of people who want to get successful but they don’t want to follow the procedure. So to get success you have to love the whole process.


Imagine you have a long list of work that you have to complete in another 5 hours. You know to complete the work on time, you have to work continuously but you are feeling like to do nothing.it becomes hard to keep yourself on track. Ever happened? If yes, then feel low you are not the only person.

Frankly, this happens to everyone at some stages. The reason might be sometimes we feel bored by the work, don’t feel good, and may be in a bad mood or just feel lazy. But the reasons don’t matter why you are feeling so, what matter is that this is affecting your results.

These situations can be handled by two ways. Either just sit idle so that you don’t get more stress or you can overcome from this and make yourself productive and motivated to do work. For the second option here we are sharing some of our secret way through which you can motivate yourself.

Split your big task into small:

Big tasks of course haunt everyone. And specially when you are in no mood of doing anything. Split your work into small tasks so that you might don’t get scared at earlier stage only.

Surround yourself with motivated people:

There is an old saying one bad fish spoil the whole pond. Surrounding plays a very important role because around you influence you behavior. Always be with that person who only motivates you without demotivating.

Play favorite playlist:

Music has a positive effect on brain. Good music can transform your boring day into magical. So whenever your feel depressed listen your favorite playlist or any motivational songs.

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Give yourself a reward:

Studies have proved that a person is more interested to do a task when he gets any offer for that task. So set a reward for yourself and make yourself more willing to complete the task on time.

Focus on one thing:

Don’t keep your mind confuse. First focus on one thing that is your priority and complete it without getting distraction. And then pick the other.

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Take a break to charge yourself:

Whenever you feel unmotivated just take a little break from that work and spend some time with the things that please you or give you peace. You can draw, paint, play game or anything according to your hobbies. Once you feel fresh get back to complete your work.

Build your Dream. It doesn’t matter “who you are” or “where you are from”. Make your dreams bigger than your excuses, definitely you will get success. Don’t only dream, Work for it. If you are not building your dream, then someone else will hire you to complete their dream. Your dreams will keep you motivated to achieve them.

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