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5 Reasons That Make College Attendance Important |Strategies To Improve It


5 Reasons That Make College Attendance Important

In modern years, higher education has become unquestionably linked with career growth and earnings. In 2010, young matures with a bachelor’s degree earned 50% more than their peers who only finished high school. Monetary incentives may be an essential factor, but are higher salaries the most significant reason to attend college. So, there are 5 Reasons That Make College Attendance Important and Strategies to improve it.

5 Reasons That Make College Attendance Important

5 Reasons That Make College Attendance Important

You'll learn something interesting that might change your life:

You never identify when encouragement will strike in college. In lecture today, your professor might mention an organization that sounds interesting. You might come home, seem it up on Google, learn that its mission resonates with you, end up volunteering with them, and eventually land a job after graduation. Does that seem far-fetched? Maybe. But maybe not! Inspiration and epiphanies can happen at any moment. Set yourself up for them by going to class and keeping an open mind about what kinds of things you can learn about and fall in love with.

You might learn something interesting:

Even, if you are only taking the line for your gen. ed. requirements and you're pretty sure your professor could win a Most Boring Professor Ever award, you just might -- gasp! -- learn something fascinating in class today. Remember: You went to college for a reason. Other candidates chose not to go or weren't afforded the privilege.
So something inside of you wants to be there ... meaning you just might enjoy it when you learn something interesting in even the dreariest of classes.

You can be more prepared for your upcoming papers, assignments, labs, exams, etc.:

It's hard to be ready for upcoming assignments if you don't go to class on a normal basis. Can you wing it? Maybe. But the amount of time you spend trying to undo the damage you've done by leave out class is likely much more than the amount of time you would have spent just going to class in the first place.

You're paying a lot of money per session; don't waste it!:

Try doing some essential but shocking math. Let's say you're paying $5600 just in tuition this semester. (That's the tuition-only cost at UC Berkeley for Fall 2012.) If you are taking 4 courses, that's $1400/course. And if you're in class 14 weeks each semester, that's $100/week per class. Lastly, if your course meets twice a week, that's a whopping $50 you're paying for every class session. Wouldn't you head to class lickety split if someone offered you $50 to go? If so, why wouldn't you go if you're paying someone else $50 for the same chance?

You can get some face time with the professor:

While it may not look important now, it's unbelievably helpful for you to make acquainted yourself with your professor -- and vice versa. Even if he or she just sees your charming face in class every day but doesn't interact with you much, you never know how your class attendance might help you later. For example: if, you need help with a paper or are close to failing the class, having the professor know your face when you go talk to him or her down the road can absolutely help you make your case.

Strategies To Improve College Attendance
  • Collect contact information from students at the starting of the semester, including their phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Think of ways to keep the morale high
  • Articulate the Benefits of Attending and the Costs of Not Attending Class
  • Establish Clear Expectations Regarding Attendance on the First Day of Class
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