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20 Amazingly Same Word Pairs With Different Meaning| Solve Confusion Here


20 Amazingly Same Word Pairs With Different Meaning

Every language has its own deepness and complexity level. There is lots of confusing words in approx every language which have been a big issue of discussion amongst experts for a long time. If we talk about "English" it’s already known for Amazingly Same Word Pairs with Different Meaning. This makes English the most confusing language some time but English is the only language there we need to know each and every thing about it in all aspects. So Solve Confusion Here!!

20 Amazingly Same Word Pairs With Different Meaning

20 Amazingly Same Word Pairs with Different Meaning

Advice and Advise:
Advice means “supervision or recommendations provided with regard to careful action”. And Advise means provide remunerations about the best course of action to somebody.

All Together and Altogether:
“All together” refers to people or things gathered in one place. And “Altogether” means completely or wholly.

Baited and Bated:
Baited means “intentionally annoy or taunt (someone)” and Bated means in great suspense; very nervously or eagerly

Cite and Site:
“Cite” refer to (a passage, book, or author) as proof for or explanation of an argument or report, especially in a learned work. “Site” means an area of ground on which a town, building, or monument is constructed.

Complement and Compliment:
“Complement” refers thing that gives extra features to something else in such a way as to advance or highlight its quality. “Compliment” is an action that expresses esteem or approval.

Discreet and Discrete:
“Discreet” means careful and sensible and Discrete refers to distinct or separate.

Eminent and Imminent:
“Eminent” refers to memorable, illustrious, and famous and “imminent” refers to impending, close, near.

Flair and Flare:
“Flair” means ability, talent, gift, knack, instinct. “Flare” refers to a unexpected brief burst of bright flame or light.

Formally and Formerly:
“Formally” means in a formal way. And “Formerly” means at an earlier time.

Hardy and Hearty:
“Hardy” means vigorous, healthy, fit, strong, sturdy, and tough. “Hearty” means loudly vigorous and cheerful.

Ingenious and Ingenuous:
“Ingenious” means intelligent, original, and inventive. “Ingenuous” means innocent and credulous.

Lightening and Lightning:
“Lightening” means making lighter in weight or altering to a lighter or brighter color. “Lightning” is flash of light that accompanies thunder.

Mantel and Mantle:
“Mantel” refers to a shelf above a fireplace and “Mantle” refers to cloak, cape, shawl, wrap, stole.

Moot and Mute:
“Moot” refers to discuss, dispute, or uncertainty and “Mute” means silent, speechless, dumb, and unspeaking.

Prescribe and Proscribe:
“Prescribe” refers to advise and authorize and “Proscribe” refers to an explanation or basic reason.

Rational and Rationale:
“Rational” refers to rational, reasoned, sensible and “Rationale” reasoning and thinking.

Shear and Sheer:
“Shear” means to cut or clip and “Sheer” refers to total, absolute, total, pure, and perfect.

Stationary and Stationery:
“Stationary” means remaining in one place. The “Stationery” refers to writing and other office materials.

Track and Tract:
“Track” refers to rough path or road and “Tract” means an area of land, typically a large one.

Whose and Who's:
“Whose” means belonging to or associated with which person and “Who's” is contraction of who is.

Here from our dictionary of usually puzzled Words are 20 difficult word pairs that look and sound alike but have dissimilar meanings. But sometimes words with same source take a separate way in each language, or words with different origins look like each other by chance. Here you may get the 20 Amazingly Same Word Pairs With Different Meaning.

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