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Never Post These 5 Things On Facebook Or WhatsApp | Be Alert


Never Post These 5 Things On Facebook Or WhatsApp

Facebook Or WhatsApp is Playing a Great Role in our Daily Life and has extremely changed the way people interact and share special moment of their everyday lives. But Be Alert and Never Post These 5 Things On Facebook Or WhatsApp.

Facebook Or WhatsApp has turn out to be the Google of social networks. If you're not updating your status right now, probabilities are that you are uploading photos or taking some sort of odd quiz.

On Facebook Or Whats App, we post/share plenty of personal details about our lives that we usually wouldn't share with everyone. We believe that as long as we make sure our privacy settings are set properly that we are safe and snug within our circle of friends.

The dilemma is that we never know who's really looking at our information. Our friend's account could have been hacked when they installed some rogue application, or their sinister uncle might be using their account because they forgot to log out.

For the sake of the wellbeing of you and your love ones, there is several information that you should not at all post on Facebook or whats app. Here are things you should consider removing or Never Post These 5 Things On Facebook Or WhatsApp.

Never Post These 5 Things On Facebook Or WhatsApp

 Your Current Location

 Numerous people don't understand that when they post a status update or a tweet, they may also be enlightening their present location. Giving out your location information can be hazardous because it tells impending thieves that you might not be at residence.

Depending on your privacy settings, that childlike tweet from your holiday spot might give the bad guys the emerald light they were waiting for to steal from your dwelling.

Your Home Address:

Yet again, you never know who might be keeping an eye on your profile. Don't post wherever you live as you are making things easy for the criminals. What can criminals do with your address?

They can go to Google Maps, hit in an address, spin on Street View, and ensure out a residence or building of interest to perform virtual investigation before they break and enter or perform some other malicious deed.

 Your Phone Number:

Though you want your acquaintances to be able to contact you, what if your phone number falls into the wrong hands. It's possible that your location could be conical down by someone using a undo phone number lookup tool which are freely available on the Internet.

An easy way to allow people to get in touch with you by phone without giving them your phone number is by using a Google Voice phone number as a go-between.  Also you are advised to prefer a Different Area Code for Your Google Voice Number.

Pictures of Your Children or Your Friends' Children Tagged With Their Names:

Ok, this is a sensitive subject. We all want to defend our children, we would lie down in facade of a truck to protect them, but numerous people post hundreds of name tagged pictures of their children online for the world to see.

The major problem is that you can not at all be sure that only your contacts are seeing these pictures. What if your comrade has their phone stolen or logs into Facebook from the library and forgets to log out?

You can't rely on the "Friends only" setting because you in reality never know. Suppose that everything is public and don't post anything that you wouldn't want the world having access to.

If you post pictures of your kids, must remove any geotag information, and avoid using their names in the depiction tag or description. As your true friends know their names, no need to label them. Same goes for tagging pictures of your friends' kids. If in uncertainty leave the tag out.

Your Full Birthdates:

Though you may feel affection for getting loads of birthday wishes posted by your friends/ relatives on your Facebook Timeline, having your birthdates posted on your profile may provide scammers and identity thieves with one of the key pieces of information needed to filch your individuality and open up accounts in your name.

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