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Bihar Board 10th Model Paper 2018 PDF BSEB Matric Sample Papers Download


Bihar Board 10th Model Paper

Bihar Board 10th Model Paper 2018: Start your preparation with Bihar Board 10th Model Paper!! To get qualified in BSEB Matric Exam with more marks, candidates are advised to  practice through Bihar Board 10th Sample Papers.

With the help of BSEB 10th Model Paper PDF, you will get to know about the structure as well as weightage of the topics asked in Bihar Board 10th Exam. You can also check the links provided below to Bihar Board 10th Model Paper 2018 instantly.

Candidates who are going to appear in Bihar Board Matric can easily get qualified by preparing through Bihar Board 10th Model Paper 2018 PDF. Without wasting more time, comprehend the underneath segment of this page of www.privatejobshub.in as it contains entire details regarding Bihar Board Matric Sample Papers.

Bihar Board 10th Model Paper

Question 1: A ray of light incident perpendicularly ( r) on plane mirror, What will be measure of angle of reflection ?

2.    45º
3.    90º
4.    135º


Question 2: The real absolute refractive index of air is—

1.    equal to 1
2.    less than 1
3.    greater than 1
4.    zero


Question 3: Minimum distance for clear picture is—     
1.    25 cm
2.    25 m
3.    5 cm

Answer: 1

Download Here: Bihar Board Syllabus

Question 4: Volt (v) is equal to which of the followings, where C = Coloumb, J = Jule, A = Ampere.

1.    C/J
2.    J/C
3.    J/A
4.    A/J


Question 5: Who inverted “Magnetic effect of electric current”

1.    Farade    
2.    Oersted
3.    Ampere
4.    Bohr


Question 6: Electric supply in house is of—

1.    220 D.C
2.    13 V D.C
3.    220 V A.C
4.    12 V A.C


Question 7: How many principal focus are in lens 

1.    1
2.    2
3.    8
4.    4


Question 8: The alloy of copper and zinc is called ?

1.    Brass
2.    Bronze    
3.    Solder
4.    Steel  

Question 9: What is the pH value of acidic solution ?

1.    More than 7
2.    Equal to 7
3.    Less than 7
4.    None of these


Question 10: The general formula of alkane is ?      
1.    C n H 2 n + 4
2.    C n H 2 n
3.    C n H 2 n + 2
4.    C n H 2 n – 2


Question 11: Which of the following is an element of group zero ?

1.    Ca
2.    Br
3.    He
4.    Li

Answer: 3

Question 12: What is the valency of Carbon ?

1.    2
2.    4
3.    6
4.    12

Answer: 2

Question 13: In which period has maximum number of element ?

1.    IVth
2.    Vth
3.    VIth
4.    VIIth


Question 14: CHO functional group is called ?

1.    Aldehyde
2.    Ketone    
3.    Acid
4.    Ether


Question 15: In ecosystem flow of energy is    
1.    Unidirectional
2.    Bidirectional
3.    Multidirectional
4.    All


Question 16: Plant waste material stored in

1.    Leaves
2.    Bark
3.    Cellular vacuoles
4.    all of above

Answer: 3

Question 17: According to evolutional view we are more similar to

1.    Students of China
2.    Chimpanzees
3.    Spider
4.    Bacteria

Answer: 2

Question 18: Blood vessels which carry pure or oxigenated blood from heart to different body parts are called as—

1.    Arteries
2.    Veins
3.    Auricle
4.    Ventricle

Answer: 1

Question 19: Male and female gamete combine to form—         

1.    Zygote    
2.    Ovum
3.    Sperm
4.    Seed


Question 20: In human being inhaling and exhaling phenomenon is called as—

1.    Respiration
2.    Breathing
3.    Nutrition
4.    Excertion

Answer: 2

Subject Wise Bihar Board  Matric Sample Paper:

For the easiness of candidates, we have provided subject wise Bihar Board 10th Sample Paper on the below provide table. Candidates are advised to download BSEB 10th Model Paper and start their exam preparation accordingly.

Subjects Name
Model Paper In Pdf
 BSEB 10th Social Science Model Paper
Bihar Board 10th  Math Model Paper
Bihar Board 10th English Model Paper
Bihar Board 10th Sanskrit Model Paper
Bihar Board 10th Science Model Paper
Bihar Board 10th Hindi Model Paper

How to get Bihar Board 10th Model Paper?

Students may go through below given steps to get their model paper from official site of organization.
  • First of all candidates should go to official site that is www.biharboard.ac.in.
  • Go to ‘secondary’ tab available at top menu bar.
  • A further list will appear, Choose ‘Mode Questions Papers’ from it.
  • Select link of the subject for which you want to get question paper.
  • Bihar Board 10th Class Question Paper will display on your computer screen.
  • You may also download it in the pdf format and prepare for your exam.
Get Here:
Bihar School Examination Board:

Bihar School Examination Board came into existence for conducting examinations at the end of the Secondary School stage. Annual Secondary School Exams are organized in the month of February- March and Supplementary School Examination in the month of August – September per year.

This board also organizes departmental examinations like Diploma in Physical Education, Certificate in Physical Education and Teachers Training Examination. So appearing aspirants in the Bihar Board 10th Exam are advised to start preparing from Bihar Board 10th Model Paper 2018 provided above.


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