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IBSAT Sample Papers With Solutions, UPDATED Model/Previous Year Papers


IBSAT Sample Papers With Solutions

How IBSAT Sample Papers With Solutions Helps? Get the Updated IBSAT Model Papers from Here!!! IBSAT is the Entrance Exam for admission to MBA and PGPM Courses offered by various ICFAI business schools and is well known university level exam conducted at Post Graduate Level. Candidates who are going to participate in exam may get the IBSAT Previous Year Papers from this page for the better preparation of exam. You can also download IBSAT Question Papers from official site through online mode. You can also crack the IBSAT Mock Test which is available on the official site.
IBSAT Sample Papers With Solutions
IBSAT has four different sections which include questions on physics, mathematics, chemistry, English and reasoning. IBSAT Sample Papers with Solutions will help you to score high marks. The admission through this entrance examination is provided at IBS Ahmedabad, IBS Bengaluru, IBS Gurgaon, IBS Dehradun, IBS Jaipur, IBS Kolkata, IBS Mumbai and IBS Pune campuses. From the below section of this page of privatejobshub.in we are providing the IBSAT Model Papers Question with Answers which will help you a lot to crack the exam. 

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IBSAT Sample Papers With Solutions

1. The number of real roots of the equation
(x – 1)2 + (x – 2)2 + (x – 3)2 = 0 is
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) None of these
Answers D

2. If S is the set containing values of x satisfying [x]2 – 5[x] + 6 ≤ 0 , where [x] denotes GIF then S contains
(a) (2, 4)
(b) (2, 4]
(c) [2, 3]
(d) [2, 4)
Answers C

3. Seven people are seated in a circle. How many relative arrangements are possible?
(a) 7!
(b) 6!
(c) 7P6
(d) 7C6
Answers B

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4. In how many ways can 4 people be seated on a square table, one on each side?
(a) 4!
(b) 3!
(c) 1
(d) None of these
Answers B

5. Four different items have to be placed in three different boxes. In how many ways can it be done such that any box can have any number of items?
(a) 34
(b) 43
(c) 4P3
(d) 4C3
Answers D

6. The mean of a binomial distribution is 5, then its variance has to be
(a) > 5
(b) = 5
(c) < 5
(d) = 25
Answers C

7. If a is the single A.M. between two numbers a and b and S is the sum of n A.M ‘s between them, then S/A depends upon
(a) n, a, b
(b) n, a
(c) n, b
(d) n
Answers D

8. The resistance of a 20 cm long wire is 5 Ω.
The wire is stretched to form a uniform wire of 40 cm length. The resistance now will be
(a) 5 Ω
(b) 10 Ω
(c) 20 Ω
(d) 200 Ω
Answers C

9. If a copper wire is stretched to make its radius decrease by 0.1%, then the percentage increase in its resistance is approximately
(a) 0.1%
(b) 0.2%
(c) 0.4%
(d) 0.8%
Answers A

10. When a charged particle is acted on only by a magnetic force, its
(a) potential energy changes
(b) its kinetic energy changes
(c) total energy changes
(d) energy does not change
Answers C

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11 A positively charged particle projected towards east is deflected towards north by a magnetic field. The field may be
(a) towards west
(b) towards south
(c) upwards
(d) downward
Answers C

12. The number of octahedral sites per sphere in fcc structure are
(a) 8
(b) 4
(c) 2
(d) 1
Answers D

13. Due to Frenkel defect, the density of ionic solids
(a) decreases
(b) increases
(c) does not change
(d) change depends on crystal structure
Answers C

14. The efficiency of a heat engine is maximum when
(a) temperature of sink > temperature of source
(b) temperature of source > temperature of sink
(c) the difference between temperature of source and sink is very high
(d) None of these
Answers C

15. The permanent magnetic moment of the atoms of a material is not zero. The material
(a) must be paramagnetic
(b) must be diamagnetic
(c) must be ferromagnetic
(d) may be paramagnetic
Answers C

16. A paramagnetic material is kept in a magnetic field. The field is increased till the magnetization becomes constant. If the temperature is now decreased, the magnetization
(a) will decrease
(b) will increase
(c) remain constant
(d) may increase or decrease
Answers A

17. Five persons Anurag, Anuj, Ajay, Atul and Anand live in a five storey building at different floors. Anurag lives above Ajay but below Anand.
Atul lives above Ajay but below Anurag. Anuj lives below Anand but above Atul. In which floor does Anuj live?
(a) 2nd
(b) 3rd
(c) 4th
(d) Either (b) or (c)
Answers D

18. What is missing number?
(a) 22
(b) 24
(c) 28
(d) 27
Answers C

(a) (24/25)
(b) (23/46)
(c) (25/44)
(d) (25/48)
Answers C

20. There are fifty birds on a tree. A hunter shot at them with a rifle and three birds fell dead.
How many birds were left on the tree?
(a) 47
(b) 45
(c) 46
(d) None
Answers D

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