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Accenture Interview Experience 2017 – Latest Updates/Tips/Experiences


Accenture Interview Experience

Accenture Interview Experience 2017: Nervous To Crack Accenture Interview Rounds! Then be calm and check this page because here we’re discussing about latest Accenture Interview Experience of selected aspirants. By going through this page you may get some tips and Experiences for your interview session. So let’s have a look…
Accenture Interview Experience

Now let start with Interview Experience, Dear viewers, I am Harshit Nagpal and am sharing my ACCENTURE Interview Experience here with you. As I would to introduce myself, I have finished my schooling from Saraswati Vihar School and pursued my MCA from Lovely Professional University. Here on this portal, I would like to share my ACCENTURE Interview Experience with you all which were held on 31st January so that you may get some awareness regarding your interview.

Accenture Interview Experience

My interview started on telephone first place and   when I got qualified in telephonic interview than only I appeared the next round that is of document verification and on site Interview.

Accenture Telephonic Interview Experience:

Interviewer: Hello, I am calling from Accenture may I talk to Harshit Nagpal

Me: I replied Good After noon Sir, This side Harshit Nagpal.

Interviewer: How are you Harshit?

Me: I replied I am Good Sir.

Interviewer: Are you any Job these days?

Me: I replied , No Sir but I am planning to grab a good job in any reputed organization.

Interviewer: Okayyy ! That’s Good

Me: I replied ,Yes Sir.

Interviewer: Why do you want to work at our company?

Me: Working in your company will be a great prospect for me, as I was waiting to show  my ability for the best for the organization at any cost for the service given. My priority will be my Family, my work and my company. I will do my best to improve my proficiency to give better productivity.

Interviewer: What are your career options right now??

Me: I replied at the present my profession choice is to break this interview and be a part of your esteemed corporation where ability will be encouraged like yours and progress my skills and knowledge.

Interviewer: Why should we invite you for an on-site interview?

Me: I replied in point of fact think that I can give to the success of ACCENTURE corporation and  my personal proficiency and standards match  the post  totally.  

Interviewer: Ok, Harshit pleasant to talk you, we will call or Mail You for your next Interview round so be prepared.

Me: Ok Sir, Thank You so much for Giving me this opportunity of telephonic Interview I’ll Wait for your call or  Mail.

Procedure of Document Verification

After reaching at the Interview venue I found that the procedure of documents verification was going on and many candidates have come for an interview for this posts and I was quiet worried.

Accenture Interview Selection Round

Near about 10:45 , I took an entry in the interview room and wish everyone Good morning..

M3: Have a seat Harshit and with a smile they asked have you taken your breakfast ?

Me: I replied Yes Sir, They smiled

M2) Ok , Introduce yourself

Me: I replied  all about my qualification and Experince & strengths etc  in detailed.

M1 )How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

Me: Sir, I don't have much convenient knowledge because I am a fresher candidates so I wish for long term assurance with my search results organization it will be useful for your association and me.

Interviewer: Please give an example of how you overcame a stressful situation.

Me: Being capable is the supreme method for me to reduce this situation. I usually tell myself, "Take it simple". Everything is in controlled.

Interviewer: What makes you angry?

Me : If someone make me agitate between working and those who show cruel manners with any one that which gets me angry.

Interviewer : What are your outside interests?

Me : My outside interest is learning innovative things and make a discussion with the people.

F1: What are your strength?

Me: My strengths are sincerity, optimistic thinking.

M3: Any one weak point?

Me:  My weakness is too straight forward...

M1 :Do you have any questions for me?

Me: Thank you so much for giving me such an chance I smiled and ask, When should I join sir?

When My Interview got ended, I took a deep breath and normally it was a breathtaking experience.

Some Tips To Crack Interview
  • Always be well-dressed for the interview for males wear formal pants and shirts and girls can wear saree , Suit or Shirt and Trousers.
  • On the day of an Interview. Be comfortable and wear a smile. You will absolutely break the interview.
  • Don’t forget to make an eye contact.
  • Keep all your necessary documents with you t the time of Interview.
  • Before appearing for an interview you must have knowledge about the company and the role.
  • Remember first impression is the last impression. Show your abilities and how well you can provide them. Don’t be overconfident.
  • Work on your communication skills. 
Dear viewers this was the ACCENTURE Interview Experience which is shared by Harshit  Nagpal  on our portal privatejobshub.in. Candidates you are advised that you can prepare for your interview like Harshit  Nagpal  as he was confident for the duration of his interview.

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