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IBPS Clerk Interview Experience | IBPS Clerical Cadre IV Success Stories


IBPS Clerk Interview Experience

Hello Friends, hope you will get some experience from this interview .Here I am Manav Sharma sharing my IBPS Clerk Interview Experience with you. My Interview was a great experience for me which was conducted by the members of IBPS. I have attain enormous knowledge from my  IBPS Clerical Cadre IV Interview. So get ready and read the below section and know about  IBPS Clerk Success Stories.
IBPS Clerk Interview Experience
Name – Manav Sharma

Qualification- B.tech (Mechanical)

Panel -III

Venue - Malik bhawan, opp Bank of baroda regional office, dehradun (u.k)

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience

I reached the centre at 12.50 pm as it is very close to my home.When I reached the centre a white paper enclosing the order how to pull together the documents was given.

Arrange the documents in this way:
  • Interview call letter 
  • Application print out 
  • Identity proof 
  • SSC mark list
  • Intermediate mark list 
  • Degree certificate/pc 
  • Cmm/semwise mark sheet
  • Caste certificate if applicable 
  • Work experience 
Write Topic:

After reaching there we have got a white sheet in which we have to write any topic of our own choice, no marks for this, just to ensure that the candidate is good with local language thats it.
I took almost 7-8 minutes judging what to write down, at last I planned to write JANDAN YOJANA with a wiliness idea that I may get questions on this if they see this.

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Document Verification

My document verification went easily

Finally bell for me rang at 4.10 pm, and I came into the room.

Me: May I come in please. Permission was granted by the interviewers. I Entered gently,, noticed 1 Female, 4 gentlemen ( 1 young hr)

Me: wished every one and turned towards lady and said good evening mam

M1: Good eve manav, take your seat

M1: As soon as sat, well what is your qualification?

Me: sir I have Completed Btech in mechanical engineering

M1: yes with 78.48 % in 2013??

Me: yes sir in 2013

M1: What have you being doing these days?

Me: I said preparing for bank exams

M1: only banks?? Then why you have gone for mechanical engineering?? if you go you may get high salaries ... ONGC, BHEL are all offering high salaries??

Me: Sir I thought banking is the sector that suits me fine where i can reveal the skills which I acquired till now

M1: Ok if you have that much interest you would have come to banking in 2014 itself??

Me: Sir last year I missed the chance by 1 mark

M1: ok you have tried last year thats good

M1: What is your father and mother?

Me: My dad is banker, mother is a home maker

M1: Banker, good which bank?

Me: Told everything (My dad works in AB)

M1: ok good, from which college you have graduated?

Me: I said Shobhit Institute ( Meerut)

M1: ok leave it, what is nationalization of banks?

Me: I said, it is nothing but taking banks under government's control is called nationalization

M1: what makes government to take up banks??

Me: I said,, if the banks are in losses, in order to incur those losses

M1: Which bank is known as the banker of bank?

Me:  I replied RBI (Reserve Bank of India)

Now Hr: ok what does leadership means?

Me:  I said leadership means it is the capability to lead a team

Hr: What is the basic of team work?

Me: Sir it is necessary to have co-ordination among the employees and to achieve results with high effectiveness.

M1: What is the first quality that a banker should posses??

Me: I said, as banks always deals with specific targets from time to time, one should be target oriented to be a good banker ,he should be self restricted and should be able to lead a team and as well as should be able to work in a team.

M2: What is the main trouble that all the banks are faced with??

Me: Npa's

M3: Tell something about AB

Me: I replied it is a standard sized bank which was established in 1923 by Sri Bhogaraju Pattabi Sitaramaiah Garu. At present there are 2241 branches. 19800 employees are there .AB has 2020 Atm's. The symbol of AB is infinity, it means that the banks goes to any length and do anything for the consumer.

M3: Good, who is the chairman?

Me: Mr.CVR Rajendran sir

M3: Saying to other members, this guy is smart

Me: (myself felt like dancing there)

M1: what is balance sheet?

Me: It is the snap shot of financial position of the company/institution/organization

M2: Thats it?? Continue

Me: I said, I have no idea sir

M1: Ok manav, you have finished well, wished me all the best while giving a shake hand

Me: when I am said thanks to everyone, 

M1: They asked tell economic position of a corporation till a particular date, date is important in balance sheet

Me; I said thank you sir, 

M1: although you are from engg back ground you have prepared well, , good all the best

Me; I thanked each and every person sitting there , and left the room with complete pleasure

Thank you...

When My Interview got completed, I came out of the interview room and felt so easy.

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Dear visitors, this was the IBPS Interview Experience shared by Manav Sharma on our portal privatejobshub.in Here you are advised that may get ready for your interview like Manav Sharma as he was confident during his interview.

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