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Banking Awareness Quiz 2017 SBI & IBPS Clerk/PO/SO Online Mock Test, PDF


Banking Awareness Quiz

Banking Awareness Quiz 2017: Contenders preparing for any bank and have a desire to build their career in Banking Sector they may get complete info about Banking Awareness Quiz through this page. Now-a-days everyone has a desire to get a best job and today’s time banking Sector has grown up very fastly. On this page we are providing latest questions with their answers for those who are preparing for SBI / IBPS Clerk or any other post like PO, SO etc. So, aspirants who are preparing for any of the Bank they can get complete info through this page. For better preparation, take this SBI & IBPS Clerk/PO/SO Mock Test and evaluate your performance at the examination time. Online PDF's are also available, which will help you in gaining good marks .

Today’s Time IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) conducts various recruitment exams for different posts and appoint candidates for different government sector. Whereas SBI also conducts various examinations to appoint candidates to fill various vacant post in different branches of SBI in different cities. Prepare easily from the given Banking Awareness Quiz 2017. IBPS & SBI PO and Clerk exam will be performed on two levels that is Preliminary Exam & Mains Exam. Candidates who qualify the Preliminary Exam will be called for Main Exam. Qualified candidates in mains Exam will call for the Interview.

Gain knowledge of: SBI Clerk Vs IBPS Clerk

There were banks in which IBPS appoint candidates and for all these banks written examination will be held. SBI& RBI conducts their own examination to conduct candidates. The lists of the banks are as follows
List of Banks

Here on this page we are providing various Questions with their answers on Banking Awareness so that you can prepare well for your examination. So check Entire page which is well prepared by the dedicated team of privatejobshub.in see complete details and read all the questions carefully to grab this chance.

Banking Awareness Quiz

On this page we are providing you 50 Questions with their answers. So have looks………

1. Section 9 of the Banking Regulation Act prohibits the banking Companies from holding any immovable property except for its own use for a period of not more property. The RBI may extend this period for a further period of ______:
A. 2 years
B. 4 years
C. 5 years
D. 6 years
E. None of these
Ans. Option C

2. Which of the following stock exchange is derecognized by SEBI on 19.11.2014 on the allegations of serious irregularities in its functioning?
A. Bombay Stock Exchange
B. Delhi Stock Exchange
C. Calcutta Stock Exchange
D. Bangalore Stock Exchange
E. None of these
Ans. Option B

3. Which of the following is not a function of General Insurance?
A. Cattle Insurance
B. Crop Insurance
C. Marine Insurance
D. Fire Insurance
E. Medical Insurance
Ans. Option E

4. A fixed deposit receipt is kept with the bank for its safety, is known as ___?
A. Safe custody
B. Safe deposit
C. Locker
D. Valid safe deposit
E. None of the above
Ans. Option A

5. Currency notes deposited in the currency chest are the property of ____?
A. Respective bank
D. Government of India
E. Respective state Government
Ans. Option B

6. Identify the well known person related to Banking field in India from the following?
A. Mrs. Meira Kumar
B. Mrs. Kiran Shaw
C. Mr. Arun Jaitley
D. Dr. D subbarao
E. All of the above
Ans. Option D

Know about:
7. _ assumed charge as the Minister of State for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) on 11th November 2014.
A. Gopal Singh
B. Veerabhadra Singh
C. Manoj Tiwari
D. Giriraj Singh
E. Raju Bhai Gandhi
Ans. Option D

8. Mortgage is a:
A. Security on movable property for a loan
B.  Security on immovable property for a loan
C. Concession on immovable property
D. Facility on immovable property
E. Security on loan sanctioned against fixed deposits
Ans. Option B

9. Which of the following types of accounts are known as "Demat Accounts"?
A. Zero Balance Accounts
B. Accounts which are opened to facilitate repayment of a loan taken from the bank. No
other business can be conducted from there
C. Accounts in which shares of various companies are traded in electronic form
D. Accounts which are operated through internet banking facility
E. None of the above
Ans. Option C

10. Which of the following organizations/ agencies has sought an emergency fund of Rs.1000 crore from banks to tackle acute liquidity crisis, which is coming in the way to give loans to micro borrowers?
A. Regional Rural & Cooperative Banks
C. Micro Finance Institutions
E. None of the above
Ans. Option D

Also Read:
11. Minimum cash reserves fixed by law constitute ___
A. A percentage of aggregate deposits of the bank
B. A percentage of aggregate loans and advances of the bank
C. A percentage of capital & reserves of the bank
D. All of the above
E. None of these
Ans. Option A

12. Liability- side of the balance-sheet comprises:
A. Capital and reserve
B. Long-term liabilities
C. Current liabilities
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
Ans. Option D

13. Who among the following is the head of the committee, which is recently set up to suggest measures for cost-cutting and optional utilization of assets of Air India?
A. Suresh Malhotra
B. Ravindra H. Dholakia
C. Nagendra Kumar
D. Vijay Sinha
E. None of these
Ans. Option B

14. Who among the following is the head of the committee formed by SEBI to frame a single set of guidelines for all types of foreign investors?
A. Prabhat Kumar
B. T.R. Prasad
C. K.M. Chandrashekhar
D. Kamal Pande
E. None of these
Ans. Option C

15. Which of the following is a third party product often sold by banks?
A. Gift cheques
B. Credit cards
C. Debit cards
D. Mutual funds
E. All of the above
Ans. Option D

Also Read:
16. Expand DRI related to a scheme meant for weaker section of our country.
A.  Different rate of interest
B. Differential rate of interest
C. Different ration for Indians
D. Different rate of interest-bond
E. None of these
Ans. Option B

17. Who provides refinance facilities to RRBs?
B.    RBI
C.    Government of India
E.    None of these
Ans. Option D

18. Expand AEPS in terms of banking.
A.    Aadhaar-enabled Payment Service
B.    Aadhaar-enabled Payment system
C.    Automated engineered payment service
D.   Aadhaar-enabled promotion scheme
E.    None of these
Ans. Option B

Online Practice Test For Bank

19. Gilt-edged securities market is the market for government and semi-government securities. These securities carry –
A.    Floating interest rate
B.    Fixed interest rate
C.    Fixed as well as floating interest rate
D.   No interest rate at all
E.    None of these
Ans. Option B

20. ‘Unilateral transfers such as donations by Government of India come under which part of Balance of Payment (BOP)?
A.    Current account
B.    Capital account
C.    Financial account
D.   Current and capital account both
E.    None of these
Ans. Option A

21. When was SEBI established?
A.    1990
B.    1991
C.    1992
D.   1984
E.    None of these
Ans. Option C

22. The co-operative bank is governed by the banking regulation Act 1949 and co-operative societies Act of
A.    1962
B.    1963
C.    1960
D.   1969
E.    1965
Ans. Option E

23. A scheduled bank must be
A.    A corporative or company incorporated by any law in force in any place in India
B.    An institution notified by GOI
C.    A company as defined by companies act, 2013
D.   All of the above
E.    None of these
Ans. Option D

24. Which of the following institution is meant for small and medium enterprises?
A.    RBI
C.    IFCI
E.    None of these
Ans. Option D

25. Kapoor committee, 1999 is related to ____.
A. Micro-finance
B. Restructuring of RRBs
C. Capital Account convertibility
D. Co-operative Banking Reforms
E. None of these
Ans. Option D

SBI PO Updates:
26. Under the second phase of nationalization, 07 banks were nationalized. Their deposits were over ________ crore.
A.    2
B.    20
C.    200
D.   100
E.    None of these
Ans. Option C

27. Expand REDP. It is an initiative by NABARD.
A.    Rural Employment Development Programme
B.    Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme
C.    Rural Employment Development Planning
D.   Rural entrepreneurship Development Planning
E.    None of these
Ans. Option B

28. The tag line ‘A friend you can bank on’ is of which bank?
A.    Bank of Baroda
B.    Bank of Maharashtra
C.    Vijaya Bank
D.   UCO Bank
E.    None of these
Ans. Option C

29. Which one of the following constitutes the largest percentage of Retail loans in India? 
A.    Auto loans
B.    Personal loans
C.    Personal overdrafts
D.   Consumer loans
E.    Home loans
Ans. Option E

30. What type of loan is granted by banks for purchase of white goods? 
A.    Consumption loan
B.    Mortgage loan
C.    Consumer durables loan
D.   Home loan
E.    None of these
Ans. Option C

31. What is a stale cheque? 
A.    A cheque issued without drawer’s signature
B.    A cheque with only signature of the drawer
C.    A cheque which has completed six months from its date of issue
D.   A six months’ post dated cheque
E.    Anyone of these
Ans. Option C

32. Which one of the following is not a salient feature of debit card?
A.    No bad debts to banks and no suits for recovery
B.    No interest earning for banks
C.    Works like a normal withdrawal slip
D.   45 days credit is given to the card holder
E.    All the above
Ans. Option D

SBI Clerk Updates:
33. Which of the following is a measure taken by Reserve Bank of India to control inflation in our country? 
A.    Increase in CRR
B.    Increase in SLR
C.    Contraction of supply of currency
D.   Raising of Repo / Reverse Repo Rate
E.    Decrease the SLR
Ans. Option D

34. With a view to facilitate payment of balance in the deposit account to the person named by the depositor without any hassles in the event of death of the account holder, the following facility was introduced for bank accounts in our country– 
A.    Will
B.    Registration
C.    Nomination
D.   Indemnity
E.    Guarantee
Ans. Option C

35. What is money laundering? 
A.    Conversion of assets into cash
B.    Conversion of Money which is illegally obtained
C.    Conversion of cash into gold
D.   Conversion of gold into cash
E.    Conversion of gold with foreign currency
Ans. Option B

Also Read :
36. Banks in our country normally publicise that additional interest rate is allowed on retail domestic term deposits of. 
A.    Minors
B.    Married women
C.    Senior citizens
D.   Govt. employees
E.    Rural residents
Ans. Option C

37. A centralized database with online connectivity to branches, internet as well as ATM-network which has been adopted by almost all major banks of our country is known as. 
A.    Investment banking
B.    Core banking
C.    Mobile banking
D.   National banking
E.    Specialized banking
Ans. Option E

38. NEFT means– 
A.    National Electronic Funds Transfer system
B.    Negotiated Efficient Fund Transfer system
C.    National Efficient Fund Transfer solution
D.   Non Effective Fund Transfer system
E.    Negotiated Electronic Foreign Transfer system
Ans. Option A

39. Largest shareholder (in percentage shareholding) of a nationalized bank is. 
A.    RBI
C.    LICI
D.   Govt. of India
E.    IBA
Ans. Option D

40. When a bank returns a cheque unpaid, it is called. 
A.    Payment of the cheque
B.    Drawing of the cheque
C.    Cancelling of the cheque
D.   Dishonor of the cheque
E.    Taking of the cheque
Ans. Option D

Read IBPS PO Updates:
41. Fixed deposits and recurring deposits are.
A.    repayable after an agreed period
B.    repayable on demand
C.    not repayable
D.   repayable after death of depositors
E.    repayable on demand or after an agreed period as per bank’s choice
Ans. Option B

42. Interest payable on savings bank accounts is.
A.    not regulated by RBI
B.    regulated by Sate Governments
C.    regulated by Central Government
D.   regulated by RBI
E.    regulated by Finance minister
Ans. Option D

43. In the opening of Savings Account (few other accounts also) bank ask to write Nominee name. Who shall be nominee?
A.    Any person
B.    Known person only
C.    Female only
D.   Close blood relation only
E.    Account holder in that bank only
Ans. Option D

44. “The termination of an insurance policy due to non­payment of premium” is technically called as?
A.    Death
B.    Lapse
C.    Forfeiture
D.   Seize
E.    None of these
Ans. Option B

45. What are ‘Open Market Operations"?
A.    Activities of SEBI­registered brokers
B.    Selling of currency by the RBI
C.    Selling of gilt­edged securities by the government
D.   Sale of share by FIIs
E.    None of these
Ans. Option C

IBPS Clerk Updates :
46. Which of the following statement is true about Bank?
A.    Banks cannot accept demand and time deposit from Public
B.    Banks can accept only demand deposit from public
C.    Banks can accept only time deposit from public
D.   Banks can accept both demand and time deposit from Public
E.    Banks can accept demand and time deposit from Government only
Ans. Option D

47. .Interest Rate payable on Saving Bank account is
A.    regulated by RBI
B.    regulated by State Government
C.    regulated by Central Government
D.   not regulated by RBI
E.    regulated by Finance Ministry
Ans. Option D

48. Accounts are allowed to operated by Cheques in respect of
A.    Both Savings Accounts and Fixed Deposit accounts
B.    Savings account and Current Accounts
C.    Both Savings and Loan Accounts
D.   Both savings bank accounts and cash accounts only
E.    Both current account and fixed deposit accounts
Ans. Option B

Also Read:
49. The usual deposit accounts of banks are
A.    Current Accounts, Insurance Premium Account and Electricity accounts
B.    Current Accounts, Post office Savings account and Term deposit accounts
C.    Loan Accounts, Term Deposit accounts and Savings Account
D.   Term Deposit accounts, Current Accounts and Savings Account
E.    Current bill accounts and term deposit account
Ans. Option D

50. ASBA is a mechanism for subscribing to applications in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). ASBA stands for
A.    Application Supported by Blocked Amount
B.    Application Submitted with Blocked Amount
C.    Acquired Shares by Blocked Amount
D.   Application Supported by Balance Amount
E.    None of these
Ans. Option A

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