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SBI Clerk Interview Experience – Clerical Interview Tips, Success Stories


SBI Clerk Interview Experience

SBI Clerk Interview Experience
SBI Clerk Interview Experience: Hey Readers!! I want to share my SBI Clerk Interview Experience and success story with you. Hope it will help you, for your upcoming interview. I am excited as well as nervous too for the interview; I leave the home at 10:30 a.m. and reached the venue by 11:00 a.m., they ask me to wait near the reception, after 15- 20 minutes they called us for Documents Verification.

The verification process was very strict for OBC aspirants; few candidates are sent back while some asked to come next day or after 3 days with proper documents and their interviews will be rescheduled.

SBI Clerk Interview Experience

Documents to be presented before them:
  • Interview Call letter
  • Bio-data (NO Column should be left Blank)
  • Original Documents (ID proof, Address, ID proof, educational, qualification, etc)
  • Duly filled in Application form, all columns should be filled
  • 2 CCs signed by any two gazette officers mentioned in call letter
  • Self attested copies of certificates
The documents verification goes on for 10 minutes; I was the 12th in my panel, so I was stress-free....
After sometime, they called me for interview. I become very nervous as well as excited both on the same time and various questions are going through my mind.

4 members in the panel

One female (F) and three male (M)

F1: very nice person as she asks only one question and then became Silent Observer.

M1: Head of the Panel (Ahhhh!!!!Questions…questions and questions, one after one...)

M2: Silent Observer

M3: Very cooperative

My interview gets started at 1 p.m. sharp and it last only for 15 mins…

Me: I entered the room and said… May, I come, in?

M1: yes!! Come in dear…

Me: They approved my request. (Nervous) Then i sat and wish the panel members a very good Afternoon.

M2: What is your name?

Me: (i had been asked very common and known question) I answered sakshi.

M1: What does it mean?

Me: I replied it means ‘Proof’. So they, start discussing about my name...

After that they start on go my interview, by asking about mu ID proofs… (hahaha … laughing and laughing inside!!!!)

M4: You have passport?

Me: With smile … yes sir…

M1: why you need it?

Me: for future use sir, I mean for further studies, I want to go abroad for higher education.

Hehehe ;p now its turn of Aadhar Card

M1: when did you take your Aadhar Card?

Me: thinking!!! I didn’t remember sir, may be 2014 or 2015.

M2: did you take any kind borrowing, I mean loan, education loan?

Me: Ahhhhh….. No sir…

Now, they come to my educational point…

M3: From which institution you are doing your further studies?

Me: I replied……PESIT; it is an autonomous college, under VTU tag.

M2: state the criteria of getting autonomous tag?

Me: blank…… mmmmm… I don’t know mam.

As it is well written on the bio-data that I plays kabbadi, they asked some questions related to it…..

In hindi… ok beta, toh tum kabbadi bhi khelti ho!!!

Me: yes sir… I love to play it….

M1: Which state is the national champion in kabaddi?

Me: Haryana.

M2: Who wants to curb us?

Me: arghhhh!! Pakistan.

F1: how many players are there in kabbaddi?

Me: seven (7)

Now, they take a pause….. after two minutes they ask me another question……

M2: Do you have account? I mean account with SBI?

Me: no sir, I haven’t… I have an account with (PNB) Punjab National Bank.

M1: Do you know, who is the Present Governor of RBI?

Me: Yes sir……Raghuram Rajan

M2: and….Number of Deputy Governors? 

Me: (not sure) but replied 4…..

M1: which newspaper do you read?

Me: I replied…. Hindustan Times and Times of India….

M3: Gave me a newspaper and asked me to read the headline loudly….

Me: I read it…

M2: explain it….

Me: explained the whole headline….

M1: Why don't you try in your core sector, why choose banking?

Me: Answered….

Relax, as they all look satisfied with my performance in the interview, the lady interviewer give wishes to me….. I replied…. Have a Nice day…. and left the room.

That’s all, my interview last only for 10- 15 minutes…. I come out by 1: 20 a.m. and straightly go to temple and pray for my result.

This is my live experience of interview, hope you find it interesting……..

Clerical Interview Tips:

Some important tips for your clerical interview:

Learn about the company

Do some surfing online and learn about the company, its annual sales, public or private, products and services… go through the Google information like
  • Is the company is public or private?
  • Recent news (such as a new product, a press release, an interview with the CEO) can you discuss?
  • Annual sales/ turnover of company… how big the company is?
  • Ranges of its products and services…

Perform basic interview research

 To get prepare for the interview, you need to undergo the following points:

  • What's the dress code?
  • Who will you be talking to?
  • Get directions to the office.
  • Get up early and reach the venue before the time…
Decide about your outfit, and go to bed early

Decide about your outfit and lay out somewhere. Go to bed early. You should be properly dressed up in professional stuff. The end thing from which you all lose your interview preparation by arriving flustered and panicked because you couldn't find a parking space.

First impression Is the Last Impression

 As, you all know first expression is the last impression, so try to make a great start that begins with a smile , handshake and by wishing and most important eye contact. Its very essential to show your confidence over there, don’t become nervous, try to show your enthusiasm.

Close the interview strongly

At the end, some starts losing their interest and become nervous, so close the interview enthusiastically and strongly. As interest is comes from asking and replying the questions. These questions should come from your research. At last, always try to close the interview with a smile and by wishing thank-you and a request for information about the next step in the process.

Dear applicants!!!! Hope you find it useful and it will helps you in cracking your interview. Don’t forget to share your own experience with us…  Wish you all the luck for your interview…….

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