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IIFT Previous Year Question Papers | 2018-2015 Free Sample Paper PDF


IIFT Previous Year Papers

IIFT Previous Year Papers 2018: The IIFT Previous Year Papers are the most significant and helpful study material to get the complete idea about the upcoming exam, important questions, difficulty level etc.  IIFT Free Previous Year Papers PDF (2018-2015) is now available here for benefit of students.

Download the IIFT Sample Paper from here and start preparation accordingly. You can also get the IIFT Previous Year Papers with Solutions which will help the applicants to know which type of questions will be asked in IIFT 2019.

IIFT 2019 Important Dates!!!

IIFT Admission Notification 2019 has been released by Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. Interested candidates who want to get admission in MBA course can apply for IIFT 2019 by submitting the form till 14-09-2018. IIFT 2019 Exam will be conducted on 02-12-2018.

IIFT Questions are covered from topics of English Comprehension, General Knowledge & Awareness, Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Analysis. You may check this page of www.privatejobshub.in to get complete details about IIFT Sample Question Papers.

IIFT Previous Year Papers

IIFT Previous Year Question Papers PDF

IIFT Previous Year Question Papers
IIFT Previous Year Papers PDF
IIFT Exam Previous Year Paper
IIFT Model Papers
IIFT Sample Papers
IIFT Previous Year Papers
IIFT Solved Papers
IIFT Previous Year Question Paper

Check Here - IIFT Syllabus

IIFT Previous Year Papers with Answers:

Question 1: During the first crusade, crusaders reached Jerusalem and captured it in

1.    1000 AD
2.    1099 AD
3.    1200 AD
4.    1515 AD

Answer: 2

Question 2: Gopal Krishna Gokhale

1.    started as a maths teacher and rose to the position of the principal of Ferguson College, Pune
2.    founded the servants of India Society
3.    served as President of the Indian National Congress in 1905
4.    All of the above

Answer: 4

Question 3: Look at this series: 2, 6, 18, 54, ... What number should come next?

1.    108
2.    148
3.    162
4.    216

Answer: 3

Question 4: Look at this series: 8, 6, 9, 23, 87 , ... What number should come next?

1.    128
2.    226
3.    324
4.    429

Answer: 4

Question 5: The transshipment model is an extension of the transportation model in which intermediate transshipment points are ______ between the sources and destinations.

1.    decreased
2.    deleted
3.    subtracted
4.    added

Answer: 4

IIFT Previous Question Papers with Answers

Question 6: EOQ is a(an) _________ inventory system.

1.    periodic
2.    continuous
3.    optimal
4.    economic

Answer: 4

Question 7: At this stage of civilisation, when many nations are brought in to close and vital contact for good and evil, it is essential, as never before, that their gross ignorance of one another should be diminished, that they should begin to understand a little of one another's historical experience and resulting mentality.

It is the fault of the English to expect the people of other countries to react as they do, to political and international situations. Our genuine goodwill and good intentions are often brought to nothing, because we expect other people to be like us. This would be corrected if we knew the history, not necessarily in detail but in broad outlines, of the social and political conditions which have given to each nation its present character.

According to the author of 'Mentality' of a nation is mainly product of its ...

1.    present character
2.    international position
3.    politics
4.    history

Answer: 4

Question 8: The character of a nation is the result of its..

1.    gross ignorance
2.    cultural heritage
3.    socio-political conditions
4.    mentality

Answer: 3

Question 9: The need for a greater understanding between nations..

1.    is more today than ever before
2.    was always there
3.    is no longer there
4.    will always be there

Answer: 1

Question 10: Englishmen like others to react to political situations like..

1.    others
2.    us
3.    themselves
4.    each others

Answer: 3

Question 11: Fouaad Mirza is related to which sports?

1.    Tennis
2.    Badminton
3.    Sprint
4.    Equestrian

Answer: 4

Question 12: The recently signed MoU between Integrated Defence Staff and which organization aims to set up telemedicine nodes for soldiers in high-altitude areas?

1.    VSSC
2.    ISRO
3.    BARC
4.    DRDO

Answer: 2

Question 13: Which of the following cities is the venue of the 3rd Indian Ocean Conference (IOC-2018)?

1.    Colombo
2.    New Delhi
3.    Tokyo
4.    Hanoi

Answer: 4

Question 14: Look closely at the letter pattern and choose the series from the options given that will correctly fill the blank at the end of the series.

FAG, GAF, HAI, IAH, _______
1.    JAK
2.    HAL
3.    HAK
4.    JAI

Answer: 1

Question 15: ELFA GLHA ILJA _____ MLNA

1.    OLPA
2.    KLMA
3.    LLMA
4.    KLLA

Answer: 4

Question 16: Yard is to inch as quart is to

1.    gallon      
2.    ounce
3.    milk
4.    liquid

Answer: 2

Question 17: The attainment of individual and organisational goals is mutually interdependent and linked by a common denominator - employee work motivation. Organisational members are motivated to satisfy their personal goals, and they contribute their efforts to the attainment of organisational objectives as means of achieving these personal goals.

The passage best supports the statement that motivation -

1.    encourages an individual to give priority to personal goals over organisational goals.
2.    is crucial for the survival of an individual and organisation.
3.    is the product of an individual's physical and mental energy.
4.    is the external force which induces an individual to contribute his efforts.
5.    makes organisation and society inseparable.

Answer: 1

Question 18: Who wrote the famous book - 'We the people'?

1.    T.N.Kaul
2.    J.R.D. Tata
3.    Khushwant Singh
4.    Nani Palkhivala

Answer: 4

Question 19: Tripitakas are sacred books of

1.    Buddhists 
2.    Hindus
3.    Jains       
4.    None of the above

Answer: 1

Question 20: Todar Mal was associated with

1.    music
2.    literature
3.    finance
4.    law

Answer: 3

Question 21: A train 125 m long passes a man, running at 5 km/hr in the same direction in which the train is going, in 10 seconds. The speed of the train is:

1.    45 km/hr 
2.    50 km/hr
3.    54 km/hr 
4.    55 km/hr

Answer: 2

Question 22: Two trains are running in opposite directions with the same speed. If the length of each train is 120 metres and they cross each other in 12 seconds, then the speed of each train (in km/hr) is:

1.    10 
2.    18
3.    36 
4.    72

Answer: 3

Question 23: The cost price of 20 articles is the same as the selling price of x articles. If the profit is 25%, then the value of x is:

1.    15 
2.    16
3.    18 
4.    25

Answer: 2

Question 24: A vendor bought toffees at 6 for a rupee. How many for a rupee must he sell to gain 20%?

1.    3  
2.    4
3.    5  
4.    6

Answer: 3

Question 25: A library has an average of 510 visitors on Sundays and 240 on other days. The average number of visitors per day in a month of 30 days beginning with a Sunday is:

1.    250
2.    276
3.    280
4.    285

Answer: 4

Question 26: A person borrows Rs. 5000 for 2 years at 4% p.a. simple interest. He immediately lends it to another person at 6 p.a for 2 years. Find his gain in the transaction per year.

1.    Rs. 112.50
2.    Rs. 125
3.    Rs. 150   
4.    Rs. 167.50

Answer: 1

Question 27: A sum of money amounts to Rs. 9800 after 5 years and Rs. 12005 after 8 years at the same rate of simple interest. The rate of interest per annum is:

1.    5%
2.    8%
3.    12%       
4.    15%

Answer: 3

Question 28: What least number must be added to 1056, so that the sum is completely divisible by 23 ?

1.    2  
2.    3
3.    18 
4.    21
5.    None of these

Answer: 1

Question 29: How many of the following numbers are divisible by 132 ?

264, 396, 462, 792, 968, 2178, 5184, 6336

1.    4  
2.    5
3.    6  
4.    7

Answer: 1

Question 30: The largest 4 digit number exactly divisible by 88 is:

1.    9944       
2.    9768
3.    9988       
4.    8888
5.    None of these

Answer: 1
Benefits of IIFT Previous Year Papers

Applicants are advised to solve IIFT Previous Year Papers for better preparation of exam. Some of benefits of solving these IIFT Previous Year Question Papers are -
  • These IIFT Previous Year Question Papers are based on the IIFT Exam Pattern.
  • Solving IIFT Previous Year Question Papers on a regular basis will assist applicants to understand the distribution and types of questions that will be dominating the exam.
  • To start solving IIFT Previous Year Papers, applicants are suggested to move from easy to difficult level.
  • Also, regular solving IIFT Previous Year Papers will definitely assist entrants to boost up their confidence level.
  • The duration of test is 120 minutes.
  • Hence, applicants must make sure to complete solving the papers within 2 hours. Here, aspirants are advised to keep the track of time.
  • After solving each paper, one must make sure to analyses their answers.
  • A thorough analysis will assist applicants to understand their strengths and weaknesses. 
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Must Know About It:

In the year of 1963, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) was set up by the Government of India. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is an autonomous organization to help professionalize the country's foreign trade management. Along with it this also exports by developing human resources, analyzing and disseminating data and conducting research.

So, those candidates who are going to prepare for IIFT Exam may get the Previous Year Papers of IIFT from here and start preparation accordingly. Download IIFT Previous Year Papers with Answer from above page.

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Final Words:

Candidates you may stay in touch with us to get latest updates about IIFT Previous Year Papers time to time. You may subscribe our free mail service to get latest info about Previous Year IIFT Papers in your mailbox. If you have any query about IIFT Model Papers PDF you may ask in comment box, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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