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Do These 8 Things While Studying For Exam | Ways to Improve Your Memory


Do These 8 Things While Studying For Exam

While studying if you’re losing focus, then maybe you’re Bored or Distracted. So, simply Do These 8 Things While Studying For Exam. Well, there are millions of things that pull you out of focus while reading or learning. So, for same here are few Ways to Improve Your Memory, you must check out them. Through, following this Things While Studying you’ll surely get success. Though, avoiding distraction is tough job but who says you can’t?? Obvious there’s nothing you can do or achieve!! You’re not alone who’s facing problems while studying, but solution for this is that you need to work for hours at a time.
Do These 8 Things While Studying For Exam
Presently, our advance digital technology (mainly phones/laptops/Tablets, etc) is the top mostly reason for distractions while studying but now with these effective tips it seems impossible to make your brain to concentrate and focus. Here are a few common exam tips you may not have tried yet but which are worth a shot:

Do These 8 Things While Studying For Exam

Note - Write down the most important thing you want to remember on a sticky note or same. This will surely surprise you that with these you’ll be remembering things quickly and more often with this trick. But, repeat this process until you’re confident in your knowledge.

Think Positive – If you are upset or stressed then please be practical, who’s not distressed or in trouble? Everyone is!!  Common, control your negative emotions, while doing a certain work just keep your mind set on that particular thing only…. As by controlling, you’ll enhance your brain’s executive function and this will give a creativity and strategic thinking thus a better learning!

Write down the principles/formulas/ Diagrams – as we discussed above that noting down things will make you learn easily. So, write down all the relevant formulas, equations, theories or Draw simple diagrams as they’ll give you something solid to work with later while revision.

Know When You Focus Best – mostly people are capable of maintain their focus for 1-2 hours a day. But, for really god result you have to be very active within those few precious hours of studying.

Stick to the Mantra - educators recommends this “Be here now” mantra to people who find hard to focus and concentrate. Since, Every time you find your mind wandering elsewhere, at that time what you need to do is just say it yourself that, “Be here now.” as with this can attain the power to focus and learn more efficiently.

Avoid Multitasking - most of the people do multitask but do you that multitasking can help you accomplish many things but it actually leave you at more risk. So, we highly suggest that stop being a multitasking person.

Study to learn, not to pass – you’ve to understand that it's more important to learn this thing… you must Study to learn but not to pass and as you’ve chosen to do this for a reason so you have to. Guys, try to remember the bigger picture here…

Remember to sleep - Sleep gives your brain a chance to store the information and recall it during revision and preparing of the exam. If you don't get enough good quality sleep, you make it that much harder to learn or remember what you’ve learnt.

 Hope you guys find it useful, if yes then share your views with us in comments!!!

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