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Alagappa University Syllabus 2018-19 (UG/PG/Diploma) Latest Syllabi PDF


Alagappa University Syllabus

Alagappa University Syllabus 2018: Check Latest Alagappa University Syllabus from this Page!!! Candidates, who’re studying in any UG/PG/Diploma programs and Still Preparing from Old Syllabus, can download revised Alagappa University Syllabi for your systematic preparation.

Students can also easily get Alagappa University Latest Syllabi PDF for BA, BCA, B.Com, MA, MBA, B.Sc through this page. Check this page completely to acquire complete information about Alagappa University Syllabus 2018. 

How Alagappa University Latest Syllabus will beneficial For you?

Students, who’re preparing through updated Alagappa University UG Syllabus, Alagappa University PG Syllabus and Alagappa University Diploma Syllabus, they can easily score good marks in degree level exam.

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Alagappa University Syllabus

Alagappa University BCA Syllabus

C And Data Structure Syllabus
Unit I

Introduction To Computers: – Types of Programming Languages – Introduction to C – Structure of a C programs – Constants - Variables – Data Types – Operators and Expressions – Input and Output Operations – Decision Making – Branching – Looping.

Unit II

Arrays: One and Two Dimensional Arrays – Character Strings: Declaring and Initializing String Variables – Reading Strings From Terminal – Writing Strings To Screen – Arithmetic Operations on Characters – String Handling Functions.

Unit III
  • User Defined Functions: Introduction – Need for User Defined Functions – The Form of C Functions – return values and their types – Calling a Function – Categories of Functions – Nesting of Functions – Recursion – Functions With Arrays – The Scope and Lifetime of Variables.
  • Structures and Unions: Structure Definition – Giving Values to Members – Structure Initialization – Arrays of Structures – Arrays Within Structures – Structures Within Structures – Structures And Functions – Unions. 
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Unit IV
  • Pointers: Introduction – Understanding Pointers – Accessing the Address of a Variable – Declaring and Initializing Pointers – Accessing a Variable through its Pointer.
  • File Handling: Defining and Opening a File – Closing a File – I/O Operations on Files – Error Handling During I/O Operation.    
Unit V

Data Structure:  Classification of Data Structures – Data Structure Operations – Abstract Data Type- Stack: definition, Stack as ADT – Queue: Definition, Queue as ADT - Linked List: Insertion into Linked List, Deletion into Linked List – Trees: Basic Terminology.

Books for Reference:
  • Programming with C – K.R.Venugopal, Sudeep.R Prasad Tata McGrawHill Publishing Company Ltd, NewDelhi.
  • Theory and problems of programming with C – Byron  S.Gottfried, Schaum’s outline series Tata McGrawHill Publishing Company Ltd, NewDelhi.
  • Programming in C  D.Ravichandran ,New Age International publisher,  2009.
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English – I Syllabus:

Unit I - Prose
My Greatest Olympic Prize – Jesse Owens
Voluntary Poverty – Mahatma Gandhi
Helen Kellar – Ishbel Ross
Unit II - Prose
Coffee Worries – R.K. Narayan
A Night Among the Pines – R.L. Stevenson
Spoon Feeding – W.R.Inge
Unit III - Poetry
Daffodils - Wordsworth
Mending Wall – Robert Frost
A River – A.K.Ramanujan
Unit IV - Grammar
Adjective, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection.
Unit V - Composition
Formal Letters, Resume Writing, Precise Writing and General Essays.

C And Date Structure Lab

C Program
  • Write a program to perform the arithmetic operation.
  • Write a program to find whether the given number is palindrome or not.
  • Write a program to count the number of positive, negative and zero.
  • Write a program to sort the array in an ascending order.
  • Write a program to add the two matrixes.
  • Write a program to perform the string operation[ length , compare, copy, concat, reverse]
  • Write a program to find sum of digits of a number using function.
  • Write a program for call by value and call by reference.
  • Write a program to use structure within union, display the contents of structure elements.
  • Write a program for declaring and initializing pointers.
  • Write a program add two numbers using pointer.
  • Write a program to read, write the text file using file handling method.
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Data Structure Program
  • Write a program to implement on stack operation.
  • Write a program to implement on queue operation.
  • Write a program to create and display singly linked list.

Alagappa University BBA Syllabus

Managerial Economics Syllabus

Unit I
Managerial Economics: Meaning, Nature and Scope ; Managerial Economics and Bussiness Decision Manking - Demand analysis­ – Types of Demand – Determinants of Demand – Why the Law of demand – Why Demand curve slopes downward – Law of supply – Law of diminishing Marginal Utility –  Concept of Consumer Surplus.
Unit II
Elasticity of Demand – Types – Indifference curve analysis – Returns to Scale – Increasing returns to scale – Diminishing and constant returns to scale.
Unit III
Concept of Cost – Break Even Point – National Income – Measurement and its difficulties.
Unit IV
Concept of Normal Profit – Scales maximization Principle. Monopoly – Monopolistic Competition – Economics of Bulk Purchase. Perfect competition – Imperfect Competition, Oligopoly.
Unit V
Functions of Money – Role of Commercial Banks – RBI – Methods of credit control –  Monetary and Fiscal Policies.

Books for Reference:
  • Principles of Economics: M.L.Jhingan
  • Micro Economics : M.L.Seth
  • The Indian Economics : Ishwar C.Dhingra
  • Managerial Economics  : Jorl Dean
Financial Accounting Syllabus:

Unit I: Introduction to Financial Accounting – Book keeping – Meaning and objectives – Double entry system – Importance – advantages – Journal and ledger – Preparing Trial balance – Subsidiary books – Different types of Cash books – Bank Reconciliation Statement.
Unit II: Final Accounts – Capital and Revenue items – Preparation of Trading, Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet – Adjustment entries – Account Current – Average Due Date
Unit III: Accounts from incomplete records – Defects – Ascertainment of profit – Conversion of single entry into double entry
Unit IV: Accounts of Non–profit Organisations – Capital, Revenue, Deferred Revenue Expenditures – Preparation of Receipts and Payments Account and Income and Expenditure Account – Balance Sheet
Unit V: Depreciation – Meaning – Causes – Needs – Provisions and Reserves.

Text and Reference Books
  • Advanced Accountancy : R.L.Gupta
  • Advanced Accountancy : R.S.N.Pillai & Bagavathi
  • Advanced Accountancy : S.P.Jain & K.L.Narang

How To Download Alagappa University 2018 Syllabus?
  • First of all, you are required to visit Official Website of Alagappa University that is alagappauniversity.ac.in
  • On Home page, move your cursor on a “Research” tab i.e. given in below stated menu bar, then select ‘Syllabus’ link.
  • Now, you’re on the page which is having Alagappa University Syllabus PDF for different courses.
  • Select any one of the links of syllabus for which you are looking for.
  • Take a printout or save it to your computer for a better preparation.
Direct Link To Download: Alagappa University Syllabus

Course Name
Syllabus In PDF
Alagappa University Syllabus For UG
B.A (Tamil)
B.Sc (Maths)
PART-IV (Skill Based Subjects)
Alagappa University Syllabus For PG
M.A (Tamil)
M.Sc (Maths)
Alagappa University Syllabus For Diploma


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