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Anna University Previous Year Question Paper – UG/PG Past Paper Download


Anna University Previous Year Question Paper

Anna University Previous Year Question Paper: Students studying in any of the UG/PG courses in Anna University must check Past Papers to get knowledge of type of questions asked in the examination. Students can download Anna University Previous Year Question Paper through the links provided in this page.

Past Question papers will help the students to crack the exam with good marks. So, they must go through each and every Previous Year Question Paper of many programmes like MBA, MCA and B. Tech and various others Programs offered by Anna University which is provided in this page in the form of PDF.

Here on this page, aspirants can get question paper of previous years that will help you in getting success in upcoming examinations. For more information about Anna University Previous Year Question Paper candidates may check the below section of this page which is designed by team of www.privatejobshub.in.

Anna University Previous Year Question Paper

PG Courses Previous Year Question Paper:

MBA (Ist Semester)
MCA  (Ist Semester)
MCA  (2nd Semester)
MBA (2nd Semester)
MCA  (3rd Semester)
MBA (3rd Semester)
MCA  (4th Semester)

MCA  (5th Semester)

UG Courses Past Question Paper

Regular Courses:

UG Courses ( Full Time ) - English Medium
 UG Courses ( Full Time ) - English Medium

Part Time Courses:

UG Courses ( Part Time )

About the university:

ANNA University, is one of the oldest University of Tamil Nadu, which came into existence on 4th September, 1978 through Tamil Nadu Act 30 of 1978. This institution chain has to start a separate TV channel with the permission of ISRO. The university campus is built in 223.27 acres of land, in Guindy, Chennai. Anna University became an affiliating university in the year 2001, absorbing all engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu.

In 2007, it was split into six constituent universities in Coimbatore, Chennai, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli and Chennai (campus), namely, Anna University (Chennai), Anna University of Technology, (Chennai), Anna University of Technology (Tiruchirappalli), Anna University of Technology (Coimbatore) , Anna University of Technology (Tirunelveli0 and Anna University of Technology, (Madurai).

ANNA University, Chennai is one of the most reputed names in the field of education. The University provides Distance Education which is also known for its quality and genuineness. Every year the university conducts examinations for even semester in May–June and for odd semester in November–December.

The institution offers various courses in technology and engineering by the way of its affiliated colleges and follows a dual semester system…..(Even and Odd). The 1st semester students have exams in January. Exam results will be published in August and February.

ANNA University Important Questions:

Question 1) Which capacitor-store higher amount of energy?

1.    Air capacitor
2.    Paper capacitor
3.    Mica capacitor
4.    Plastic film capacitor

Ans- Option 3

Question 2) The friction experienced by a body, when in motion, is known as

1.    Rolling friction
2.    Dynamic friction
3.    Limiting friction
4.    Static friction

Ans- Option 2

Question 3) Assertion (A): Atomic number of sodium is 11.

Reason (R): Sodium has a body centered cubic lattice.
1.    Both A and R is true and R is correct explanation of A.
2.    Both A and R are true but R is not correct explanation of A.
3.    A is true but R is false.
4.    A is false but R is true.

Ans- Option 2

Question 4) In water tube boilers

1.    Water passes through the tubes which are surrounded by flames and hot gases.
2.    The flames and hot gases pass through the tubes which are surrounded by water.
3.    Forced circulation takes place.
4.    None of these.

Ans- Option 1

Question 5) Specify the sequence correctly

1.    Grain Growth, Recrystallisation, Stress Relief.
2.    Stress Relief, Grain Growth, Recrystallisation.
3.    Stress Relief, Recrystallisation, Grain Growth.
4.    Grain Growth, Stress Relief, Recrystallisation.

Ans- Option 3

Question 6) Thermoplastic materials are those materials which

1.    Are formed into shape under heat and pressure and results in a permanently hard product.
2.    Do not become hard with the application of heat and pressure and no chemical change occurs.
3.    Are flexible and can withstand considerable wear under suitable conditions.
4.    Are used as a friction lining for clutches and brakes.

Ans- Option 2

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Question 7) The unit cells

1.    Contain the smallest number of atoms which when taken together have all the properties of the crystals of the particular metal
2.    have the same orientation and their similar faces are parallel
3.    may be defined as the smallest parallel piped which could be transposed in three coordinate directions to build up the space lattice
4.    all of the above

Ans- Option 4

Question 8) The hardness and tensile strength in austenitic stainless steel can be increased by

1.    Hardening And Cold Working
2.    Normalising
3.    Martempering
4.    Full Annealing

Ans- Option 1

Question 9) Which of the following material has maximum ductility?

1.    Mild steel
2.    Copper
3.    Nickel
4.    Aluminium 

Ans- Option 1

Question 10) The law J = σE, where J is current density, σ is electrical conductivity and E is field strength is

1.    Ohm's law
2.    Gauss law
3.    Ampere's law
4.    Biot- Savart law

Ans- Option 1

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Question 11) When the speed of the crankshaft is between 100 r.p.m. and 250 r.p.m., the engine said to be a

1.    Slow Speed Engine
2.    Medium Speed Steam Engine
3.    High Speed Steam Engine
4.    None Of These   

Ans- Option 2

Question 12) Which of the following statement is correct for a compound steam engine?

1.   The cost of the engine, for the same power and economy, is more than that of a simple steam engine.
2.    The forces in the working parts are increased as the forces are distributed over more parts.
3.    The ratio of expansion is reduced, thus reducing the length of stroke.
4. The temperature range per cylinder is increased, with corresponding increase in condensation.

Ans- Option 2

Question 13) A draught produced by a chimney due to the difference of densities between the hot gases inside the chimney and cold atmospheric air outside it, is called natural draught.

1.    Yes
2.    No

Ans- Option 1

Question- 14) The coke in the charge of blast furnace

1.    Controls The Grade Of Pig Iron
2.    Acts As An Iron-Bearing Mineral
3.    Supplies Heat To Reduce Ore And Melt The Iron
4.    Forms A Slag By Combining With Impurities

Ans- Option 3

Question-15) The heat treatment process used for softening hardened steel is

1.    Carburizing        
2.    Normalizing
3.    Annealing
4.    Tempering

Ans- Option 4

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