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BARC Interview Experience 2017 – Share Your Personal Experiences With Us


BARC Interview Experience

BARC Interview Experience 2017: Dear candidates, I Surbhi Rana sharing spontaneous description of my BARC Interview Experience.
Individuals, BARC is one of the greatest places where one can explore them self by working there after passing the written examination. Here on this page, I am going to share my personal experience with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. It recruits Trainee Scientific Officer (TSO) and various others candidates for different streams such as in Mechanical Branch, etc every year through a written test, GATE score and interview process.

BARC Interview Experience
You can also Share Your Personal Experiences With Us and give some tips to those candidates who are going to appear in interview. So, guys I’m sharing my personal experience with you, that I think it is toughest interview among all the PSU. Hope, you find it help full in cracking yours too. One thing I want to tell you that never become nervous in front of interviewers, always bear a soft smile… In case, you don’t know the answer politely replies that you can’t and never become rude…

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BARC Interview Experience

Basic Info:

Date 11 June, 2016, Time- 2: 30 p.m.
Location: BARC campus, Mumbai.

I reached the interview venue a half hour before the scheduled time. There were 20 more candidates sitting nearby the reception area. I become nervous when I saw them all sitting there. Then, I drank a glass of water and take a breath of relief. Ahhhh…

After sometime, a candidate was called in the interview room that was sitting beside me, he was the one from which the interview process commences. At that time I feel very nervous thinking about my turn. Hopefully, I’m on 5 number…. I take a deep breath…

When, I came to know about my turn, I’ll start preparing for the stuff I need. The only thing, that I required was document file that includes mark sheets and some forms. After 35 minutes, I have called… it was mu turn… I pray to god before entering the room and again take a deep breath…

As soon as I entered the room, I saw the panel consisted of five members who were consisting of three males and two females along with the Panel Head…..

I wish them all… they requested me to take a sit…
Firstly, they all stare at me…. And what is your height? :P

Me: 5 foot 6 inches…

They all give a smile to me...

Introduce yourself!!!

I introduce myself… hello everyone. I am Surbhi Rana (tell your personal details, experience, hobbies, be confident).

From here, my interview process gets starts...

Ques. 1: Why you want to join BARC????

Me: I replied, I want to join BARC coz…. of my passion and Yes, because of the money & status was unbelievable.

Ques. 2:  When did you passed the qualifying exam?

Me: Sir, I have passed the exam in June 2015 onwards.

Ques. 3: What you were doing since June?? Do you decide something about your future… what are your plans?? (Female interviewer)

Me:  after a couple of minutes, I answered … I am employed in a Power transformer company as a mechanical Engineer. Female interviewer replied ohk…and didn’t ask anything further about my duties, roles.
Now, they start asking technical questions… I become a little nervous at that time.

Get Details: BARC Exam Syllabus

Ques. 4: How you calculate the work done??

Me: We can calculate it using (Integration Pdv).

Ques. 5: Do you know something about programming language?

Me: Yes Sir, I know that it is one of the most essential parts of CS. Since, I have not done programming for a long time. So, I didn’t know something in brief about it…

Ques.6: (Male Interviewer, panel Head) illustrate 2 spherical enclosures having same volume, both of them are filled with air, temperatures are same, p1 = 2 bar p2 = 4 bar.

Me: Eeeeee… at that time I starts panic… but after few seconds. I take a deep breath and start making P~V T~S diagrams, then he gave me a hint – Itta karne ki jaroorat hai kya simply 1st law se nhi hoga kya -I applied 1st law though I did a silly mistake then they gave me another hint and the question was solved.

Ques.7: How to calculate for Irreversible process?

Me: I answered confidently… If the cylinder is a perfect insulator, the initial top-left state cannot be reached anymore after it is changed to the one on the top-right. Instead, the state on the bottom left is assumed when going back to the original pressure because energy is converted into heat. :D :D

Ques.8: What is thermal equilibrium?

Me: Thermal equilibrium means there is no heat transfer and bodies within system reaches at the same temperature.

Ques.9: What is zeroth law?

Me: yehhh… (I know it) It refers when two thermodynamic systems are each in thermal equilibrium with a third, then they are in thermal equilibrium with each other, then it is known as zeroth law.

Ques.10: Can you do the analysis of a cylindrical pressure vessel?

Me: sorry, sir… I don’t know the answer…

They said can you make a guess… then, I tried several times but all my attempts are failed….
At last, my interview process get over ….. I take a breath of relief and wish all the interviewers and came out of the room…

This was an awesome experience, the end part is well, and perhaps I was given a good grading, as eventually I was offered to join the training school at the BARC Campus, Mumbai….. there are lot of questions they ask to me… Over all it was a nice experience….

BARC Technical Interview Questions:

Question 1: Which ARM processor used?
Question 2: What is the main difference between ARM and ordinary controller?
Question 3: Main difference between RISC and CISC?
Question 4: Explain about the pipeline structure in ARM?
Question 5: Draw the 3stage pipeline of ARM controller and how each instruction get executed in one cycle?
Question 6: What is the main aim of RISC other than fast execution?
Question 7: Do we require H(S) in PID controlled control system?
Question 8: But we should have always unity feedback and not H(S). Then why use proportional.
Question 9: Ok write TF of PID controller and apply it to plant process.
Question 10: Find the exact output of a differential amplifier Ans: Vo= Ac(V1-V2) + Ad[(V1+V2)/2]
Question 11: Questions on integrator then drawbacks of simple integrator?
Question 12: Starting with Digital (my choice)-What is fanout and fanin?
Question 13: What is the difference between synchronous and ripple counter?
Question 14: Where synchronous circuits are used and where asynchronous are used?
Question 15: What is Q point draw the load line explain the characteristics and how do you get the various region?

Some usable tips you should put an eye on!!!!!
  • Always, carry all documents with you at the time of Interview.
  • Before attending and appearing for interview process, must take a brief look on company past, present roles and policies.
  • As you all know, first impression is the last impression. So, show your positive side and confidence to panel not your negative aspects.
  • Show your capabilities and don’t be arrogant.
  • Always well-dressed for the interview (Formal Wear).
  • Be comfortable with an interviewer and wear a smile. You will completely break the interview.
  • Put more efforts on your communication skills. Don’t be rude…
Dear candidates, hope the above shared experience was helpful to you. Never become puzzled, if you don’t know about the answer. Stay relaxed… Always wear the smile and make a blasting affect… guys… All the best…. Hope your crack the interview. For getting latest information about BARC Interview Experience 2017, you need to follow us on Facebook & Google & on Twitter Also. You can also bookmark the web portal that is privatejobshub.in by pressing Ctrl+D option.

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