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Google Interview Experience

Google Interview Experience 2017: Nowadays, Working in Google is the dream job for everyone, so if you’ve applied for Google Jobs then you must checkout the latest Google Interview Experience from here.
By taking overview from this page using online mode, you may simply crack the interview session and after that you may also Tell Your Experience To Others for his/her help.

Now come to the recent Google Interview Experience of Sachin. Dear visitors, two weeks before I had an interview at Google! The job interview of mine with Google was an inspiring experience and I want to share my Experience with you so that if you go for an interview at Google you can keep some points in your mind. Brief Intro about Myself:

Name: Sachin Vohra
Age: 25 Years
Degree: Graduation degree from Delhi University
Nationality: Indian
Designation: Software Engineers

Google Interview Experience

Let start with interview experience, dear visitors there were total eight separate interviews because Google hiring process can be briefed in three basic steps that is
  • Apply
  • Telephonic Interview
  • Face to Face Interview and On-site interview.
Telephonic Interview:

The first three interviews were over the phone (phone interviews) and the 1st interview was with the recruiter and was not very technical but the other seven were very scientific, take a look…

First Interview (Phone):

The first interview was on the 10th of September with the recruiter and interviewer was calling from Gurgaon, and was a Software Engineer, take a look…
  • This interview was absolutely technical and directly to the point and he asked me several technical questions about Programming Languages from the beginning, and I really appreciated that, because it made me feel confident and motivated.
  • Questions were logically linked and I could tell that the interviewer was actually enjoying the discussion that arose about different techniques to, for example, An engineer mainly has to be renowned with everything such as algorithms, data structures, programming, networking, distributed systems, scalable architecture, troubleshooting.
  • After these questions he asked me where I would like to job. Second half of the interview had some basic technical queries, just to make confident I knew something. The queries which they asked were about Linux systems administration, algorithms, computer architecture and C programming. 
  • I made some sensible mistakes but he was satisfied and we planned the next phone interview. Before disconnecting the phone call, he advised me that it will be very technical and I should do really good preparation. I asked him to give me an ample of time for the practice and we planned for the next interview round.

Second Interview (Phone):

I had my second phone interview with an engineer from Google. He worked on the Ads team.
  • The second round of interview was very scientific and started with an algorithmic problem & queries about data structures, TCP protocol, security vulnerability associated with TCP, networking in general, and Google itself.
  • After the second round of interview the engineer had to write opinion on me. It was cheering and I could move on to the next round of interviews.
Third Interview (Phone):

I gave more time to observe each and every small thing for interview and the third interview started. It was again with an engineer from the Google traffic team.
  • In this interview they asked very easy programming query and I had to do coding over phone. I was free to prefer the language and at last I had to question about DNS again, then HTTP protocol, routing, and TCP data transfer.
  • The response was again positive and I could practice for the on-site interviews.
  • In my last phonic interviewer I got to know that there will be five on-site interviews, each will be exactly of 45 minutes long.
  • After two weeks, some official person sent me an email & congratulating me and inviting me to Gurgaon for an on-site round of interviews. Google pays for all expense, and books a hotel for you to stay overnight and they also offered to book a cab for me, but I preferred to take a Metro train from Delhi.

Fourth Interview (On-Site):

Fourth interview was held at Googolplex! At sharp 10: 30 am I met my interviewer and we had approx 15 minute conversation about the interviews.
  • Interviewer informed me I would have two more meeting now and he took me to lunch to one of Google's eating place and then I would have three other interviews.
  • At 10:45am the first on-site interviews commence. It was about my earlier job experience.
  • I had a lot of job knowledge in the past and I decided to tell about a physical security measures announcement system that I coded in C on Linux a few years before.
  • In the last few times of the conference he asked me several basic Unix file-system queries.

Fifth Interview (On-Site):

Fifth interview started on at 11am.
  • It was a coding session and begins with a trick query and not a real coding problem.
  • I was asked to perform the solution in C. The solution was a mathematical expression that was a one-line return report.
  • Then I was asked to write an implementation of a very well known data structure. While coding, I made a error and fail to remember to initialize part of a data structure .I would have observed the fault, but Google engineers are very serious  and said to me don't ever make any error!
  • After this interview I had a lunch by the engineer who interviewed me on the second phonic interview. She told me she was working at Google for two years and was very pleased about it.
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Sixth Interview (On-Site):

Sixth interview started on at 12:45pm.
  • It was a networking conference and interviewers sketch a network figure on the whiteboard and had expected a problem in there.
  • I had to ask a bunch of specific networking queries to locate the problem and he was pleased and in the last few minutes of the interview he inquired me some exact networking device query.
Seventh Interview (On-Site):

Seventh interview began at near about 1:30pm. It was a coding session.
  • I was asked to realize an easy string manipulation subroutine in either C or C++. I opt C.
  • Unluckily I made an off-by-one fault there - the most common programming mistake in the history of mankind.
  • Whole interview focused on this one problem.

Eighth Interview (On-Site):

Last, eighth, interview commenced at 2:15pm. 
  • It was algorithms and data formation meeting and trouble presented here was related to the problem in the 2nd interview.
  • Interview was very free-style and we talked back and forth about the problem. I reached at the correct solution near the end of the interview and he said that not several candidates get that far in the respond. I was glad.
  • After that interview the engineer accompanied me out to the lobby and I took a cab back to my hotel. That's it!
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Overall the Google interviews were pleasing for me. The interview questions were technical but not very hard or complicated. Dear Viewers, this was the Google Interview Experience shared by Sachin on our portal www.privatejobshub.in. So please may go get ready for your next interview like Sachin.

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