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L&T Placement Papers 2018 For Freshers (CSE, Electrical, Mechanical Engg)


L&T Placement Papers

If you wish to do job in L&T Infotech Company, you have to crack the L&T Recruitment Exam first. For this concern, you need L&T Placement Papers. Here we are providing the L&T Placement Papers for Freshers and experienced candidates for better preparation of CSE, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Exam.

The L&T Infotech Placement Papers that we have provided are so simple that the person who is learning subjects for the first time will understand L&T Placement Papers 2018 easily. You can download the L&T Placement Papers PDF from here.

L &T Infotech Selection Process!!!

L&T Placement Papers with Solutions will help candidates for their exam preparation. Selection will be done on basis of following rounds: Written Test, Group Discussion, Technical Round and HR Round.
Rest of the details regarding the L&T Placement Question Papers are mentioned in the below section of this page which is well designed by the dedicated team of www.privatejobshub.in. Have a look for L&T Previous Placement Papers.

Download PDF: L&TPlacement Papers

L&T Placement Papers

Question 1. A boat can travel with a speed of 13 km/hr in still water. If the speed of the stream is 4 km/hr, find the time taken by the boat to go 68 km downstream.
A. 2 hours
B. 3 hours
C. 4 hours
D. 5 hours
Ans: C

Question 2. A motorboat, whose speed in 15 km/hr in still water goes 30 km downstream and comes back in a total of 4 hours 30 minutes. The speed of the stream (in km/hr) is:
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 10
Ans: B

Question 3. A is two years older than B who is twice as old as C. If the total of the ages of A, B and C be 27, the how old is B?
A. 7
B. 8
C. 9
D. 10
Ans: D

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Question  4. If one-third of one-fourth of a number is 15, then three-tenth of that number is:
A. 35
B. 36
C. 40
D. 54
Ans: D

Question 5. Three times the first of three consecutive odd integers is 3 more than twice the third. The third integer is:
A. 9
B. 11
C. 13
D. 15
Ans: D

Question 6. The sum of ages of 5 children born at the intervals of 3 years each is 50 years. What is the age of the youngest child?
A. 4 years
B. 8 years
C. 10 years
D. None of these
Ans: A
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Question 7. A is two years older than B who is twice as old as C. If the total of the ages of A, B and C be 27, the how old is B?
A. 7
B. 8
C. 9
D. 10
Ans: D

Question 8. Two trains, each 100 m long, moving in opposite directions, cross each other in 8 seconds. If one is moving twice as fast the other, then the speed of the faster train is:
A. 30 km/hr
B. 45 km/hr
C. 60 km/hr
D. 75 km/hr
Ans: C

Question 9. A train 110 metres long is running with a speed of 60 kmph. In what time will it pass a man who is running at 6 kmph in the direction opposite to that in which the train is going?
A. 5 sec
B. 6 sec
C. 7 sec
D. 10 sec
Ans: B

Question 10. A person’s present age is two-fifth of the age of his mother. After 8 years, he will be one-half of the age of his mother. How old is the mother at present?
A. 32 years
B. 36 years
C. 40 years
D. 48 years
Ans: C

Question 11. CANNY (Find Synonym)
A. Obstinate
B. Handsome
C. Clever
D. Stout
Ans: C

Question 12. ALERT (Find Synonym)
A. Energetic
B. Observant
C. Intelligent
D. Watchful
Ans: D

Question 13. A two-digit number is such that the product of the digits is 8. When 18 is added to the number, then the digits are reversed. The number is:
A. 18
B. 24
C. 42
D. 81
Ans: B

Question 14. EXPAND (Find Antonyms)
A. Convert
C. Condense
D. Congest
D. Conclude
Ans: B

Question 15. RELINQUISH (Find Antonyms)
A. Abdicate
B. Renounce
C. Possess
D. Deny
Ans: C

Question 16. Look at this series: 36, 34, 30, 28, 24, … What number should come next?
A. 20
B. 22
C. 23
D. 26
Ans: B

Question 17. Look at this series: 53, 53, 40, 40, 27, 27, … What number should come next?
A. 12
B. 14
C. 27
D. 53
Ans: B

Question 18. school
A. student
B. report card
C. test
D. learning
Ans: A

Question 19. Look at this series: 544, 509, 474, 439, … What number should come next?
A. 404
B. 414
C. 420
D. 445
Ans: A

Question 20. Look at this series: 8, 6, 9, 23, 87 , … What number should come next?
A. 128
B. 22
C. 324
D. 429
Ans: D
L&T Exam Pattern:

Aptitude Question
Reasoning Question
General English Question
GD Topics
Technical Questions
HR Interview Questions


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