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SSC MTS Previous Year Question Paper – Multitasking Solved Papers Download


SSC MTS Previous Year Question Paper

SSC MTS Previous Year Question Paper: Those candidates who have applied for SSC recruitment for Multi-Tasking Staff can download their SSC MTS Previous Year Question Paper and also check SSC Solved Papers which are provided in this page in  the form of PDF.

For the selection of Multi-Tasking Staff, applicants have to undergo tough competitive examination. To crack the exam they need to know the syllabus, exam pattern and other details of the examination like type of questions, topic included in each sections etc.

Download SSC MTS Previous Papers Here!!!

Here we are also providing some questions which can help you to get knowledge of the type of questions asked in the exam. Through this they can and solved sample papers will also become very useful for the participants to prepare for their exam according to the weightage of each section and subject.

For more details regarding SSC MTS Previous Year Question Paper, candidates can go through this page and take a look on all the questions and links provided by the team of www.privatejobshub.in.

SSC MTS Previous Year Question Paper PDF

SSC MTS Previous Year Question Paper

Staff Selection Commission is conducting written examination for the selection of candidates for the post of Multi-Tasking Staff in the organization. Provided below is the SSC exam pattern which includes all the topics, number of questions, total marks allotted and time provided to complete the exam. Let’s have a look!!!

SSC MTS Exam Pattern:

Exam Type
No of Questions
1.5 Hours
General Awareness
Short Essay/Letter
30 Minutes

Here are some questions from some of the previous year’s question paper which can help you in making an estimate design of the type of questions included in the wriiten exam for MTS Recruitment.

Question-1) Uttarakhand : Dehradun : : Mizoram : ?

1.    Aizawl
2.    Kohima
3.    Shillong
4.    Darjeeling

Ans- Option 1

Question-2) In questions, find the odd word/ letters/number pair from the given alternatives

1.    Cabbage
2.    Carrot
3.    Potato
4.    Beetroot

Ans- Option 1

Question-3) CGJ, KOR, TXA, -----

1.    ACE
2.    JDP
3.    FJM
4.    UWY

Ans- Option 3

Question-4) If an electric train runs in the direction from North to South with a speed of 150 km/hr covering 2000 km, then in which direction will the smoke of its engine go?

1.    NS
2.    SN
3.    EW
4.    No direction

Ans- Option 4

Question-5) Introducing a boy, a girl said, "He is the son of the daughter of the father of my uncle." How is the boy related to the girl?

1.    Brother
2.    Nephew
3.    Uncle
4.    Son-in-law

Ans- Option 1

Question-6) The ratio in which a man must mix rice at Rs. 10.20 per kg and Rs. 14.40 per kg so as to make a mixture worth Rs. 12.60 per kg, is– 

1.    4 : 3
2.    2 : 5
3.    18 : 24
4.    3 : 4

Ans- Option 4

Question-7) A merchant allows a discount of 10% on marked price for the cash payment. To make a profit of 17%, he must mark his goods higher than their cost price by–

1.    33%
2.    30%
3.    27%
4.    40%

Ans- Option 2

Question-8) By selling a fan for Rs. 600, a man loses 10%. To make a gain of 20%, the selling price of the fan should be– 

1.    Rs. 900
2.    Rs. 1000
3.    Rs. 700
4.    Rs. 800

Ans- Option 4

Question-9) Average of first five prime numbers is–

1.    5.3
2.    5.6
3.    5
4.    3.6

Ans- Option 2

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Question-10) The cost price of a radio is Rs. 600. The 5% of the cost price is charged towards transportation. After adding that. If the net profit to be made is 15%. Then the selling price of the radio must be– 

1.    Rs. 704.50
2.    Rs. 664.50
3.    Rs. 724.50
4.    Rs. 684.50

Ans- Option 3

Question-11) The new government took .......... last year. 

1.    After
2.    over
3.    upon
4.    out

Ans- Option 2

Question-12) When she retired, she handed .......... the charge to the' Vice-President.

1.    Out
2.    Across
3.    Off
4.    Over

Ans- Option 4

Question-13) Barbaric: Meaning

1.    Uncivilized
2.    Premeditated
3.    Barber's
4.    Thorny

Ans- Option 1

Question-14) The mother always insists on keeping the house spick and span.

1.    Locked
2.    Safe
3.    Tidy
4.    Open

Ans- Option 3

Question-15) Exclusive possession or control of anything– 

1.    Monotheism
2.    Monopoly
3.    Monoism
4.    Mono-mania

Ans- Option 2

Question-16)In context of computer technology, abbreviation ‘OCR’ stands for:

1.    Optical Character Recognition
2.    Optimum Character Recognition
3.    Optical Character Reorientation
4.    Optimum Character Reorientation

Ans- Option 1

Question-17)Which among the following is the highest peacetime gallantry award in India?

1.    Shaurya Chakra
2.    Kirti Chakra
3.    Ashok Chakra
4.    Shoorvir Chakra

Ans- Option 3

Question-18)Who is the father of Nuclear Chemistry?

1.    John Dalton
2.    Otto Hahn
3.    Alfred Wegener
4.    Raymond Carhart

Ans- Option 2

Question-19)‘Fundamental Duties’ mentioned in Indian Constitution, have been borrowed from the constitution of:

1.    Germany
2.    Ireland
3.    Canada
4.    USSR

Ans- Option 4

Question-20)Every year 4th February is observed around the world as:

1.    World Tourism Day
2.    World Day of Social Justice
3.    World Cancer Day
4.    World Science Day

Ans- Option 3

Official Note:

After going through all the information regarding SSC MTS Previous Year Question Paper, candidates must now be able to prepare properly for their SSC examination 2018 which is scheduled in the month of June. For more details you must visit SSC Official Website on regular basis.

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