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AIIMS MBBS Mock Test 2018 Online Practice Tests Series, Questions/Answers


AIIMS Mock Test

AIIMS MBBS Mock Test 2018: To qualify the AIIMS Entrance Exam, candidates should practice with the AIIMS MBBS Mock Test. The University offers various medical courses and to provide the admission in various courses, candidates should practice through AIIMS Mock Test 2018.

We have provided some questions and answers of AIIMS tests series on this page, so candidates can get idea about the questions that can be asked in the AIIMS MBBS exam. Candidates can give AIIMS Mock Test Papers through subject wise.

AIIMS Mock Test 2018:

The AIIMS MBBS 2018 Mock Test is going to be available in the Month of May 2018. All India Institute of Medical Sciences provides the facility to give AIIMS 2018 mock test. Online mock test for AIIMS is familiar to the computer based test which helps you to crack entrance exam.

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All India Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

All India Medical Sciences is also recognized as AIIMS which is the most famous and reliable medical College and research university of India. It is located at the capital of India (New Delhi). The main technology that attracts the students, that is advanced medical science techniques.

 Now AIIMS University is opened in seven cities like Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Jhajjar, Patna, Raipur, Rishikesh and Jodhpur. The University provides various graduated and post graduated medical courses.  

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AIIMS Exam Pattern:

Test Type
Marking Scheme
Multiple choices
(+1) for correct answer & (1/3) negative marking

Duration Of test: 3.5 Hors

Go Through Now: 

AIIMS 2018 Mock Test

  • AIIMS MBBS Mock Test will be as same as actual test this is to prepare the aspirants well for the examination in advance.
  • Total number of questions given on this page is different from actual test but we have sorted here the best questions which important for the students to go through once.
  • You will not be able to see your score but you will surely get to know about the correct answer after when you are done with answering.
  • Aspirants can also keep a rough notebook and a pen/pencil to calculate their score themselves.
  • Candidates can mark questions that they are unsure of under “review” to check and answer them later.
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AIIMS MBBS Mock Test 2018

Ques1: A child has disc battery in the nose .Which is most appropriate concern?

A.    Keep on instilling nasal drops intermittently till the foreign body dislodges
B.    Keep the battery as it is and refer to higher expertise for removal
C.    Battery contents might leak resulting into chemical damage of the surrounding tissue
D.   Elective removal as the child has high risk of contracting tetanus.

Ans: B

Ques2: HPV do not cause which type of carcinoma?

A.    Base of tongue carcinoma
B.    Tonsillar carcinoma
C.    Oropharyngeal carcinoma
D.   Laryngeal papillomatosis

Ans: C

Ques3: Most reliable test for eustachian tube dysfunction:

A.    Politzer test
B.    Tympanometry
C.    VEMP
D.   Rhinomanometry

Ans: B

Ques4: Microscopic view of fluorescent green RBCs on a dark background …. mechanism by which image is viewed?

A.    By cathode ray tube
B.    By dark field/phase condenser
C.    Dichroic mirror
D.   Phase plate

Ans: C

Ques5: Reticular fibres of collagen tissues are present in all except

A.    Thymus
B.    Bone marrow
C.    Spleen
D.   Lymph node

Ans: B

Ques6: Two barr bodies are seen in??

A.    XXX
B.    47 XXY
C.    X0
D.   46 XX

Ans: A

Ques7: Dexa dose for lung maturity
A.    6 mg 4time 12 hrs apart
B.    6 mg 2 time 24 hrs apart
C.    12 mg 2 time 24 hrs apart
D.   12 mg 4 times 12 hrs apart

Ans: A

Ques8: Drug of choice in hypertension in pregnancy

A.    Enalapril
B.    Methyldopa
C.    Diuretics
D.   Captopril

Ans: B

Ques9: Drug contraindicated in hypertension in pregnancy

A.    Methyldopa
B.    Labetalol
C.    Nifedipine
D.   Enalapril

Ans: D

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Ques10: Methacholine agonist at

A.    M2
B.    M1
C.    M4
D.   M3

Ans: A

Ques11: Which of the following topical agents causes heterochromia iridis?

A.    Latanoprost
B.    Prednisolone
C.    Timolol
D.   Olopatadine

Ans: A

Ques12: Criminal act 2013 . Conset age limit of Sexual Offences

A.    16Yr
B.    18yr
C.    14yr
D.   15yr

Ans: B

Ques13: Characteristic marker of limbal epithelial cell

A.    keratin
B.    ABCG2
C.    enolase
D.   collagen

Ans: B

Ques14: The retina receives its blood supply from all except :-

A.    posterior ciliary artery
B.    central retinal artery
C.    retinal arteries
D.   plexus of zinn and haller artery

Ans:  D

Ques15: 3 yr old child with hydrocoele hernia sac.. Management?

A.    Herniotomy
B.    Herniorrhaphy
C.    Observation
D.   None of Above

Ans:  A

Ques16: Mallory weiss tear mc artery involved?

A.    Short gastric
B.    Left gastric
C.    Coronary
D.   Phrenic

Ans: B

Ques17: Young adult with irreparable rotator cuff injury, which of the following procedures can be done?

A.    Acromioplasty
B.    Tendon transfer
C.    Total shoulder replacement
D.   Reverse shoulder replacement

Ans: B

Ques18: muscle not attached at greater tubercle ?

A.    supraspinatus
B.    infraspinatus
C.    subscapularis
D.   teres minor

Ans: C

Ques19: A 65 year old male with itchy bullae over erythematous areas and normal skin

A.    bullous pemphigoid
B.    dermatitis herpetiformis
C.    IgA pemphigus
D.   pemphigus vulgaris

Ans: A

Ques20: Young female with blue macules on forehead and ocular macules. The diagnosis is

A.    Mongolian spot
B.    Nevus of ota
C.    Nevus of ito
D.   Beckers nevu

Ans: C

What is the Use of AIIMS Mock Test?

Those students who are going to appear in the AIIMS MBSS Exam 2018 must practice through AIIMS Mock Test online that will increase their speed while attempting the question paper, Because in the AIIMS Entrance Examination your speed matters a lot.

You should practice through AIIMS MBBS Mock Test as much as you can. The University offers various medical courses. To get the admission in those courses candidates have to qualify the entrance examination and then you will need AIIMS Mock Test 2018 that will help you to calculate your performance.

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Aspirants who wish to gain more information about AIIMS Mock Test 2018, you are advised to log on to the Official Link of organization. And if you have any queries or doubt related to AIIMS online mock test then you are free to ask us in the below given comment box, we will surely get back to you at the earliest

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