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Biology Online Test 2018 Free Online Biology Quizzes with Answers

Biology Online Test

Biology Online Test

Biology Online Test: Are you looking for Biology Online Test 2018?? Then you are at right place! Here we are providing you Free Online Biology Quizzes with Answers; these questions are developed by our expert team. We had provided 20 questions with answer you just need to scroll down page and attempt these questions. Doesn’t worry about your performance you will get detail analysis of your test with answer.

Solve this mock test and check out your performance world rank base. Before attempting question must go through below points:- 
  • Read All Questions Carefully
  • Don't Be Nervous
  • Understand Your Exam Pattern
  • Ensure Speed Don’t Waste Time On Question You Don’t Know
  • Keep An Eye On Your Watch
  • Avoid Thinking Too Much What You Don’t  Know
  • Avoid Tough Questions
Start Your Test

Question 1: 7.40 is a Ph value of?

a.    Human blood
b.    Animal blood
c.    Both of the above
d.    None of the above

Answer: a.

Question 2: The blood group which is rarely found __.

a.    negative
b.    AB negative
c.    B negative
d.    B positive

Answer: b.

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Question 3: Hemoglobin consist of______ metal

a.    Aluminum
b.    Copper
c.    Calcium
d.    Iron

Answer: d

Question 4: Age of fishes was known as __.

a.    Devonian
b.    Ordovician
c.    Crustaceous
d.    Silurian

Answer: a.

Question 5: Chlorophyl consist of______ metal

a.    Calcium
b.    Aluminium
c.    Zinc
d.    Magnesium

Answer: d.

Question 6: The important sugar in honey named as?

a.    Maltose
b.    Sucrose
c.    Lactose
d.    Fructose

Answer: d.

Question 7: The Chromosomes found in the human gene is __i number.

a.    46
b.    24
c.    23
d.    48

Answer: a.

Question 8: Viticulture is related with __ .

a.    Grapes
b.    Pine Apple
c.    Orange
d.    Strawberry

Answer: a.

Question 9: Which of the below acid found in Vinegar?

a.    Citric Acid
b.    Acetic Acid
c.    Oxalic Acid
d.    Malic Acid

Answer: b.

Question 10: Largest bone in the human body is __.

a.    Spinal Cord
b.    Humerus
c.    Fibula
d.    Femur

Answer: d

Question 11: Ordinary table salt is sodium chloride. What is baking soda?

a.    Sodium bicarbonate 
b.    Potassium chloride 
c.    Potassium carbonate 
d.    Potassium hydroxide 

Answer:  a.

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Question 12: Ozone hole refers to

a.    decrease in thickness of ozone layer in stratosphere 
b.    hole in ozone layer 
c.    decrease in the ozone layer in troposphere 
d.    increase in the thickness of ozone layer in troposphere

Answer: a.

Question 13: Nucleus, the genetic material containing rounded body in each cell, was first discovered in 1831 by

a.    Robert Hooke 
b.    Rudolf Virchow 
c.    Robert Brown 
d.    Theodore Schwann 

Answer: c.

Question 14 When population is sympatric it’s called?

a.    Two populations are physically isolated by natural barriers.
b.    Two populations live together and freely interbreed to produce sterile offspring.
c.    Two populations share the same environment but cannot interbreed.
d.    Two populations are isolated but occasionally come together to interbreed.

Answer: c.

Question 15 When pollution is allopatric it’s called?

a.    They are physically isolated by natural barriers
b.    They live together and breed freely to produce viable offspring
c.    They are isolated but often come together for breeding
d.    One of the above

Answer: a.

Question 16 Polyploid derived from two different species is called

a.    Autopolyploid
b.    Triploid
c.    Allopolyploid
d.    Monoploid

Answer: c.

Question 17 Pollen grains of a plant whose 2n = 28 are cultured to get callus by tissue culture method. What would be the number of chromosomes in the cells of the callus?

a.    21
b.    I4
c.    56
d.    28

Answer: b.

Question 18 Pinus belongs to the class ________.

a.    Gentopsida
b.    Cycadopsida
c.    Coniferopsida
d.    Sphenopsida

Answer: c.

Question 19 Name the following having oxygen storing capacity

a.    Prophase II
b.    Anaphase I
c.    Metaphase II
d.    Myoglobin

Answer: a.

Question 20 Casparian strips are present in the ________ of the root.

a.    epiblema
b.    cortex
c.    perycycle
d.    endodermis

Answer: d.

Analyze your test carefully so that you can improve and hit back in next attempt. Hope this test will help you in scoring good marks in your upcoming Biology Test. Keep visiting our page and get all the latest Online Biology Quizzes with Answers. You can write us for any query or comment us on below box

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