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Calicut University Syllabus 2018 BA/BCOM/MA/MCA/B.Tech Exam Download pdf


Calicut University Syllabus

Calicut University Syllabus 2018: Contenders can take help from the Calicut University Syllabus for the upcoming UG/PG examinations. Syllabus includes the important questions and marking scheme of every topic, that’s why it plays an important role in the preparation of individuals. Essential topics of BA/B.Com/MA/MCA/B.tech are available on this page and if you want to download the CU 2018 Syllabus in PDF form then hit on the suitable link.

For the complete Calicut University Syllabus 2018 you are required to scroll down the page which is well created by the team of www.privatejobshub.in. The organization offers various UG/PG and professional courses and conducts semester wise examinations. The purpose behind the exams is to check the knowledge of students and promote them to the next level. And to clear the exam, one must need the proper syllabus and accurate exam scheme.

Calicut University Syllabus

Calicut University B.A (Political Science) Syllabus

Module I
An Introduction to Research Methodology in Social Science. Meaning, Objectives and importance of Research in Social Sciences.
Module II
Concept of Political Science- Meaning, nature, scope and importance of Political Science. (B) Approaches to the Study- Traditional and modern; Behavioural, Post-Behavioural, and Marxian approaches.
Module III
State and Civil Society- (A) Meaning, Characteristics and inter relationships. (B) Nature and functions of the state: Liberal and Marxian Views. (C) Theories of the origin of the state with special reference to Evolutionary and Marxian Theories.
Module IV
 Sovereignty- Meaning and kinds. Monistic and pluralistic interpretations.
Module V
Governmental structures and functions. Theory of Separation of powers. (A) Legislature- Rule making functions. (B) Executive- Rule application function - An analysis of Parliamentary and Presidential Systems. (C) Judiciary Rule adjudication function - Rule of Law and Administrative Law, Judicial Review.
Module VI
Political Dynamics- (A) Party Systems An overview- Role of Interest groups and Pressure groups (B) Elections and Voting Behaviour- factors influencing voting behaviour. Minority Representation Methods of ensuring minority representation. Books and References

Calicut University M.A (Economics) Syllabus

Input Output Analysis
Technical coefficients – Hawkin-Simon condition – Leontief’s open system-closed system.
General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics
Social welfare function-Pareto optimality-Kaldor-Hicks compensation criterion-Scitovsky criterion - Theory of second bestArrow’s impossibility theory-Rawls theory of justice-Externalities-Production and consumption Externalities and (a) efficiency (b) property rights-the tragedy of commons.
Economics of information
Search cost-searching for the lowest price-search and advertising. Adverse selection-market for lemons-welfare implications of adverse selection-market signalingmoral hazard and insurance markets-“principal-agent problem”-the efficiency wage theory.
Euler’s theorem and adding up problem-macro theories of distribution-Ricardo-Marx-Kalecki-Kaldor
Asset markets
Equilibrium with certainty-equilibrium with uncertainty-the capital asset pricing model-The Arbitrage pricing theory.

Calicut University B.Com (Taxation) Syllabus

Principles of Taxation
Module 1
Principles of Taxation, Ratio, Tax equity
Module 2
Classification of taxes, OECD Classification
Module 3
Incidence of taxation
Module 4
International Double Taxation
Module 5
Constitutional Provisions Relating to Taxes
Indirect Taxes Law and Practice
Module 1
Introduction to indirect taxes
Module 2
Central Excise, CENVAT
Module 3
Customs Duty
Module 4
Kerala Value Added Tax And Central sales Tax, Central sales Tax
Module 5
Service Tax
Income Tax Assessment
Module 1
 Computation of Taxable Income
Module 2
 Assessment of Individuals, Assessment of Hindu Undivided Family
Module 3
 Assessment of Firms, Assessment of AOP/BOI
Module 4
 Assessment of co-operative societies and Trusts
Module 5
 Procedure For Assessment
Corporate Taxation And Tax Planning
Module 1
Assessment of companies
Module 2
Computation of Taxable Income & Tax Liability
Module 3
Introduction to Tax Planning
Module 4
Tax Planning For Specific Management Decisions
Module 5
Tax Planning For Setting up of a New Business

Calicut University B.Tech (Engineering Mathematics) Syllabus

Module I
Ordinary Differential Equations- Equations of first order – Separable, Homogeneous, reducible to Homogeneous and Linear, Bernoulli‘s and Exact Equations – Orthogonal trajectories – Linear second order equations – Homogeneous Linear equation of second order with constant coefficients
Non-Homogeneous Linear equation of second order with constant coefficients – Solutions of Linear equations of second order with variable coefficients (Only Cauchy‘s equation) – method of variation of parameters.
Module II
Laplace transforms- Gamma and Beta functions – Definitions and simple properties – Laplace transform – Inverse Laplace transform – shifting theorems – Transforms of derivatives – Transforms of integrals
Differentiation of transforms – Integration of transforms – Convolution theorem (No proof) – Transform of Unit step function – Transform of Impulse function – transforms of periodic functions – Solution of ordinary differential equations using Laplace transform.
Module III
Vector Differential Calculus- Vector function of a Single Variable – Differentiation of vector functions – Scalar and Vector fields – Gradient of Scalar fields – Divergence and Curl of Vector Fields – their properties – Physical meanings – Relations between the vector differential operators.
Module IV
Vector Integral Calculus- Line, Surface and Volume integrals – Line integrals independent of the Path – Green‘s Theorem in the plane – Gauss Divergence Theorem – Stoke‘s Theorem (Proofs of these theorems are excluded)

Calicut University MCA Syllabus

Discrete Structures:

Logic: Logical connectives and truth tables – Logical equivalence and laws of logic – Logical implication and rules of inference- Quantifier
Sets and subsets - Set operations and their properties - Relations – Relation matrices – Properties of relations - Equivalence relations and partitions – Composition of relations
Functions – One-to-one, onto functions – Composition of functions and inverse functions Partial orders- Hasse diagrams.
Group theory - Definition and elementary properties- Cyclic groups- Homomorphism and isomorphism - Subgroups- Cosets and Lagrange’s theorem
Rings and Fields - Definitions and examples of rings, integral domains and fields- Elementary properties and substructures - Homomorphism and isomorphism – The ring Zn

Probability and Statistics:

Probability distributions
Sampling Distributions and Inference concerning Means
Inference concerning Variances and Proportions
Correlation and regression analysis
Analysis of Variance

Computer Programming:

Programming and problem solving
Programming concepts
Pointers and arrays
Structures - union - typedef- enum -array of structures
Introduction to object oriented programming

Logic Design:

Number Systems and codes
Analysis and design of Combinational logic circuits
Historical Background of microprocessors
The Memory and I/O Interfaces of 8086 and 8088 Microprocessors
Hardware and Software Interrupts of 8086 and 8088 - 8259 PIC. Introduction to 8051 8-bit Micro controller.

Principles of Software Engineering:

Introduction – FAQs about software engineering
System models
Object-oriented design
Software testing
Software project management

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How to Download Calicut University Syllabus?
  • First of all, aspirants have to visit the official website of the organization i.e. www.universityofcalicut.info
  • After that “Syllabus” option which is given on the very first page.
  • Select the suitable course and you will be on a new page.
  • Read the syllabus and download it on your desktop.
  • Then take a hard copy of it for the further use.
Individuals should follow the basic steps or they can hit on the given links to download Calicut University Syllabus PDF. The organization offers core courses, distance education, complementary courses and open courses, interested candidates can get syllabus of other courses through the official website of the organization.

Official Note:

Aspirants can get more information about Calicut University Syllabus 2018 through the Official Link. If you have any query regarding the Syllabus of Calicut University then you can write it in the comment box which is available below. You can also bookmark this page by pressing the Ctrl.+D and for latest updates on examination and syllabus follow us on Social media.

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