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Chemistry Online Test 2018 MCQs Free Practice | Online Mock Test Quizzes


Chemistry Online Test 2018

Chemistry Online Test 2018: Take Chemistry Online Test 2018 here to determine which concepts you understand or which topic you have to focus more or which topic requires your more attention.

Chemistry MCQs provided in Chemistry Free Practice has its own underlying concept which has to be solved with concentration. Through this Chemistry Online Mock Test or Chemistry Quizzes you will get to know how you performed on each area of the test.

Free Chemistry Online Test

If you are one who is looking for Chemistry Free Practice Online Test then your search ends here! Here we are providing you Online Mock Test Quizzes for your better preparation.

Try this Free Chemistry Quizzes and sees what you really know about topics such as organic chemistry, atoms, reactions, acids and bases. It’s a good practice test for students for an upcoming exam. Check the below section of this page which is created by team of www.privatejobshub.in for getting details of Chemistry Online Test 2018.

Chemistry Online Test

Question1) Dry ice is
1.    ice wich has been dried with the help of filter paper
2.    solid carbon dioxide
3.    solid sulpher dioxide
4.    ice found on mountains
Answer: 2

Question2) Which of the following liquids will not deflected by a non-uniform electrostatic field?
1.    water
2.    Chloroform
3.    Nitrobenezene
4.    Hexane
Answer: 4

Question3) Of all the group II elements the one with the highest oxidation potential is:
1.    Li
2.    Be
3.    Ba
4.    Ra
Answer: 2

Question4) The bond in which electron cloud is shiftid towards to more electronegative atom is:
1.    polar
2.    non-polar
3.    both A and B
4.    non
Answer: 1

Question5) Atom bomb is based on the reaction of:
1.    nuclear fission
2.    Reaction of combination
3.    Artificial transmutation
4.    nuclear fusion
Answer: 1

Question6) A real gas behaves as an ideal gas at:
1.    low pressure & low temperature
2.    high pressure & high temperature
3.    high pressure & low temperature
4.    low pressure & high temperature
Answer: 4

Question7) The cloud of charge that surrounds two or more nuclei is called..................... orbit:
1.    atomic
2.    molecular
3.    hybrid
4.    none
Answer: 2

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Question8) Gasses show deviation from ideal behavour at high pressure . Which of the following reasons for non-ideality is not correct?
1.    At high pressure the collisions between the gas molecules become enormous
2.    at high pressure intermoleculer attraction become insignificant
3.    at high pressure the volume occupied by molecules become significant
4.    none of above statement is true
Answer: 1

Question9) One can ignor attractive forces and size effect in a gas at
1.    high temperature
2.    low temperature
3.    low temperature & high temperature
4.    low temperature & high temperature
Answer: 3

Question10) Which of the following atoms would be dimagnetic?
1.    O
2.    Al
3.    K
4.    Ne
Answer: 4

Question11) Which of the following is used for the manufacture of synthetic petroleum
1.    aromatisation
2.    cracking
3.    fischer- troopsch process
4.    fractional distillation
Answer: 3

Question12) Rotation about the bond axis;
1.    Give stability to pi bond
2.    will beak the pi bond
3.    results effective overlapping
4.    none
Answer: 2

Question13) Which compound has the highest bolling point?
1.    Hl
2.    HBr
3.    HCL
4.    HF
Answer: 4

Question14) Due to surface tension, the surface area of the liquid is:
1.    decreases
2.    increases
3.    remain same
4.    unchanged
Answer: 1

Question15) Which of the following groups have + I group
1.    Alkyl
2.    Halogen
3.    Phenyl
4.    Nitro
Answer: 1

Question16) Catalytic converters are generally made from
1.    carbon
2.    alkaline metals
3.    transition metals
4.    hydrogen
Answer: 3

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Question17) The soft silvery metallic element which ionizes easily when heated or exposed to light and is present in atomic clocks is
1.    Calcium
2.    Cesium
3.    Cerium
4.    Califonrium
Answer: 2

Question18) The mercury and sodium street lamps light up because of
1.    atomic absorption
2.    atomic emission
3.    electron absorption
4.    electron emission
Answer: 2

Question19) The green colour seen in firework displays is due to the chloride salt of
1.    strontium
2.    barium
3.    sodium
4.    calcium
Answer: 2

Question20) Most commonly used bleaching agent is
1.    alcohol
2.    chlorine
3.    sodium chloride
4.    carbon dioxide
Answer: 2

Question21) Peroxyacetyl nitrate is a
1.    secondary pollutant
2.    acidic dye
3.    plant hormone
4.    vitamin
Answer: 1

Question22) Hydrogen peroxide is an effective sterilizing agent. Which one of the following product results when it readily loses active oxygen?
1.    Water
2.    Hydrogen
3.    Nasant Hydrogen
4.    Ozone
Answer: 1

Question23) What happens when a drop of glycerol is added to crushed KMnO spread on a paper?
1.    The paper ignites
2.    There is a crackling sound
3.    There is a violent explosion
4.    There is no reaction
Answer: 1

Question24) Which of the following can be found as pollutants in the drinking water in some parts of India?
1. Arsenic, 2. Sorbitol, 3. Fluoride, 4. Formaldehyde, 5. Uranium
Select the correct answer using the code given below.
1.    1 and 3
2.    2, 4 and 5
3.    1, 3 and 5
4.    All of these
Answer: 1

Question25) Photo chemical smog is a resultant of the reaction among
1.    NO, O and peroxy acetyl nitrate in the presence of Sunlight
2.    High concentration of NO, O and CO in the evening
3.    NO, and peroxy acetyl nitrate in the presence of Sunlight
4.    CO, CO and NO at low temperature
Answer: 1

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Question26) When a helium atom loses an electron it becomes
1.    an alpha particle
2.    a proton
3.    a positive helium ion
4.    a negative helium ion
Answer: 3

Question27) Heavy metals got their name because compared to other atoms they have
1.    higher atomic masses
2.    higher atomic numbers
3.    higher densities
4.    higher atomic radii
Answer: 1

Question28) The purest form of Iron is:
1.    Cast iron
2.    Steel
3.    Pig iron
4.    Wrought iron
Answer: 4

Question29) Combustion is a
1.    physical and chemical process
2.    biological process
3.    physical process
4.    chemical process
Answer: 4

Question30) Which of the following is not a form of carbon?
1.    Soot
2.    Hematite.
3.    Graphite
4.    Charcoal
Answer: 2

Chemistry Online Free Practice Test

Chemistry covers a range of advanced topics, including atomic and molecular science, chemical reactions, states of matter, and thermodynamics. Whether you are preparing for your entrance or for job requirements it’s important to have a grasp of chemistry concepts.

The Chemistry Online Test provided on this page can help you brush up on your skills and identify any weaknesses you may have. When you use the free Chemistry Test you’ll have the opportunity to reinforce the concepts you’re learning in your college chemistry course.

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Final Words:

Keep practicing this Online Mock Test so that you can learn the subject without any confusion. Our team is preparing more Chemistry Online Test 2018 with latest updates we will upload it soon.

So keep in touch with us to get more Chemistry Online Test. If you have any query then you may ask in the below comment box. We will try to provide you immediate answers for your questions. You may also bookmark this page by pressing ctrl+d option.  

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