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IGNOU Date Sheet 2018 December Term-End Exam (TEE) UG/PG Time Table


IGNOU Date Sheet

IGNOU Date Sheet 2018: Get IGNOU Date Sheet for December Term-End Exam! Indira Gandhi National Open University has issued IGNOU TEE Time Table for UG/PG courses. Hit on below link to view your IGNOU Date Sheet December.

Indira Gandhi National Open University is organizing Term-End Exam for various graduate & post graduate courses as BA, BSc, MA & others in December 2018. To score well in IGNOU TEE Exam, plan your studies by referring IGNOU TEE Date Sheet.

IGNOU TEE Date Sheet December Details:

Name of University
Indira Gandhi National Open University
Exam Name
Term-End Exam December
IGNOU TEE December Date Sheet
Status of IGNOU Exam Time Table

IGNOU Date Sheet December For Term-End Exam (TEE):

Those studying from this educational institute may download their IGNOU Term-End Exam December Date Sheet available through online mode. After downloading IGNOU Time Table, check exam date, timings of paper & other details from it.

For knowing more details about IGNOU Term-End Exam Date Sheet, you may scroll down this page designed by team members of www.privatejobshub.in

Download Here

IGNOU Date Sheet

IGNOU Date Sheet December 2018:

For Morning Session:

Exam Date
Course Code
01-12- 2018
ASP01/ BPC006/ BULE001/ CHE01/ CHE02/ CHE1_2/ MANI001/ MHI01/ CIT01/ MCS043/ BHY053/ BNS101/ ET101A/ BME001/ BFN001/ CTE01/ BET011/ MES011/ MPCE011/ MPCE021/ MPCE031/ MTT010/ MS01/ MES051/ MEG01/ MHD01/ MPS001/ MIP101/ MRR101/
03-12- 2018
BCOA001/ BPY010/ BULE002/ CIC02/ MPA011/ MTE10/ BAR053/ MCS031/ BHY054/ BAS014/ BICE016/ BICSE009/ BIELE009/ BIEEE008/ BIMEE007/ BFN002/ CTE02/ MES012/ MTT011/ MS02/ MEC001/ MEC101/ MEG02/ MHD02/ MPSE011/ MSW001/ MBP001/ MJF101/MCC001/EMPM101/MJM011/
04-12- 2018
AOM01/ BPC001/ BULE003/ CTE03/ MANI002/ MHI02/ BAR055/ CIT02/ CS73/ BHY055/ BNS102/ BICEE009/ ET581F/ BICSE003/ BIEL001/ BME002/ BIMEE004/ BFN003/ BCE031/ BEE031/ MES013/ MPCE012/ MPCE022/ MPCE032/ MTT012/ MS03/ MS51/ MES052/ MEG03/ MHD03/ MPS002/ MSW012/ MIP102/ MRR102/EMPM103/MJM013/MJF103/RGY101
05-12- 2018
AFW01/ BEGA001/ BHDA101/ BULE004/ CIC05/ CTE04/ MPA012/ BAR056/ BHY056/ ET101B/ CLT101/ LT01/ MES014/ MTT013/ MS04/ MS52/ MEC002/ MES055/ MEG04/ MHD04/ MPSE012/ MSW002/ MBP002/ BCS031/MCC002/EMPM105/MJM015/MJF105
06-12- 2018
AED01/ CTE05/ MHI03/ MTE03/ BAR059/ CIT03/ MCS051/ BNS103/ BAS015/ BICE018/ BME003/ ET532A/ ET535A/ BIELE007/ BIMEE021/ CPI/ MSW031/ ONR001/ BET012/ MAN001/ MES015/ MPCE013/ MPCE023/ MPCE033/ MTT014/ MS05/ MES053/ MEG05/ MHD05/ MFP01/ MPS003/ MIP103/ MRR103/EMPM202/MJM017/MJF201/RGY102
07-12- 2018
ACS01/ CHE06/ MCC003/ MPA013/ BAR063/ BAS001/ BICE022/ ET521B/ BICS026/ BIEL025/ BIEE026/ BIME020/ MES016/ MESE061/ MESE060/ MESE064/ MESE066/ MESE067/ MTT015/ MS06/ MEC003/ MEC103/ MEG06/ MHD06/ MPSE013/ MSW003/ MBP003/ MPA001/EMPM204/MJM019/MJF203
08-12- 2018
AHE01/ BPC003/ MHI04/ BAR044/ MCS033/ BES121/ ES331/ BNS104/ BAS002/ BICE001/ BICE020/ ET533A/ BME004/ BIME016/ CNCC01/ BCE032/ BME032/ DNHE01/ MAE001/ MAN002/ MES101/ MPC001/ MTT016/ MS07/ MES054/ MHD07 MPSE001/ MSW005/ MVP001/ MIP104/ MRR104/RGYE112
10-12- 2018
AMK01/ MPA014/ BAR045/ MCS012/ BES122/ ES332/ BAS018/ BICE015/ ET105A/ BIME014/ LMT01/ ONR002/ DNHE02/ MAE002/ MANI003/ MES102/ MGP005/ MTT017/ MS08/ MEC004/ MHD09/ MPS004/ MSW004/ MCC004/ MPA002/EMPM301/MJM021/MJF205/RGYE114
11-12- 2018
AMT01/ BPC004/ MHI05/ BAR049/ MCS053/ BES123/ ES333/ BHY043/ BNS105/ BAS016/ BICE009/ ET521D/ ET537B/ BICS013/ BIEL011/ BIEEE011/ BME005/ BIMEE013/ CYP01/ CNCC02/ BET013/ DNHE03/ MAE003/ MES103/ MPC002/ MTT018/ MS09/ MESE057/ MESE058/ MESE059/ MEG09/ MHD10/ MPSE002/ MSO001/ MSW009/ MST001/ MBP004/ MCT002/ MIP105/ MRR005/EMPM303/MJM023/MJF302
12-12- 2018
ANC01/ BPY007/ BES126/ ES341/ BHY044/ BAS021/ ET523A/ BICS022/ BIEL020/ BIEE022/ BME010/ BIME017/ CFN01/ DECE01/ MESE062/ MANE001/ MES104/ MGPE008/ MTT019/ MS10/ MEC005/ MEC105/ MEG11/ MHD11/ MSW013/ MST002/ MPA003/ MVPI001/EMPM401/MJM025/MJF304
13-12- 2018
ACC01/ BPYE001/ BAR034/ MCSE003/ BES127/ ES342/ BHY045/ BNS106/ ET102/ BICE002/ BICEE010/ BICS003/ BICSE008/ BIEL002/ BIELE008/ BIEE003/ BIEEE007/ BIMEE006/ CYP02/ CFN02/ CLT102/ CLT103/ CLT104/ LT02/ LT03/ LT04/ MSW032/ ONR003/ BPVI041/ MAE004/ MES111/ MPSE003/ MPC003/ MTT020/ MS11/ MES056/ MEG10/ MHD12/ MSO002/ MSWE003/ MST003/ MBP005/ MIP106/ MRR006/MJF306
14-12- 2018
BPYE002/ MANE002/ MSW006/ MTE12/ BAR035/ BES128/ ES343/ BAS004/ ET204B/ BICS023/ BIEL021/ BIEE023/ BIMEE022/ CFN03/ MAE005/ MES112/ MTT021/ MS21/ MECE001/ MPA015/ MS55/ MPA004/MJF402/BNS040
15-12- 2018
ATR01/ BPC005/ ECO02/ MCSE004/ BES129/ ES344/ BNS107/ BME007/ BICEE002/ ET523C/ BIEE001/ BIEE004/ BIMEE009/ BFE101/ BET014/ BPVI042/ BPVI001/ MAEE001/ MES113/ MPSE004/ MPC005/ MS22/ MEG12/ MHD13/ MHD17/ MSO003/ MSW007/ MBP006/ MVP002/ MIP107/ MRRE007/ MRRE008/ MRRE009/ MRRE010/BLS3P
17-12- 2018
AWR01/ BEGA102/ BRPA101/ ECO12/ BAR039/ BHY046/ BME016/ BICE010/ ET502A/ BICS014/ BIEL012/ BIEEE013/ BIMEE015/ BFEE101/ CYP03/ MRD102/ DCE01/ BPVI002/ MAEE002/ MANE003/ MES114/ MS23/ MEC008/ MEC108/ MHD14/ MHD18/ MS56/ MPA016/ MFN001/ MSW008/ MST004/ MPA005/ JMC01/MJF405/ BLS3P/MCS024
18-12- 2018
BCOE108/ ECO08/ LSE07/ BNMI002/ BCS051/ BES141/ ES345/ BHY057/ BNS108/ BICEE016/ ET502B/ BICSE013/ BIELE014/ BIEE011/ BME012/ BIME008/ BFE102/ MRD103/ DCE02/ BPVI043/ BME034/ BPVI003/ MES115/ MPC006/ MCNE071/ MEG14/ MHD15/ MHD19/ MFP02/ MS24/ MPSE005/ MFN004/ MSO004/ MSW014/ MNR001/ MBP007/ MCT003/ MIP108/ JMC02/ BLS3P
19-12- 2018
AST01/ MHI06/ BNMI001/ BCS052/ BPY012/ BES124/ ES334/ BAS022/ BICEE012/ ET204A/ ET507B/ BICSE014/ BIELE010/ BIEE015/ BME014/ BIMEE010/ BFEE102/ DCE03/ BCE044/ CYP04/ DECE02/ BME056/ BPVI004/ MANE004/ MDE411/ MES031/ MS25/ MS53/ MECE003/ MPA017/ MEG07/ MHD16/ MHD20/ MFP03/ MFN002/ MSWE001/ MST005/ MPA006/ MES048/ MVP003/ JMC03/ BLS3P/CS66
20-12- 2018
ECO01/ BAR024/ MRS003/ BESE046/ BESE131/ BNS109/ BAS005/ BICEE022/ ET202B/ BICS020/ BME015/ BIMEE011/ BFEE103/ DCE04/ BET015/ BPVI044/ BME050/ MDE412/ MES032/ MGP001/ MPC004/ MRD004/ MS54/ MS26/ MEG08/ MFP04/ MPSE006/ MFN005/ MSOE001/ MSWE002/ MSW015/ MCMM001/ JMC04/ BLS3P
21-12- 2018
ECO09/ PHE09/ BNMI003/ BAR025/ BCS012/ CS60/ BES125/ ES335/ BAS017/ BICE025/ ET508A/ BICS015/ BIEL013/ BIEEE010/ BIMEE017/ BFEE104/ MRD101/ BPOI001/ DCE05/ BET036/ BPVI005/ BNRI101/ MANE005/ MDE413/ MES033/ MHI08/ MS611/ MEC009/ MEC109/ MFP05/ MS27/ MS57/ MPA018/ MFN003/ MSW016/ MNR002/ MPA007/ MES047/ MSD011/ PGDT01/ BLS3P/REV001
22-12- 2018
BPCE015/ BPCE017/ LSE13/ MCSE011/ BPCE014/ BESE065/ BESE132/ BNS110/ BAS006/ BICEE013/ ET505/ BICSE004/ BIELE001/ BIEE017/ BIME011/ BES051/ BPOI002/ BCE034/ CYP05/ BPVI045/ BNRI102/ MDE414/ MES034/ MHI09/ MRDE101/ MS28/ MS41/ MS58/ MPSE007/ MFN007/ MSOE002/ MSW010/ MCC005/ MES046/ MVP004/ MCMM002/ MVE001/ PGDT02/BLS4P/BLIE227/REV002/RGG101
24-12- 2018
ECO11/ MSW011/ PHE06/BPHE106/ BNMI005/ BAR029/ BCS054/ BES142/ ES361/ BHY047/ ET201B/ BICEE014/ BICSE007/ BIELE002/ BIEE012/ BME019/ BES052/ BPOI003/ BNS031/ BCE033/ BME062/ BPVI006/ BNRI103/ MDE418/ MES041/ MHI10/ RDD06/ MS42/ MS612/ MEC006/ MS29/ MFN008/ MSTE001/ MVE002/ MSD013/ PGDT03/ MEDS041/ BLS4P/ BLIE227/BPC002/REVE001/RMS001/RGG102/CS05
26-12- 2018
OSEI041/ BPCE011/ BPCE013/ LSE02/ BNMI006/ BAR014/ BCS055/ CS70/ BPCE018/ BPCE019/ BPCE021/ BESE066/ BESE135/ BHY048/ BME018/ BICE026/ ET536B/ ET581B/ BICS021/ BIEL019/ BIEE021/ BIME010/ BFLI001/ BLP001/ BAP001/ OVA001/ BES053/ BEDS001/ ORU001/ BPOI004/ BET016/ CYP06/ BPV046/ BNS011/ DTG001/ BNRI104/ MDE415/ MES042/ RDD07/ MS43/ MPSE008/ MFN009/ MSOE003/ MNRE015/ MVEI011/ MCC006/ MFC001/ MCMM003/ MAM001/ MES081/ MVE003/ MSD014/ MSWE041/ PGDT04/ MEDS042/ BCU001/ BLS4P/ BLIE227/REVE003/RMSE001/RDE101/RGE101/
27-12- 2018
OSEI042/ ECO07/ PHE07/ BNMI007/ BAR015/ BCS040/ CS71/ BES143/ ES362/ BHY049/ BHY050/ BHY051/ BNS041/ BNS111/ BME021/ BICE013/ ET521C/ BICSE001/ BIEL018/ BIEEE017/ BIME012/ BLE031/ OAPI011/ BJM001/ OEY001/ BFLI002/ CHR11/ BLE035/ BLP004/ BAPI001/ OVA002/ OLP001/ BES054/ BEDS002/ ORUL002/ BPOI005/ BNS032/ BET026/ DECE03/ BME063/ BNS012/ DTG002/ BPVI007/ BNRI105/ MDE416/ MES043/ MGPE007/ MRDE002/ MS44/ MEC007/ MFN006/ MVEI012/ MIR021/ MJM001/ MFC002/ MAM002/ MES082/ MVE004/ MSWE042/ MEDS043/ BCU002/ BLS4P/ BLIE227/RNS001/REVE005/RMSE002/RDE102/RGE102
28-12- 2018
OSE043/ BPHE101/ BPHE102/ ECO10/ PHE01/ PHE02/ PHE1_2/ BNM001/ BAR004/ CS62/ BES144/ ES363/ BICE012/ ET301B/ BICS017/ BIEL015/ BIEE025/ BME020/ BIME019/ BLE032/ OAPI012/ BPOI006/ CDM01/ OEY002/ BFLI003/ CHR12/ BLE036/ BLPI002/ BAPI002/ ODN001/ OMU001/ OMU005/ OTH001/ OLPI001/ BES055/ BEDS003/ OVA003/ BET037/ BNS013/ DTG003/ BNRI106/ MDE417/ MES044/ MRDE003/ MS45/ MPSE009/ MSOE004/ MVEI013/ MIR022/ MJM002/ MSTE002/ MCC007/ MFC003/ MCMM004/ MAM003/ MES083/ MVE005/ MSD016/ MSWE043/ MEDS044/ BCUI002/ BLS4P/ BLIE227/RNS002/REVE006/RGD001/RWS001/RGD001 /RWS001/ RMSE004/RDE103/RSW001/RGE103/MCC007/
29-12- 2018
OSEI044/ ECO06/ LSE12/ MTE06/ BNM002/ BAR005/ BCS042/ BES145/ ES364/ BHY052/ BNS042/ BICE011/ ET581A/ BICS016/ BIEL014/ BIEE016/ BME022/ BIME034/ BLE033/ OAPI013/ BPOI007/ BJM002/ CDM02/ OEY003/ BFLI004/ CNSHC001/ BLE037/ BLPI003/ BAPI003/ OLPI002/ BES056/ BEDS004/ BET017/ CYP07/ BNS014/ DTG004/ BPVI008/ BNRI107/ MDE419/ MRDE004/ MECE004/ MS46/ MFN010/ MNRE016/ MVEI014/ MIR023/ MJM003/ MES045/ MFC004/ MAM004/ MES084/ MVE006/ MSD017/ MSWE044/ MEDSE046/ BLS4P/ BLIE227/RNS003/REVE007/RGD002/RWS002/RGD002 /RWS002/RMSE005/RDE104/RSW002/RGE104

Ways to download IGNOU Date Sheet 2018:

By following these steps, you will view your IGNOU Term-End Exam Date Sheet or IGNOU Exam Date Sheet.
  • Visit official portal of Indira Gandhi National Open University i.e. www.ignou.ac.in
  • Hit on ‘Student Support’ tab visible at top menu  at for downloading Indira Gandhi National Open University TEE Time Table.
  • Choose ‘Student Zone’ link drop down list to view IGNOU Date Sheet.
  • Now, select IGNOU Date Sheet December link from there. When you press on above link, your IGNOU TEE December Time Table will appear.
  • Students must check exam date, paper timings from IGNOU TEE Time Table December or IGNOU Time Table.
  • At next step, download your Indira Gandhi National Open University Date Sheet.
  • You must also access hard copy of Indira Gandhi National Open University TEE December Date Sheet or IGNOU Date Sheet for exam preparation.
Get Here:
IGNOU Term-End Exam Date Sheet 2018:

Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the leading educational institutes located at Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, India. This educational institute was established in 1985. It offers various under graduate & post graduate courses.

Recently, it has issued IGNOU TEE UG Time Table or IGNOU TEE PG Time Table. Students who will participate in examination may get their Indira Gandhi National Open University Date Sheet or IGNOU Exam Schedule by hitting on above provided links.


Follow its Official Link for more details about IGNOU Date Sheet 2018 December Term-End Exam. Stay tuned with us for knowing more updates about latest job openings, admit card, score card, IGNOU Date Sheet & many more.

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