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AIIMS MBBS Exams Previous Year Papers | Solved (2018 to 2008) Question Papers


AIIMS MBBS Previous Year Papers

AIIMS Previous Year Papers: Practicing of AIIMS MBBS Previous Year Papers will help the applicants to know the level of exam, marking scheme, question paper pattern etc. Therefore, for the ease of those candidates who are going to appear in AIIMS MBBS Exams, we are providing AIIMS Previous Year Papers PDF on this web page.

With the help of Solved AIIMS MBBS Exams Previous Year Papers, aspirants can be familiar with the questions as asked in the examination. On the other hand, the speed of solving questions will also by practicing AIIMS Previous Year Papers daily.

AIIMS MBBS Solved Question Papers:

The organization conducts an entrance test for those aspirants who want to take admission in Medical programmes at All India Institutes of Medical Sciences. Willing candidates can also get 2018 to 2008 AIIMS MBBS Exams Previous Year Papers PDF via official web site of commission by accessing online mode.        

Those candidates who able to crack this admission test will qualify for the MBBS courses at top most institutes of India. For further details about the AIIMS MBBS Exams Previous Year Papers you have to scroll down the page which is well prepared by the team of www.privatejobshub.in

AIIMS Previous Year Question Paper PDF download

AIIMS Question Paper 2018 PDF

AIIMS MBBS 2014 TO 2018 Question Paper with Answers:

From the year 2014, The AIIMS Organized computer based MBBS exam. Students who participated for the exam are not permitted to take a hard copy AIIMS MBBS question paper with them. Thus, the AIIMS AIIMS Previous Year Papers are not available officially now.

However, subject experts have accumulates the papers with solutions from memory. MBBS candidates can attain the print version of books with AIIMS MBBS previous year papers with solutions easily.

AIIMS MBBS Previous Year Papers

Questions related to physics, chemistry, biology, general knowledge, aptitude and logical thinking sections will be asked in the MBBS exam. Some solved questions are available below form AIIMS Previous year question papers for the convenience of aspirants, take a look:

AIIMS MBBS Chemistry Previous Year Questions

Question:1. Aspirin acts as an analgesic because it

1.    inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins which stimulates inflammation of the tissue
2.    prevents the release of HCL in the stomach
3.    Prevents the interaction of histamine with its receptor
4.    inhibit activities of enzymes


Question:2. Starch is a mixture of two components, a water soluble component amylase (15-20%) and a water insoluble component amylopectin (80-85%). The aqueous solution, of amylase gives a blue colour with iodine solution due to the formation of

1.    amylose iodide
2.    amylose iodate
3.    inclusion complex
4.    amylase tetraiodide complex


Question:3. What reagent is used in the Hinsberg test of amines?

1.    (CH3CO)2O and pyridine
2.    C6H3SO2CI in aq NaOh
3.    NaNo2 in aq H2 SO4
4.    CH3l(excess) followed by AgOH


Question:4. Aldol condensation between which of the following two compounds followed by dehydration gives methyl vinyl ketone?

1.    Formaldehyde and acetone
2.    Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde
3.    Two molecules of acetone
4.    Two molecules of acetaldehyde


Question:5.Grignard reagents and organolithium compounds on addition to dry ice separately, followed by hydrolysis gives

1.    ketones and carboxylic acids respectively
2.    carboxylic acids and ketones respectively
3.    only carboxylic acids
4.    onty ketones


Question:6.The strongest acid among the following is

1.    o-methoxy phenol
2.    p-methoxy phenol
3.    m-methoxy phenol
4.    phenol


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AIIMS MBBS Physics Previous Year Questions

Question:7. To obtain a p-type germanium semiconductor,  it must be doped with

1.    arsenic
2.    antimony
3.    Indium
4.    phosphorous


Question:8. Sound waves do not.show the phenomenon of

1.    interference
2.    diffraction
3.    refraction
4.    polarization


Question:9. The magnifying power of a compound microscope is high If

1.    both me objective and the eyepiece has short focal lengths
2.    both the objectve and the eyepiece have long focal lengths
3.    the objective has a Short focal length and the eyepiece has a long focal length
4.    the objective has a long focal length and the eyepiece has a short focal length


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Question:10. To double the covering range of a TV transmitter tower, its height should be made

1.    2 times
2.    4 times
3.    √2 times
4.    8 times


Question:11. A slab consist of two portions of different materials of same thickness and having the conductivities K1 and K2. The equivalent thermal conductivity of the slab is
Answer:3Question:12. A prism is made up 0f material of refractive index √3. The angle of prism is A. If the angle of minimum deviation is equal to the angle of the prism, then the value of A is
1.    30o
2.    45o
3.    60o
4.    75o


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AIIMS MBBS Biology Previous Year Questions

Question:13. Speciation of sympatric Species is due to

1.    geographic isolation
2.    reproductive isolation
3.    isolation/separation
4.    migration


Question:14. The application of synthetic plant hormone like IAA, IBA and NAA are best described as

1.    prevent early fruit fall before harvesting and ts used to produce parthenocarpic fruit
2.    prevent early fruit tall only
3.    to produce both seed less fruits and fruits with seeds
4.    to produce larger fruit


Question:15. Flame cells and Malpighian tubules are the analogous organ in

1.    insects and arthropods respectively
2.    arthropods and echinodermates respectively
3.    helminths and arthropods with other insect respectively
4.    arthropods and other insect with helminths respectively


Question:16. Trochlear, trigeminal and glosspharyngeal nerve are respectively

1.    IX, V and IV
2.    IV, V and IX
3.    V, IV and IX
4.    IV, V and IX


Question:17. Who had proposed theory of cohesion and adhesion forces?

1.    Dixon and Jolly (1894)
2.    Dixon and Benson (1885)
3.    Dixon and Jolly (1950)
4.    Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose (1850)


Question:18. Which one of the following useful organisms is not a part in production of curd/yoghurt?

1.    S. thermophiluS
2.    Lactobacillus bulgaricus
3.    Acetobactor aceti
4.    Streptococcus lactis


Question:19. The drugs, which do not develop physiological dependence is

1.    sedative and tranqualisers
2.    stimulational cocaine
3.    opiates
4.    hallucinogens


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AIIMS MBBS General knowledge and Aptitude Previous Year Questions

Question:20.The most appropriate measure of a country’s economic growth is its

1.    Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
2.    Net Domestic Product (NDP)
3.    Net National Product (NNP)
4.    Per Capita Product (PCP)


Question:21. Who amongst the following is the regulator of Insurance sector in India?

1.    IRDA
2.    SEBI
3.    AMFI
4.    RBI


Question:22. The Dakshinamurti idol of Shiva depicts him in which form?

1.    Teacher
2.    Dancing
3.    Reclining
4.    Meditating


Question:23. The only Muslim woman to sit on the throne of Delhi was

1.    Razia Sultan
2.    Mumtaz Mahal
3.    Hamida Banu Begum
4.    Nurzahan


Question:24. Which of the following organisations makes `Doing Business Report’ every


1.    WTO
2.    World Bank
3.    UNCTAD
4.    IMF


Question:25. ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ returned to India. leaving South Africa forever In

1.    1915
2.    1919
3.    1914
4.    1916


Total 200 multiple choice questions will be asked in the exam. The test will be last long for 3 hours 30 minutes and no extra time will be given to any aspirant. Candidates have to prepare GK, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Aptitude section respectively.

Books For AIIMS Exam
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  • A16 Years’ Solved Papers : AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam
  • Aim4AIIMS : AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam
  • AIPMT/ AIIMS Success Pack for Medical Entrance Exams
  • Aim4AIIMS : AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam
To crack any exam, the speed and accuracy are the main factors. So, if you are going to appear in AIIMS MBBS Exam then you are advised to solve AIIMS Model Question Papers daily. Interested candidates can download AIIMS Previous Year Papers in PDF format by using the links as given below according to subjects. Have a look!!

Official Note:

These types of questions are being asked in the MBBS Entrance exam, practice them and take some help from the sample papers also. For time to time updates on AIIMS MBBS Exams Previous Year Papers you can follow us on Facebook and Google plus.

If you want ask something then you may write it in the given below comment box, our experts will try their best to solve your doubts.

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