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BHU Syllabus 2018-19 For BA/BCom/BSC/MA/MCA Entrance Exam डाउनलोडकरें


BHU Syllabus

BHU Syllabus 2018: For academic session 2018-19, revised BHU Syllabus semester wise is provided here!! Are you familiar with changes done in BHU Sem-Wise Syllabus? Not, yet then go through below section and check latest syllabus of BHU for B.A/B.Com/B.SC/M.A/MCA Entrance Exam and many other courses.  

डाउनलोडकरें- BHU Exam Syllabus PDF 2018

University Name
Banaras Hindu University
Courses Name
B.A/B.Com/B.SC/M.A/MCA Entrance Exam and many other courses
BHU Syllabus 2018

Practice With Latest Banaras Hindu University Syllabus

Make your time table according to Banaras Hindu University Syllabus and start preparing for university exam. Candidates may also get BHU Exam Syllabus PDF which can be download via online or by following below mentioned steps.

The team members of www.privatejobshub.in has provided detailed BHU Syllabus 2018-19in the below sectioned page. Interested candidates have a look on latest BHU 2018 Syllabus and get to know the latest changes done in BHU Revised Syllabus.

BHU Syllabus

Programme wise BHU Syllabus 2018 is provided below. Candidates can have a look on changes done in BHU Exam Syllabus as per their course in which individual is pursuing. Go through BHU Semester-Wise Syllabus and prepare forBHU 2018 exam accordingly.
BHU B.Sc. (Hons.) BotanySemester II Syllabus

Microbiology, Plant Pathology, Cytology And Genetics
Section A: Microbiology and Plant Pathology
History and scope of Microbiology
Position of microorganisms in the living world; morphological, metabolic and molecular criteria for the classification of bacteria (scheme not required)
Structure of a bacterial cell: capsule and slime, flagella, cell wall, cell membrane, chromosome, plasmid and endospore
Structure of bacteriophages belonging to ‘T’ series
Lysogenic and lytic cycles
A brief account of genetic recombination in bacteria (transformation, conjugation and transduction)
Role of microorganisms in cycling of carbon and nitrogen
Microorganisms and the production of alcoholic beverages, antibiotics and single cell protein
General symptoms of viral, bacterial and fungal diseases of plants
The study of the following plant diseases: Tobacco mosaic, citrus canker, late blight of potato, powdery mildew of pea, loose smut of wheat, covered smut of barley and wilt of pigeon pea
Section B: Cytology and Genetics
Ultrastructure of plant cell: Nucleus, cytoskeleton
Cell cycle: Interphase nucleus: euchromatin and heterochromatin, mitosis, meiosis; genetic
significance of meiosis
Basic tenets of cytogenetics: Terminologies: Cytology, genetics, cytogenetics, cell and cell theory, germplasm theory, genotype-phenotype concept Mendel’s laws of inheritance: Law of dominance, law of segregation, law of independent assortment, deviations from Mendel’s laws (Neo-Mendelism)
Interaction of genes: Intragenic and intergenic interactions, incomplete dominance, lethal genes, complementary genes, supplementary genes, inhibitory genes, duplicate genes, epistatic genes
Linkage and crossing over: Interrelationships and importance, crossing over and meiosis, cytological basis of crossing over, crossing over and linkage maps, linkage groups, interference
Sex determination: Bases of sex determination, chromosome theory of sex determination, sex determination in plants
Theories of organic evolution: Theory of inheritance of acquired characters (Lamarckism), theory of natural selection (Darwinism), de Vries Mutation theory, synthetic theory

BHU MCA Semester I Syllabus

Introduction to Computer Programming through C
Basic Programming Concepts
Introduction to the basic ideas of problem solving and programming using principles of top-down modular design, Flowcharts, Abstraction Mechanisms, Stepwise Refinement. Syntactic Elements of a Language, General Syntactic Criterion, Formal Definition of Syntax, Semantics, Storage Management, Static Storage Management, Stack-Based Storage Management, Heap Storage Management, Operating and Programming Environment.
Introduction to Programming Language C
Data Types, Instruction and its Types, Storage Classes, Operatorsand Hierarchy of Operations, Expressions in C, Control and Repetitive Statements, break, continue, Functions: User Defined Functions and Library Functions, Local and Global Variables, Parameter Passing, Pointers, Arrays, Strings, C Preprocessors, Structures, Input and Output in C, C-Library. Introduction to the Major Programming Paradigms: Imperative Language, Object Oriented Languages, Functional Languages, Logic Languages, Parallel Languages etc.
Discrete Mathematical Structures
Sets, Relations & Functions
Property of binary relations, equivalence, compatibility, partial ordering relations, hasse diagram, functions, inverse functions, composition of functions, recursive functions. Mathematical Logic: Logic operators, Truth tables, Theory of inference and deduction, mathematical calculus, predicate calculus, predicates and quantifiers. Groups & Subgroups: Group axioms, Monoids , semi groups, Isomorphism, homomorphism , automorphism. Lattices & Boolean Algebra: Truth values and truth tables, the algebra of propositional functions, Boolean algebra of truth values.
Combinatorics & Recurrence Relations
Permutation, Combination, Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion, Recurrence Relations, Generating Functions Graph theory: Basic Concepts of Graphs and Trees, Adjacency and Incidence Matrices, Spanning Tree, Transitive Closure, Shortest Path, Planar Graphs, Graph Coloring, Eularian and Hamiltonian graphs, Applications of Graph Theoretic Concepts to Computer Science.
Operating System Concepts
Definition, Design Goals, Evolution; Concept of User, job and Resources; Batch processing, Multi-programming, Time sharing; Structure and Functions of Operating System.
Process Management
Process states, State Transitions, Process Control Structure, Context Switching, Process Scheduling, Threads.
Memory Management
Address Binding, Dynamic Loading and Linking Concepts, Logical and Physical Addresses, Contiguous Allocation, Fragmentation, Paging, Segmentation, Combined Systems, Virtual Memory, 107 . Demand Paging, Page fault, Page replacement algorithms, Global Vs Local Allocation, Thrashing, Working Set Model, Paging.
Concurrent Processes
Process Interaction, Shared Data and Critical Section, Mutual Exclusion, Busy form of waiting, Lock and unlock primitives, Synchronization, Classical Problems of Synchronization, Semaphores, Monitors, Conditional Critical Regions, System Deadlock, Wait for Graph, Deadlock Handling Techniques: Prevention, Avoidance, Detection and Recovery.
File and Secondary Storage Management
File Attributes, File Types, File Access Methods, Directory Structure, File System Organization and Mounting, Allocation Methods, Free Space management; Disk Structure, Logical and Physical View, Disk Head Scheduling, Formatting, Swap Management. Protection & Security. UNIX/ LINUX and WINDOWS as example systems.
Minor Elective: Business Accounting
Definition, Concepts and Conventions of Accounting, Principles of Double Entry System, Recording, Classification and Summarization of business transactions, Preparation of Cash Book and Bank Reconciliation statement.
Final Accounts
Final Accounts of Sale proprietary concern, Partnership and Joint Stock Companies. Cost Accounting: Definition, objectives and significance of cost Accounting, cost Accounting vs. Financial Accounting, Classificvation of costs, Preparation of Cost sheet.

BHU MA English Syllabus 2018

Course 1: Introduction to Linguistics – ENG
Key properties of Language
Language varieties
Major concerns of Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics
Historical approach, Descriptive approach
Major concepts in Linguistics:
Syntagmatic and Paradigmetic axes
Constituent Structure
Transformations and Deep Structure
Stylistics, its methods and limitations
Course 2: Poetry I (Chaucer to Blake)
Chaucer: Prologue to Canterbury Tales (Modern version)
Shakespeare’s Sonnets No. 18, 30, 63, 130
Milton: Paradise Lost, Book I
Donne: The Blossom, The Canonization, The Good Morrow
Marvell: To His Coy Mistress
Pope: The Rape of the Lock
Gray: Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
Blake: The Tiger, Ah! Sun-flower
Course 3: Drama I (Marlowe to Wilde excluding Shakespeare)
Webster: The Duchess of Malfi
Marlowe: Dr. Faustus
Jonson: The Alchemist
Congreve: The Way of the World
Wilde: The Importance of Being Earnest
Origin and Growth of the British Theatre
Course 4: Prose
Bacon Of Truth; Of Death; Of Adversity; Of Great Place; Of Parents and Children
Addison & Steele: Of the Club; The Coverley Household; Labour and Exercise; Sir Roger at the Theatre (Coverley Papers from the Spectator, ed. K. Deighton, Macmillan)
Lamb: Christ Hospital; New Year’s Eve; Imperfect Sympathies
Carlyle           Hero as Man of Letters
Russell: Science and War; Science and Values (from The Impact of Science on Society)
Huxley: Tragedy and the Whole Truth (from W.E.Williams, ed. A Book of English Essays)

BHU Entrance Exam Syllabus

Those who are going to appear in BHU entrance examination for admission they must start their preparation with complete syllabus of BHU Entrance Exam. Candidates can check BHU UET Syllabus or BHU PET Syllabus from the below section as per their entrance exam and start the preparation of exam accordingly.

BHU UET Syllabus

General Awareness and Current Affairs
Indian history after independence
Medical science
Important dates/ years in Indian history
Legal Knowledge
Indian constitutional law
Constitutional rights
Fundamental rights
Intellectual Property Rights
Mental Ability
Critical reasoning
English Comprehension
Spelling corrections
Word usage

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BHU PET Syllabus

Subject/ Topics
MA (Hons.)
Language Comprehension
Current Affairs
Mental Ability
M.Com (Hons.)
Business Organisation
Economics and Money Banking
Current Affairs
M.Sc (Hons.)
General Knowledge
Language Comprehension

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Procedure to Download BHU Exam Syllabus PDF

  • First of all visit the official website of Banaras Hindu University that is www.bhu.ac.in.
  • After visiting site, find “Academic Syllabi” link at the below section of page.
  • Choose related notification as according to your course.
  • Banaras Hindu University Syllabus PDF file will open on your screen.
  • Go through complete structure of BHU Syllabus 2018.
  • Finally download BHU Exam Syllabus as per your course.
  • At last take the print out of BHU Exam Syllabus 2018for future use.       

About BHU 2018 Exam

Candidates are suggested to do preparation with perfectly set study routine for scoring good marks in all sections of examination. Aspirants must go through given syllabus attentively to qualify their respective exam in order to avoid any kind of negligence in concern to exam topics.

Students of all courses who are studying under Banaras Hindu University, they can check their course scheme and subjects through this page. We are providing BHU Exam Syllabus 2018 for exams so that candidates can collect the study material, model papers and guides according to the subjects. Candidates who wish to download the course scheme through online mode they can get the steps of downloading from the below section.

Important and Final Note:

To obtain more details regarding BHU Syllabus 2018-19 you must visit the Official Link. You can also join us on Face Book and Google Plus to get more details in regard of Banaras Hindu University. You can also subscribe our free mail service to get updated information in your inbox directly.

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