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Kashmir University Syllabus 2018 B.Sc/BBA/B.Ed (UG, PG Courses) All Sem PDF


Kashmir University Syllabus

Kashmir University Syllabus 2018: From here, applicants can download the Kashmir University Syllabus for B.Sc, BBA, B.Ed and other Under Graduate and Post Graduate Courses. Hit the below provided direct link to get the University Of Kashmir Syllabus PDF semester wise and start preparation accordingly.

This Page Includes:
  • Kashmir University B.Tech Exam Syllabus
  • Kashmir University 1st Year Syllabus
  • Kashmir University 2nd Year Syllabus
  • Kashmir University Entrance Syllabus PDF
  • Way to Download Kashmir University Syllabus 2018
Students can also download the Kashmir University Exam Syllabus from official website by taking some below mentioned instructions. Other details regarding Syllabus Kashmir University are given below which is well provided below by team members of www.privatejobshub.in

Kashmir University Syllabus

Kashmir University B.Tech Syllabus

Engineering Mathematics-I:
  • Calculus: Differential calculus of functions of several variables, Partial differentiation, Homogeneous functions and Euler’s theorem, Taylor’s and Maclaurin’s series, Taylor’s theorem.
  • Mean value theorem for functions of two variables, Errors and approximations. Applications of Differential Calculus
  • Curvature of cartesian curves, Curvature of parametric & polar curves
  • Applications of Definite Integrals
  • Vector Calculus
  • Application of Vector Calculus
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Engineering Physics:
  • Electrostatics: Gradient of a scalar, Divergence and curl of a vector, Gauss’s law and its applications
  • Magneto-statics: Lorentz Force Law; magnetic field of a steady current (Biot-Savart law), Ampere’s law and its applications
  • Interference due to division of wavefront and division of amplitude, Young’s double slit experiment, Interference and principle of superposition
  • Theory of Relativity: Invariance of an equation and concept of ether, Michelson Morley experiment
  • Quantum Theory: The Compton effect, matter waves; group and phase velocities
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Engineering Chemistry:
  • Molecular Structure and Bonding
  • Reduction Potentials, Redox stability in water
  • Laws of Photochemistry, Photo physical processes
  • Coordination Bond and its Implications
  • Introduction to Solid State Chemistry, Semiconduction and Superconduction
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Introduction To Computing:
  • Computer Appreciation and Organization
  • Operating Systems – File and directory operations on Windows and Linux Operating Systems
  • Office Automation Tools – Word processing, Spreadsheets and presentation software. MS Word
  • Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving – Types of Programming Languages, Machine Level
  • Introduction to CAD-Various types of CAD software’s, features, functions and usage of (ElectriCAD, MechCAD, AutoCAD, pSpice, Solid Works)
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Communication Skills: Kashmir University Bed Syllabus 2018
  • Communication: Meaning, its types, significance, process, Channels
  • Discussion Meeting and Telephonic Skills: Group discussion, conducting a meeting, attending telephonic calls
  • Reading Skills: Process of reading, reading purposes, models, strategies, methodologies
  • Listening Skills: The process of listening, the barrier to listening, the effective listening skills
  • Business Letters: Structure of business letters, language in business letters. Letters of inquiry & their places.
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Engineering Graphics & Drawing:
  • Introduction to drawing equipment and use of drafting tools, symbols and conventions in drawing
  • Orthographic projections, projection on horizontal and vertical planes, principal views, different system of projections- symbols-notations
  • Projection of solids, projection of solids in first and third quadrant, axis parallel to one and perpendicular to other
  • Projection of solids, projection of solids in first and third quadrant, axis parallel to one and perpendicular to other
  • Introduction to shaft couplings and bearings: assembly of various components of universal coupling and Oldham’s coupling

Kashmir University Syllabus 1st Year

Syllabus of Add on Certificate Course on Banking and Insurance:
  • Commercial Banks: Meaning, Role curity Investment – Management of Security Investment

Kashmir University Syllabus For 2nd Year (General English)

Unit – I: Poems:
  • Shakespeare : All the World’s a Stage
  • Ben Jonson : On Shakespeare
  • Robert Herrick : Gather Ye Rosebuds
  • William Wordsworth : Nutting
  • P.B. Shelley : Ozymandias of Egypt
  • Robert Browning : The Last Ride Together
  • Nissim Ezekeil : Night of the Scorpion

Unit – II: Prose
  • Sister Nivedita : The Judgment Seat of Vikramditya
  • Oscar Wild : The Selfish Giant
  • R. K. Narayan : The Engine Trouble
  • Jerome K. Jerome : Uncle Rodger Hangs a Picture
Unit – III: Prose1
  • Stephen Leacok : The Conjuror’s Revenge
  • Aldous Huxley : J. C. Bose
  • C. P. Snow : Hardy & Ramanujan
  • Padmini Sen Gupta : The Position of Women in Ancient India
Unit – IV: Drama
  • Lady Gregory : The Rising of the Moon
  • Arthur Conan Doyle : Waterloo
  • Anton Chekhov : The Proposal
  • JM Synge : Riders to the Sea
  • Rupert Brooke : Lithuania
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Kashmir University B.Sc Syllabus

Applied Electronics:
  • Amplifiers Voltage and power amplifiers – Classification of amplifiers – Transistor amplifiers in cascade – Power amplifiers – Class A power amplifier
  • Oscillators Introduction - Types of oscillators - Fundamental principle of oscillators - Concept of feedback oscillators -Tunned collector oscillators
  • Solid state switching circuits Introduction - Switching circuit-mechanical switch-limitations
  • Wave Shaping Circuits Differentiating circuit
  • Power Electronics Introduction - power electronics - The Triac – Construction - Operations – Characteristics – Applications
Atomic Physics and Nuclear Physics:
  • Positive Rays and Structure of the Atom Positive rays – Discovery – Properties – Positive ray analysis – Thomson’s Parabola method
  • Magneto Optical Properties of Spectrum Magentic dipole moment due to orbital motion of the electron
  • Introduction to the Nucleus General properties of Nucleus (Size, Mass, Density, Charge, Spin
  • Nuclear Fission and Fusion Reactions Nuclear fission – Energy released in Fission – Bohr and Wheelers theory of Nuclear fission.
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Classical Algebra and Calculus:
  • Binomial, exponential theorems –their statements and proofs – their immediate application to summation only. Logarithmic series theorem – statement and proof
  • Convergence and divergence of series – definitions, elementary results- Comparison tests – De Alemberts and Cauchy’s tests. II Absolute convergence
  • Evolutes and envelopes – pedal equations – total differentiation – Euler’s theorem on homogeneous functions. IV Integration of f’(x)/f(x) , ( px+q)/(ax2 + bx + c), √[(x-α) /(β-x)], √ [(x-α) (β-x)], 1/√ [(x-α) (β-x)], 1 /(acosx + bsinx +c), 1/(a cos2x + bsin2x +c) . Integration by parts
  • Jacobians. Notion of improper integrals- their convergence- simple tests for convergence- simple problems
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Kashmir University Entrance Syllabus 2018 PDF

Name of Course
Download PDF
M.A. Persian
M.Sc Microbiology
M.Sc. Applied Geology

How to Get Kashmir University 2018 Syllabus?
  • To download the Syllabus Of Kashmir University, candidates first visit the official website that is www.kashmiruniversity.net
  • On home page of official site link go to “Quick Links” section and hit on “Syllabus & Statutes” link.
  • Afterwards, select the Kashmir University PG Syllabus, Kashmir University UG Syllabus as per desirability and hit the “Download” link.
  • Now Kashmir University Syllabus 2018 will be displayed on your computer screen.
  • Download Central University Of Kashmir Syllabus on your desktop or take print out of Kashmir University Syllabus 2018 and start preparation accordingly.


Hit this Official Link to get complete details regarding Kashmir University Syllabus 2018. If applicants have any query regarding Kashmir University Syllabus then drop the comment in comment box which is provided below.

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