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Pondicherry University Syllabus 2018 UG/PG Courses Syllabus Online PDF


Pondicherry University Syllabus

Pondicherry University Syllabus 2018: Are you seeking for Pondicherry University Syllabus??? If yes then you are at the correct path as you can acquire Pondicherry University Entrance Exam Syllabus PDF for UG/PG Courses from here or through online procedure.

Before the candidates appear in the entrance exam, they must be aware about the exact Pondicherry University MBA Entrance Exam Syllabus and other Pondicherry University Syllabus.

  • Pondicherry University Semester wise syllabus
  • Process to download Pondicherry university syllabus
  • Direct links to acquire the syllabus
  • Final words
Why do you need Pondicherry university syllabus?

With the help of the syllabus, candidates will come to know the important topics upcoming in the entrance exam. To fetch the detailed Pondicherry University Syllabus 2018, you must go through the downwards section of the page well organized by the team of www.privatejobshub.in.

Pondicherry University Syllabus

Pondicherry University Syllabus for M.Sc. Economics Semester I

Econ 111 – Towards Understanding Economics

Module 1:

Exploring the Subject Matter of Economics Why study economics? – scope of economics – the economic problem: scarcity and choice – the question of what to produce, how to produce and how to distribute output – science of economics – the basic competitive model – prices, property rights and profits: incentives and information, rationing – opportunity sets – economic systems.
Module 2:

Role of Markets, their Functioning and Welfare Markets and competition – determinants of individual demand/supply, demand/supply schedule and demand/supply curve, market versus individual demand/supply, shifts in the demand/supply curve – demand and supply together – how prices allocate resources – elasticity and its application – controls on prices – taxes and the costs of taxation – consumer, producers and the efficiency of the markets.
Module 3:

The Households The consumption decisions – budget constraints, consumption and income/price changes, demand for all other goods and price changes – description of preferences – the investment decision – investment alternatives for a household – desirable attributes of investments – labor supply and savings decision – choice between leisure and consumption – labour force participation – tax policy and labour supply -human capital and education – budget constraints and savings – savings and interest rate, other factors affecting savings.
Module 4:

The Firm and Perfect Market Structure Financing, controlling and managing firms – the firm' s legal form, corporate finance – why corporations care about financial structure – takeover and the market for managers – making decisions – centralization and decentralization – the boundaries of the firm. behaviour of profit maximizing firms and the production process – short run costs and output decisions.
Module 5:

Introduction to Macroeconomics and National Income Accounting The roots of macroeconomics – concerns over macroeconomic – the role of government in the macro economy – the components of the macro economy – the methodology of macroeconomics – concepts of national income – approaches to calculating national income – nominal and real income – issues on measurement of national income, the concept of black and green income

Econ 112 – Statistical Methods I:

Module 1:

Meaning, Classification and Tabulation of Data Primary data and secondary data: definition, sources and method of collection – quantitative data: time series data, cross section data and pooled data – qualitative data – presentation of data (table) – Simple table, complex table (manifold table) – discrete frequency distribution table – continuous or grouped frequency distribution table – relative frequency distribution – cumulative frequency distribution: less than and more than – presentation of data (diagram) : line diagram, bar diagram (simple and multiple), pie diagram – presentation of data (graph): graph of time series or line graph, logarithmic graph, graph of frequency distribution (histogram, frequency polygon, frequency curve, cumulative frequency curve / ogive).
Module 2:

Measures of Central Tendency and Partition Values Meaning of average – types of average: arithmetic mean(for raw data, ungrouped frequency distribution and grouped frequency distribution), median (for raw data, ungrouped frequency distribution and grouped frequency distribution), mode (for raw data, ungrouped frequency distribution and grouped frequency distribution), geometric mean, harmonic mean (along with formula for each type of average, respective merits, demerits, uses and properties) – quartiles (for individual series, discrete frequency distribution and frequency distribution with class interval) – deciles (for individual series, discrete frequency distribution and frequency distribution with class interval) – percentiles (for individual series, discrete frequency distribution and frequency distribution with class interval).
Module 3:

Measures of Dispersion Meaning of dispersion – types of dispersion: range, quartile deviation, mean deviation, standard deviation and variance (along with absolute measure, the relative measure or coefficient of each type of dispersion) – coefficient of variation – combined standard deviation – Lorenz curve (application in income distribution).
Module 4:

Skewness and Kurtosis Skewness – meaning of skewness and symmetry in a distribution – symmetrical distribution – asymmetrical or skewed distribution – negatively skewed and positively skewed, measures of skewness: absolute measure – Karl Pearson’s coefficient of skewness – Bowley’s coefficient of skewness – definition, types and measures of kurtosis – Karl Pearson’s coefficient of kurtosis.
Module 5:

Moments Definition of central moments (both for individual series and frequency distribution) – properties of central moments – raw moments (both for individual series and frequency distribution) – moment generating function – purpose of moments.

Econ 113 - Mathematics For Economists I:

Module 1:

Preliminaries Elements of logic and proof – converse and contra positive, necessary and sufficient conditions – proof by contradiction – mathematical induction – sets and set operations – ordered pairs, Cartesian products of sets – relations functions, one to one and onto functions, composite functions, the inverse function – the real numbers, natural numbers, integers, rational and irrational numbers – absolute value and intervals –inequalities.
Module 2:

Elementary Linear Algebra Two, three and n – dimensional row and column vectors – vector addition and scalar multiplication – length of a vector, scalar products, orthogonality – geometric representation, lines and planes in R2 and R3 – linear and convex combinations of vectors – linear independence – convex sets.
Module 3:

Matrices and Matrix Operations Addition, scalar multiplication, matrix multiplication – the transpose – the inverse of a square matrix – rank, elementary row operations and computation of rank – invertibility and rank for square matrices, characteristic roots and eigen values, Cramer rule.
Module 4:

Determinants Determinats – definition, properties, minors and cofactors – the Laplace expansion – expansion by alien cofactors – singularity and invertibility –the adjoint matrix and formula for the inverse.
Module 5:

Elementary Topics in Calculus The derivative of a function – differentiability and continuity – techniques of differentiation – sums, products and quotients of functions – composite functions and the chain rule – inverse functions – implicit differentiation, second and higher order derivatives – concavity and convexity of functions.

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Process to download Pondicherry University Syllabus 2018:

You are advised to follow the guidelines to acquire the syllabus for Pondicherry university entrance exam:
  • From the very first step, aspirants are required to visit the official website of Pondicherry University that is www.pondiuni.edu.in
  • This will take you to the home page of the official website where you are required to hit on “academics” tab given in the menu bar.
  • On selecting the tab a drop down list will appear on your screen and from that list you have to select “Syllabus” option.
  • Form the opened list, hit on the “Course & syllabus (School wise)
  • After that a new page will appear in front of you with the available courses.
  • Candidate can opt for the suitable course and then get the Pondicherry University exam syllabus.
  • You are suggested to go through the Pondicherry University entrance exam syllabus 2018 and then download it.
  • Finally you should take out the hard copy of Pondicherry University Syllabus for the future usage.

Pondicherry University Syllabus>>>Download here

Direct Links to acquire Pondicherry University Syllabus:

Aspirants who wish to acquire Pondicherry University UG/PG Courses Syllabus in the form of PDF format are suggested to tap on the below provided direct links or they can also log on to the direct official link.

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EEE Syllabus Pondicherry University (B.Tech)
Pondicherry University Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

Last Words:

Candidates are suggested to acquire the Pondicherry University Syllabus 2018 through the Official Link. To enquire more about Pondicherry University MBA Syllabus, Pondicherry University ECE Syllabus, ECE Syllabus Pondicherry University, Pondicherry University MSC Entrance Exam Syllabus and Pondicherry University Phd Entrance Exam Syllabus, you can ask us in the comment box stated below.

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