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Best Biochemistry Books | List of Top (Clinical/Medical/Plant) E-Book PDF


Biochemistry Books

Best Biochemistry Books: Check the list of best Biochemistry books from here!!! Students who want to do the best preparation for medical examination are suggested to go through the below given list of books on biochemistry for Clinical/Medical/Plant.

For clinical biochemistry books free download PDF and E-Book PDF, you may have a look on the downwards section of the page and hit on the direct link. Given Best Biochemistry Books are according to the topics provided in the exam syllabus.

How To Choose Best Biochemistry Book?

You can get a lot of stuff of books in the market but still students prefer to do their preparation from the best recommended books. The books provided here are quite similar and they cover almost similar topics.

To get some more information in regards of Best Biochemistry Books, you can check the below structured page which is well maintained and organized by the team of www.privatejobshub.in.

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Biochemistry books

Best Clinical Biochemistry books:

Books name
Clinical Biochemistry
Maheshwai Nanda
Clinical Biochemistry : Questions and Answers
Ghalaut V S
Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology
Sathya Publishers
Practical Clinical Biochemistry Methods And Interpretations
Ranjna Chawla
Tietz Textbook of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics
Practical Biochem
Damodaran Geetha K
Practical Clinical Biochemistr
Harold Varley
Textbook of Biochemistry With Clinical Correlations
Thomas M Devlin
Biochemistry: Concepts and Connections
R Appling Dean and J Anthony-Cahill Spencer

Recommended books for Biochemistry:

Leading general biochemistry texts
  • Berg, J. M., Tymoczko, J. L. and Stryer, L. Biochemistry. Freeman, 7th edition, 2011
  • Lodish, H., Berk, A., Zipursky, S. L., Matsudaira, P., Baltimore, D. and James Darnell, J. Molecular Cell Biology , Freeman, 7th edition 2013
  • Nelson, D. L. & Cox, M. M. Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry. Freeman, 6th edition, 2013
  • Alberts, B., Johnson, A., Lewis, J., Raff, M., Roberts, K. and Walter P. Molecular Biology of the Cell. Garland Science, 6th edition 2014

Other good biochemistry texts
  • Karp, G. Cell Biology. Wiley, 7th edition 2013
  • Mathews, C. K. & Van Holde, K. E. & Ahern, K. G. Biochemistry. Addison Wesley, 4th edition, 2012
  • Voet, D. & Voet, J. G. Biochemistry. 4th edition, 2013
  • Voet, D., Voet, J. G. & Pratt, C. W. Principles of Biochemistry. Wiley, 4th edition, 2013

Books for Quick Revision
  • Hames, B. D. et al. Instant Notes in Biochemistry. Bios, 4th edition, 2011
  • Turner, P. C. et al. Instant Notes in Molecular Biology. Bios, 4 edition, 2011

For an introduction to practical biochemistry

Wilson, K. & Walker, J. Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology CUP, 7th edition, 2010

For a very basic chemistry revision

Crowe, J. Chemistry for the Biosciences. OUP, 3rd edition, 2014

For Cell Biology

Alberts, B. et al. Essential Cell Biology, Garland, 4th edition 2014

Books on specific topics, for perusal in libraries:

Genes, DNA, genetic manipulation, etc
  • Brown, T. A. Gene Cloning and DNA analysis: an introduction. Blackwell Science, 6th edition 2010
  • Brown, T. A. Genomes. Bios, 3rd edition, 2006
  • Howe, C. J. Gene Cloning and Manipulation. CUP, 2nd edition, 2007
  • Lewin, B. Genes XIII. Pearson Higher Education, 2003
  • Ptashne, M and Gann, A. Genes and Signals, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. 2001
  • Watson, J. D. et al. Molecular Biology of the Gene. Benjamin Cummings, 7th edition 2013
  • Lesk, M. Introduction to Genomics. 2nd edition. OUP 2007
  • Morgan, David O. The Cell Cycle. OUP 2006
  • Serdyuk, Igor N. Methods in Molecular Biophysics. CUP 2007

Proteins and enzymes
  • Abeles, Robert H., Frey, Perry A., Jencks, William P. Biochemistry. Jones and Bartlett Publishers International, 1992
  • Branden, C. & Tooze, J. Introduction to Protein Structure. Garland, 2nd edition, 1999
  • Bugg, T. Introduction to Enzyme and Coenzyme Chemistry. Blackwell Science, 3rd edition, 2012
  • Creighton, T. E. Proteins. Freeman, 2nd edition, 1992
  • Darby, N. J. & Creighton, T. E. Protein Structure. IRL Press, 1993
  • Fersht, A. R. Structure and Mechanism in Protein Science. Freeman, 3rd Rev edition 1999
  • Attwood, T. K. & Parry-Smith, D. J. Introduction to Bioinformatics. Longman, 1999

Metabolism, hormones, signalling etc.
  • Fell, D. Understanding the Control of Metabolism. Portland Press, 1996
  • Haynie, D. T. Biological thermodynamics. CUP, 2nd edition 2008
  • Gadian, D. G. NMR and its applications to living systems. OUP, 2nd edition, 1996
  • Heldin & Purton Signal Transduction Chapman & Hall 1996
  • Hancock Cell signalling OUP 3rd Edn, 2010


Nicholls, D. G. & Ferguson, S. J. Bioenergetics 3 Academic Press, 3rd edn, 2002

  • Weinberg, R. The Biology of Cancer. Garland Science, second edition 2014
  • Hesketh, R. Betrayed by Nature: The War on Cancer. MacSci, 2012
  • McKinnell, Robert G & Parchment, Ralph E. The Biological Basis of Cancer. CUP 2nd edition, 2006

Best sellers in Biochemistry:

Molecular Biology of the…Bruce Alberts
Biochemistry: A Short Course by John L. Tymoczko
The Immune System, 4th Edition by Peter Parham
Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry by David L. Nelson
Genetics: From Genes to Genomes, 5th edition

About Biochemistry Books:

If we talk about the biochemistry books, most of these may be available in the library of your college but still some students prefer to buy these books through online mode. Books of biochemistry and biochemistry books for MBBS are listed over here.

There are a large number of biochemistry books available here, some are quite general and cover almost similar topics as per provided in the syllabus. You may choose any of the books from the biochemistry free books and biochemistry books list.

Above provided links can also be acquired by the candidates to buy the biochemistry reference books through online mode. It can be good for the candidates if they choose one of the ‘Leading General Biochemistry Text books according to your suitability.

Last Words:

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