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eLitmus Sample Papers With Solution PDF | Download Solved Previous Year Paper


elitmus sample paper

ELitmus Sample Papers With Solution: Candidates who are planning to appear in the pH test can download the elitmus sample paper from this platform. With the help of solved eLitmus Previous Year Paper, you can prepare for the exams in a much better way. You can also hit on the below given link and acquire Elitmus sample paper with solution PDF.

ELitmus test is conducted in every few weeks all over the country; those aspirants who are going to appear in the test are suggested to refer to the questions given in the ELitmus sample paper and prepare for the exam.

Benefits of sample paper of elitmus:

Elitmus sample paper 2018 PDF will help the candidates to score good marks in the upcoming examination. Below given are some question and answer related to pH test. You can have a glance!!!

How to get elitmus sample paper PDF?

Candidates, who wish to get some more information in regards of eLitmus Sample Paper, they can go through the beneath section of the page well maintained by the team of www.privatejobshub.in.

Elitmus sample paper

Elitmus Sample Question Paper
elitmus sample paper with solution

Question and Answers:

Question1)  99^n is such a number begin with 8, least value of n?
1.    11
2.    10
3.    9
4.    n does not exist

Answer: 4

Question2) A natural number has exactly 10 divisors including 1 and itself.how many distint prime factors this natural number will have?

1.    1 or 2
2.    1 or 3
3.    1 or 2 or 3
4.    2 or 3

Answer: 1

Question3) In a right angled triangle, two sides are consecutive whole number in which one side is hypotenuse. what could be the possible length of third side?

1.    360
2.    361
3.    362
4.    none of these

Answer: 2

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Question4) Heinz produces tomato puree by boiling tomato juice. The tomato puree has only 20% water while the tomato juice has 90% water. How many liters of tomato puree will be obtained from 20 litres of tomato juice?

1.    2 liters
2.    2.4 liters
3.    2.5 liters
4.    6 liters

Answer: 3

Question5) x,y are odd and z is even then ((x^2+y^2)z^2)/8 is

1.    even
2.    odd
3.    either even or odd
4.    fraction

Answer: 3

Question6) The product of digit is a Factor of a two digit number.  Number of such digit are:

1.    3
2.    5
3.    9
4.    27

Answer: 2

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Question7) A mixture of 125 gallons of wine and water contains 20% of water. How much water must be added to the mixture in order to increase the percentage of water to 25% of the new mixture?

1.    10 gallons
2.    8.5gallons
3.    8gallons
4.    8.33gallons

Answer: 4

Question8) Data sufficiency question:

What will be the percentage profit of selling one liter milk?

1.    16 liter of milk is sold at cost price after adding 20% water to it.
2.    the cost price of one liter milk is Rs.16

Answer: Let us assume one liter costs Rs.1. So C.P = Rs.16

When 20% water is added, then total volume = 20 liters. So SP = 20.  Profit can be calculated.
·         Statement 1 is sufficient.

·         Statement 2 is not required

Question9) What is the maximum value of vx - yz.  If the value of v,x,y,z have to be chosen from the set A where A(-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3)

1.    9
2.    12
3.    15
4.    none of these

Answer: 15

Question10) Einstein walks on an escalator at a rate of 5steps per second and reaches the other end in 10 sec. while coming back, walking at the same speed he reaches the starting point in 40secs. What is the number of steps on the escalator?

1.    40
2.    60
3.    120
4.    80
5.    data insufficient

Answer: 4

Question11) Photography changed drastically _________ introduced in the market.

1.    when polariod
2.    as polaroid
3.    since polaroid
4.    that Polaroid

Answer: 2

Question12) The dairy condensed milk has only 20% water while the cow milk has 90% water. How many litres of milk maid will be obtained from 72 litres of milk?

1.    7.2l
2.    8l
3.    9l
4.    14.4l

Answer: 3

Question13) If an ant moves a distance x,then turn left 120 degree and travel x distance again and turn right 120 dgree and travel, he is 9 inches from the starting point,  what is the value of x?

1.    3root(3)
2.    9root(3)
3.    3root(3)/2
4.    3root(3)/4

Answer: 2

Question14) If a4 +(1/a4)=119 then a power 3-(1/a3) =

1.    32
2.    39
3.    Data insufficient
4.    36

Answer: 4

Question15) The chemical formula of sulphuric acid is:

1.    H2SO4
2.    HSO4
3.    HCI
4.    H2SO4

Answer: 4

Question16) 10-2 means:

1.    Milli
2.    Centi
3.    Micro
4.    Deci

Answer: 2

Question17) Who was the first Indian to be crowned “Miss World”?

1.    Aishwarya Rai
2.    Priyanka Chopra
3.    Sushmit Sen
4.    Reita Faria

Answer: 4

Question18) The first lady ‘Gyanpith’ awardee for excellence in literature was:

1.    Mahasweta Devi
2.    Mahadevi Verma
3.    Ashapurna Devi
4.    Amrita Pritam

Answer: 3

Question19) By how much per cent must a motorist increase his speed in order to reduce by 20%, the time taken to cover a certain distance?

1.    20
2.    30
3.    25
4.    35

Answer: 3

Question 20) The square root of 0.0081 is:

1.    0.09
2.    0.9
3.    0.91
4.    0.009

Answer: 1

pH Tests Exam Pattern:

There are 3 sections, each section comprises of 20 questions, each carrying 10 marks.
  • Aptitude
  • Logical
  • Verbal
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