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RRB ALP Previous Papers PDF | Railway लोको पायलट/तकनीशियन-III Model Paper


RRB ALP Previous Papers

RRB ALP Previous Papers: To make more strong preparation of Railway लोको पायलट/तकनीशियन-III Exam, one must practice through RRB ALP Previous Papers. Appearing candidates in RRB Recruitment Exam can easily download RRB ALP Model Paper by tapping the links provided below.

RRB ALP Previous Papers PDF helps you to get the idea of structure of paper and important questions which will be asked in the exam. By practicing through Last 5 Years Railway Question Papers which is provided below, you will be more confident to crack RRB Railway Recruitment Exam.

How I Can Get RRB ALP Last 5 Years Previous Papers PDFs?

To get RRB Asst Loco Pilot Previous Papers PDFs conveniently, candidates need to go through this webpage and then tap to the direct links of RRB ALP Previous Papers Download.

Team of www.privatejobshub.in has presented this page with pin pointed details of RRB ALP Model Papers/ RRB ALP Psychological Test Previous Papers, so that you can get all important information from this page.

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RRB ALP Previous Papers

Aspirants can download RRB ALP Previous Question Papers PDF by visiting the following links. Here we have presented Railway Recruitment Board Old Papers for the sake of individuals who are going to attend recruitment exam for Asst Loco Pilot Position.

RRB Last Year’s Question Paper
Get PDFs From Here
RRB ALP English Previous Papers
RRB ALP General Knowledge Model Papers
RRB ALP General Intelligence Question Paper
RRB Asst Loco Pilot Reasoning Papers
RRB Technical Aptitude Question Paper
RRB Asst Loco Pilot Previous Papers
RRB ALP Previous Years Papers
RRB Asst Loco Pilot Model Papers
RRB Technician Sample Paper
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Railway Recruitment Board Last Year Question Papers Download

RRB ALP Previous Year Questions With Answers:

Q-1) In these questions, select the related letters/ words/ numbers/figures from the given alternatives.
Taste : Tongue : : Walk : ?

A.    Pavement 
B.    Crutch 
C.    Legs 
D.   Walking stick

Correct answer: C

Q-2) In this question, which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?


A.    amammn 
B.    aammnn
C.    ammanm
D.   aamnan

Correct answer: B

Q-3) In these questions, a series is given with one term missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.

A, c, f, j, ?, ?

A.    ou
B.    mo
C.    lp
D.   rv

Correct answer: A

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Q-4) In these questions, which one of the given responses would be a meaningful order of the following words?

Book (2) Words (3) Letters (4) Sentences (5) Chapters (6) Pages
A.    3 2 6 5 4 1
B.    3 2 5 4 6 1
C.    3 2 4 5 6 1
D.   3 2 4 6 5 1

Correct answer: D

Q-5) If he word PORTER Can be coded as MBNZQN, then how can REPORT be written


Correct answer: A

Q-6) In a certain code, the words ?COME AT ONCE? Were written as XLNVZGLMXV. In the same code which of the following would be ? OK? ?

A.    LM
B.    LP
C.    KM
D.   KL

Correct answer: B

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Q-7) If ?+? means ?minus?, ?-? means ?multiplication?, ?? means ?plus? and ?x? means ?division, then

15 ? 3 + 10 x 55 =
A.    52 
B.    48 
C.    22 
D.   5

Correct answer: B

Q-8) In this question, find the missing number from the given response.

8 7 10 12
13 12 15 17
10 9 ? 14

A.    12 
B.    10 
C.    21 
D.   25

Correct answer: A

Q-9) From the given alternative words select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.


Correct answer: C

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Q-10) A word given in Capital letters is followed by four answer words. Out of these only one can be formed by using the letters of the given word. Find out that word.


Correct answer: C

Q-11) Suresh starts from a point, walks 2 miles towards the south, turns right and walks 1 ½ miles, turns left and walks ½ mile and then he turns back. What is the direction he is facing now?

A.    East
B.    West
C.    South
D.   North

Correct answer: D

Q-11) Ashok wants to book a ticket to Madurai. He starts and covers 5 km to reach the Booking Office which is in the East of his house. From there he turns to the North towards the market by traveling 3 km. From there he turns left to his friend Sandeeps’? house which is 5 km away. Now he has to get back to his house. How many km he has to cover to reach his house?

A.    8 km 
B.    3 km 
C.    5 km 
D.   6 km

Correct answer: B

Q-12) The age of X is 2/3rd that of Y. After 6 years, X will be 46 years old. The present age of Y is?

A.    40 years 
B.    56 years 
C.    60 years
D.   100 years

Correct answer: C

Q-13) A is B?s brother, C is A?s mother, D is C?s father, E is B?s son. How is D related to A ?

A.    Son
B.    Grandson 
C.    Grandfather
D.   Great Grandfather

Correct answer: C

Q-14) In a store, 5 articles A, B, C, D and E are priced differently to each other Value of ?C? is Rs. 100 ?A? is cheaper than ?C? but costlier than B< E is costlier than >C? but cheaper than D Which of the articles is the costliest

C.    B
D.   A

Correct answer: A

Q-15) A person who rules without consulting the opinion of others—

A.    Democrat
B.    Bureaucrat 
C.    Autocrat
D.   Fanatic

Correct answer: C

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Q-16) The sum of the first 8 terms of a geometric progression is 6560 and the common ratio is 3. The first term is

C.    3
D.   4

Correct answer: B

Q-17) How many even three-digit numbers can be formed from the digits 1, 2, 5, 6 and 9 without repeating any of the digits?

A.    120 
B.    48 
C.    40 
D.   24

Correct answer: D

Q-18) A and B, working separately, can do a piece of work in 10 and 15 days respectively. If they work on alternate days beginning with A, then in how many days will the work be completed?

A.    18 days
B.    13 days
C.    12 days
D.   6 days

Correct answer: C

Q-19) Two pipes can fill a tank separately in 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. If both the pipes are opened simultaneously, then the tank will be filled in

A.    10 minutes 
B.    12 minutes 
C.    15 minutes
D.   25 minutes

Correct answer: B

Q-20) If the radius of a cylinder is decreased by 50% and the height is increased by 50% to form a new cylinder, then the volume will be decreased by

A.    0% 
B.    25%
C.    62.5%
D.   75%

Correct answer: C

Final Words:

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Is RRB Asst Loco Pilot Sample Papers Are Useful?

If you among those who have this question in mind then let me tell you that RRB ALP sample papers//RRB ALP & Technician Previous Papers/RRB Secunderabad Alp Exam Previous Papers/RRB ALP Paper Set are very useful for exam preparations.

RRB Railway Sample papers/RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Model Papers PDF/ RRB Secunderabad ALP Previous Papers PDF/ RRB ALP Previous Papers Book are also available in market as well. But through online process, you can download RRB ALP Aptitude Test Previous Papers/ RRB Secunderabad ALP Aptitude Test Previous Papers as many as you need.

Practicing with Railway Assistant Loco Pilot Sample Papers:

Practicing through RRB ALP Old Question Paper/ RRB ALP Psycho Test Model Papers PDF/ RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Previous Exam Papers/ RRB Mumbai Alp Previous Papers is the key towards your success.

You will definitely score good marks in exams in RRB ALP Technician Recruitment exam if you are successful in scoring 80% marks by solving provided RRB CHENNAI ALP Previous Papers/RRB Bhubaneswar Alp Previous Papers/RRB Bilaspur Alp Previous Papers.

Essence Of This Page:

Practicing through RRB ALP Previous Papers will lead you to success. Bookmark our web page to get latest and instant updates of Railway Recruitment Board.

If you have any query related to information provided in this page you can simply leave a comment in below mentioned comment box our team will soon reply towards it.

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