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Students’ Horoscope 2018 - Career Choice Advice / Predictions for Bright Future


Students’ Horoscope 2018

It’s time to look towards a new year which comes with expectations of a bright career ahead. Let’s have a look Students’ Horoscope 2018   in which education predictions for the twelve zodiac signs is done, that are surely help you out in your education and career field.

Well, 2018 Calendar might give you the dates and the holidays of the year but everyone wants’ to know about career, education, academics and future of 2018. Astrology Predictions for free provided here will advice you Career Choice for Bright Future.

Students’ Horoscope 2018

Predictions for Students Bright Future

Students might be anxious to know about their future of 2018.  Students must be thinking will they succeed or have to face failure in 2018? Whether they will be paid well or there will be fewer jobs in the market? To get answers of all these questions you must be willing to know about education predictions 2018.

Student Horoscope for 2018 is your one-stop destination for knowing your future of 2018. The below mentioned predictions are based on date of birth so, you can check your date of birth and then examine your Education Horoscope 2018 accordingly.  Team of www.privatejobshub.in has provided predictions for student’s career for 2018 so have glance on Education Horoscope 2018.

What is a Horoscope?

A forecast of a person's future, is typically including a delineation of character and circumstances that are based on the relative positions of the stars and planets at the time of that person's birth.

How Horoscopes Works?

Astrology is nothing but a belief that the alignment of stars and planets which affects every individual's mood, personality, and environment, depending on when he was born. As per the birth date we have prepared Students’ Horoscope for 2018 through which you will get to know what is your career and how will be your future in 2018. 

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First Know Your Zodiac Sign­- From Here

The list of Zodiac Sign is provided below with their signs so you can have a look on provided list and know Indian zodiac sign from below table.

Zodiac Names
Hindi Names
Time Period

March 21-April 19

Students’ Horoscope 2018

April 20-May 20

May 21-June 20

Students’ Horoscope 2018

June 21-July 22

Students’ Horoscope 2018

July 23-August 22

August 23-September 22

Students’ Horoscope 2018

Tulā (तुला)
September 23-October 22

Students’ Horoscope 2018

October 23-November 21

November 22-December 21

Students’ Horoscope 2018

December 22-January 19

Students’ Horoscope 2018

January 20 to February 18

February 19 to March 20

Characteristics Of Zodiac Signs and Astrology Signs

There are four elements which describe the unique personality types associated with astrological signs. The four zodiac elements exhibit profound influence on basic character traits, emotions, behavior and thinking.

Zodiac signs belong to four elements that are:
  • Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
How Horoscope of 2018 will advice you for your Career?

Horoscope plays significant roles in individual’s life that have faith in it and hope that results are of it are true. So, with the help of provided predictions that are provided for all 12 zodiac signs will help you to manage your career and study in a better and easy way.  

Predictions Of Students’ Horoscope For Twelve Zodiac Signs

Now let’s talk about all twelve Zodiac Signs and know about their Career Choice, Education and all other matters that they need to know to make their bright future in 2018.

ARIES [मेष]

The Aries Horoscope 2018 for student’s education predicts a bright future for the students that are engaged in research and software development. This will be a high yielding time for going overseas to study in multi - cultural universities. The work hard that you do in this time period will give you brilliant results in the long run.

Any differences that you have with teachers or seniors must be sorted out in a friendly way. Students in Management, Journalism, Media and International Studies are in for a treat this 2018!

 Disruptions at home will hamper your concentration; with added efforts, you’ll be able to overcome it. As per the Aries Horoscope Predictions for 2018, the latter part of the year will see more efforts and dedication on the part of school students. They’ll divide their time efficiently and manage their education and career well and perform well in both the fields.

Remedy For Aries: Regular chanting of Rudram and performing of Rudra Abhishek for Lord Rudra will bring prosperity in your life.

TAURUS [वृषभ]

The Taurus Horoscope 2018 says that, due to financial difficulties at home, you might have a hard time studying. Lack of concentration might lead to a poor performance at school. Although, students with Taurus Horoscope will be willing towards excelling at extracurricular activities such as sports and martial arts, such as - taekwondo and judo.

As the Taurus Education Horoscope 2018 predicts that, students involved in technical studies will have a great time in the first half of the year. As the year progresses, children will have devil’s own luck in focusing on education.

Due to low stamina and attention, education will take a back seat in their minds. Some natives might have issues with memorizing stuff, while others might have a tough time in communicating what they’ve learnt to others.

Many will face the fear of not knowing what the future holds for them, and over think on this. Throughout the year, the students will have confused mindsets over their career goals and might need timely guidance and counselling. Minor health issues will make them feel under the weather. This is strong to hamper their attendance.

Remedy For Taurus: Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi and Lord Maha Vishnu.

GEMINI [मिथुन]

The GEMINI Horoscope 2018 says that, in this year your intelligence will be acknowledged and appreciated. Students will plan their schedules well in order to make room for practice. Any hindrance whatsoever will be overcome through the judicious use of time, energy and the resources available.

As per the Astrology Predictions for Gemini in 2018, students engaged in Linguistics and Foreign Studies will aim for the stars and attain them in this period. Those engaged in Commerce field will climb high with brilliant shades, as well.

Issues related to food poisoning and bowel might hamper your growth; refrain from consuming junk food and artificially flavored eatables.

Relations with family might strain in this period, due to which a stressful environment might infect your peace of mind. As 2018 progresses, comes mid-year your attention will get diverted from studies. Elders at home, especially your father will play an essential role in being your pillar of strength and supporting you in your educational Endeavour’s.

Remedy For Gemini: Helping fellow classmates overcome their academic difficulties will help you wade through yours easily.

CANCER [कर्कट]
  • Astrology Predictions for CANCER in 2018 say that, this year is for the Creative Thinkers and Innovators. They’ll get to taste breakthrough success in their field. School’s students with cancer as their zodiac signs might have to face a lack of interest in their studies. Parents will have to play a key role in taking this matter in their hands and monitoring their child. Only hard work guarantees you excellent results this year.
  • Young people will have to be wary of the disruptive company. The Education Horoscope 2018 for Cancer advises you to befriend people who lift you up and make you strive hard for attaining success in life.
  • Meritorious students can be sure of getting a scholarship in this duration. You are advised to avoid taking decisions when emotionally charged. Graduates are cautioned about heading straight into an intimate relationship with someone.
  • The latter part of the year looks brilliant for those engaged in studies pertaining to Religion and Spirituality, Occult Sciences and Astrological Research.
Remedy For Cancer: Feed stray animals and birds. Perform prayers in the evening and light incense sticks and camphor while praying.

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LEO [सिंह]

The LEO Horoscope 2018 says that, all the labor and hard work that you’ve put in your education would yield you results in this period. With your continued efforts you’ll be able to attain greater heights. Students pursuing Business Studies and Management courses will have a party this year. As per the Leo Education Horoscope 2018, the year assures splendid outcome for you.

Researchers engaged in critical appraisals of artworks will find the ball in their court. Laborious involvement in academic endeavours may result in irregular eating habits and disturbed sleep patterns. Due to a lot of pressure, students might develop a tendency to over think and overanalyze things, which if not taken proper care of might affect their performance adversely.

The latter half of the year might make you relocate your residence; this is bound to leave some marks on your emotional being. However tragic this may be for you, you won’t face any turbulence in your education via this.

Students from a technical background, i.e. B.Tech or Engineering might find the beginning of the year initially tough, but things will settle down for them by the mid of the year. Some students might lose the original passion with which they first pursued their academic dreams. Despite this, they’ll continue to strive harder in academics.

Remedy For Leo: Offer water to the rising Sun early in the morning.

VIRGO [सिंह]

As per the VIRGO Education Horoscope 2018, the year 2018 predicts great things who are involved in Mathematics and Statistics field. They’ll be inclined to go for higher research studies and will find the atmosphere conducive. Your family will be cooperative and this would help you stay in a good mood and study diligently. The financial situation of the students will be great in this period, due to which they’ll be able to pursue the course of their dreams.

School students will have a low attention span which would result in a steep decline in their performance. Although students aiming for higher education will be determined and focused on attaining their goal; some diversion might be there, but with added efforts, they’ll be able to overcome them. Students who’ve decided to live independently will do so, but maintain a close contact with their family.

The Virgo Education Predictions for 2018 advises the students to work on improving their communication skills. A faulty communicative skill might create misunderstandings in the relationships. The latter half of the year will facilitate quick wit and learning. This would also enhance your scholastic knowledge and prowess.

Remedy for VIRGO: Recite Vishnu Sahasranama daily.

LIBRA [तुला]

The LIBRA Education Horoscope for 2018 advises students that they will have a tough time this year, as they’ll have to wade through some tough competition. As the competition increases, students will have to fend for themselves and strive for ways to make it through the chaos. Some students need to be aware of mental aggression and how it could affect their interpersonal relations with their schoolmates and classmates.

The prediction of Education Horoscope for Libra in 2018 presages that, the personal initiatives and endeavors will be on a rise in this period. However, disturbed environment at home will adversely affect the scholastic performance and you’ll have to face the axe at school. Some students may simultaneously earn and learn; their professional stint may be due to their need for independence and not necessarily due to financial constraints.

Those wishing to pursue their higher studies from an overseas university will have to double up their efforts in order to get the desired results. The first half of the year will be conducive in attaining all your education goals, aggressively. Students planning fellowships and doctoral research may find this year to be rewarding.

Remedy for LIBRA: Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi with flowers, incense and sweets. After that, distribute milk sweets amongst the devotees in and around the temple premises.

SCORPIO [वृश्चिक]

Scorpio Education Horoscope for 2018 says that, financial restraints might result in occasional problems. Those who’ve been dreaming of making it big and going to an overseas university will find themselves a desired seat there, but the expenses will skyrocket. The environment in the family will be conducive, but still, it’s advisable that the elders and parents pay heed to the children; laxity and leniency might make up for a good downfall of the academic career of the child.

As per the forecast of Scorpio Education Horoscope for 2018, winning laurels and accolades in sports and other co - curricular activities is quite possible. The second half of the year will be crucial for the health of the students; some serious health issues might hamper their studies and growth pattern. An ideological difference with father or elders ought to be sorted out at the earliest.

Young adults might become unruly and defiant, due to which they won’t pay much attention towards their books. Adolescents will need to channelize their excessive energy, as this might make them a rebel and indulge in skirmishes with the schoolmates and fights with the teacher.

Remedy For Scorpio: Teaching the students discipline and obedience is a must. Mentoring and guidance are essential for focus and reducing aggressive behaviour of the children.


This year, career of Sagittarius Horoscope aspiration will interfere with your dreams for going for a higher education. Some students might opt for a part - time job in order to balance their aspiration to work as well as continue with their regular course. The hard work that you’ve put in the previous year will pay rich dividends in the current year, making you go bonkers over your success.

Educational achievements are a high probability in the first half of the year; some students would get to feature on the merit list and get rewarded for their triumph. The Education Horoscope 2018 for Sagittarius predicts that children who’ve been aspiring to be enrolled into a prestigious university abroad may find the first half of the year to be favourable for them.

Students belonging to the fields of Humanities, Sociology and Foreign Languages will find this year to be their luck bearer. Some might suffer from lack of confidence and anxiety. Memory retention will be a problem for some during the latter part of the year.

In the last quarter of the year fall in academic standards and lack of interest in studies will be a major problem. Students will be required to fight back with equal force and vigour in order to overcome the lethargic nature. The first part of the year is an excellent time for shining in academics, superlative performance in extracurricular activities and winning appreciation from educational authorities.

Remedy For Sagittarius: Light an oil lamp in front of Lord Shani at a Navagraha temple on Saturdays. It’s also advised to distribute food amongst the needy.

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Capricorn Horoscope advice that, 2018 period will be crucial for your studies. You might have to face discontinuation in studies, as difficulties in the education field are possible. Students will have to face aimlessness and decreased passion in studies. Thoughts will lack clarity and your plan of action might be hazy in the first half of the year. As the year progresses, come midyear you’ll be full of new found energy and vigour; You’ll double up your efforts tremendously.

Students aiming for higher education overseas will receive favourable response towards the end of the year. As per the predictions for Capricorn Education Horoscope for 2018, those involved in Computer Graphics, Architectural Design, Construction Management may initially face some minor obstacle in their path, but with diligence and determination, they’ll be able to get good results. The mid of the year will witness some of the students engaged in reflection and introspection. While others, may revisit their goals and reframe new objectives in their academic life.

Those pursuing their Higher Education will consider taking courses such as Community Medicine, Public Welfare, and Prison Welfare, in order to work for the betterment of the society. This year your spending on educational endeavours will increase substantially.

Remedy for Capricorn: Perform Navagraha Abhishekam and Havan in temples.

AQUARIUS [कुम्भ]

Students’ Aquarius Horoscope 2018 says that, this year, your clarity in thoughts and action would lead to you achieving excellence and achievements in education. Support from father will guide you through your darkest days; this will enable you to pursue an academic course of your choice. Throughout the year you’ll enjoy good luck and good fortune in studies.

Those involved in the field of Fine Arts, Theatre, Film and Documentary Production will find their academic life fulfilling. Students will come out with flying colours and will feature in the merit lists; Receiving special awards and laurels in this duration is likely. Children who are in a financial crunch might get good funds for higher education in this time.

Education Horoscope 2018 for Aquarius predicts that all the dreams that they’ve for their successful career will see the light of the day; Students will make sure that they select something that aligns with their aims and goals. Health will be on your side throughout the year; resulting in concentrated efforts and educational attainments.

Students will master the art of balancing studies and family in this period. With their prowess, they’ll be able to juice out your best potential in studies and enjoy your time with your loved ones. All the credit could be given to your efficient time management skills.

Remedy For Aquarius: Respecting Teachers and learned people will enhance beneficial results in your life.

PISCES [मीन]

Education Horoscope 2018 for Pisces advices that, attention will be diverted easily; focus and concentration will be difficult. Faith in self will be lacking in the 1st half and that will increase in the 2nd half. Lack of clarity in educational objectives in the first half of the year will be seen. Change for the better in the second half, due to positive intervention by elders at home and teachers in school. Disruption in education; the situation will improve towards the end of the year.

Adolescent students may find their focus shifting towards entertainment and enjoyment. The Education Horoscope for Pisces in 2018 presages those parents need to be on alert; timely help can prevent a break in education. Some students will work to fund their educational initiatives. Financial constraints will be felt deeply in the 1st half of the year, the 2nd half will be better in this aspect.

Students engaged in advanced research in Engineering and Technology will be rewarded in the 2nd half of the year; they may face obstacles and be dissatisfied in the 1st part. In spite of the numerous difficulties and diversions, students may gain in courage and increase their efforts from the middle of the year. Students connected with Legal Studies will benefit in the 2nd half of the year.

Remedy for Pisces: Light a ghee lamp in front of Jupiter (Guru Navagraha) on Thursdays. Respecting elders at home and heeding teachers’ counsel in school will save from many problems and hardships.

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Finally, provided Students’ Horoscope 2018 will be beneficial for you and you may get an idea of about you 2018 which will alert you in your bad and good times and you will be able to deal them easily.

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