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WBUT CSE Syllabus 2018 B.Tech Sem-Wise (CSE) Computer Science & Engg PDF


WBUT CSE Syllabus

WBUT CSE Syllabus 2018: Those contenders, who are studying in West Bengal University of Technology under B.Tech (CSE) and looking for WBUT CSE Syllabus, can easily download the WBUT Syllabus for CSE (Sem Wise) along with WBUT CSE Syllabus PDF from this page.

You can also get the WBUT Computer Science & Engg Syllabus from official site that is www.wbut.ac.in by taking some necessary steps which are provided below. With the help of latest WBUT CSE Exam Syllabus, students can prepare well for the exam.

For more information about CSE Syllabus WBUT, candidates can go through the below section of this page which is well represented by team members of www.privatejobshub.in. Hit the below provided link to get the WBUT CSE Syllabus 2018 PDF as per semester.

WBUT CSE Syllabus

WBUT Syllabus For CSE 1st Year

English Language & Technical Communication:

To impart advanced skills of Technical Communication in English through Language Lab. Practice Sessions to 1st Semester UG students of Engineering &Technology

English Language Grammar

·         Correction of Errors in Sentences
·         Building Vocabulary
·         Word formation
·         Single Word for a group of Words
·         Fill in the blanks using correct Words
·         Sentence Structures and Transformation
·         Active & Passive Voice
·         Direct & Indirect Narration

Reading Comprehension:

Strategies for Reading Comprehension, Practicing Technical & Non Technical Texts for Global/Local/Inferential/Referential comprehension; 3L Précis Writing

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Physics: WBUT CSE Syllabus

·         Dimensions & Vectors
·         Curvilinear Motion & Kinematics
·         Gravitation, Planetary Motion & Simple Harmonic Motion
·         Sound & Acoustics
·         Heat & Thermodynamics, Optics
·         Magnetostatics & Electrostatics
·         Current Electricity & Electromagnetism
·         Electromagnetic Induction
·         Modern Physics

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Chemistry: WBUT CSE Syllabus

·         Physical Chemistry
·         Inorganic Chemistry
·         Organic Chemistry
·         Industrial Chemistry
·         Environmental Chemistry

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Engineering Mathematics–I:

·         Algebra, Vector
·         Trigonometry
·         Two Dimensional Geometry

Basic Electrical Engineering:

·         Fundamentals
·         Magnetic circuit
·         A.C. Theory
·         Generation Elect. Power
·         Conversion of Electrical Energy
·         Wiring and Power Billing
·         Measuring Instrument
·         Renewable energy
·         Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics
·         Equilibrium, Friction
·         Centroid & moment of Inertia
·         Simple Machines, Dynamics

Computer Application:

·         Computer Organisation
·         Computer Software
·         Computer Network and Internet
·         File Management and Data Processing
·         Problem Solving Methodology
·         Overview of C Programming language
·         Advanced features of C

WBUT CSE 3rd Sem Syllabus


Probability: WBUT CSE Syllabus
  • Random Experiment; Sample space; Random Events; Probability of events. Axiomatic definition of probability
  • Random variables (discrete and continuous); Probability mass function; Probability density function and distribution function. Distributions: Binomial, Poisson, Uniform, Exponential, Normal, t and χ 2
  • Expectation and Variance etc

Statistics: WBUT CSE Syllabus 2018
  • Population; Sample; Statistic; Estimation of parameters (consistent and unbiased); Sampling distribution of sample mean and sample variance (proof not required)
  • Point estimate: Maximum likelihood estimate of statistical parameters (Binomial, Poisson and Normal distribution). Interval estimation etc

Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Linear Data Structures - Sequential representations - Arrays and Lists, Stacks, Queues and Dequeues, strings, Application
  • Linear Data Structures, Link Representation - Linear linked lists, circularly linked lists. Doubly linked lists, application
  • Recursion - Design of recursive algorithms, Tail Recursion, When not to use recursion, Removal of recursion.
  • Non-linear Data Structure: Trees - Binary Trees, Traversals and Threads, Binary Search Trees, Insertion and Deletion algorithms

Circuit Theory & Networks
  • Different types of systems & networks: continuous & Discrete, Fixed and Time varying, Linear and Non-linear, Lumped and distributed, Passive & Active Networks & Systems
  • Laplace transform of impulse and sinusoidal steps waveforms for RL, RC, LC and RLC Circuits. Transient analysis of different electrical circuits with and without initial conditions, Fourier Series and Fourier Transform
  • Network theorems and their applications in circuit analysis, Formulation of network equations, Source transformations, Loop variable analysis and node variable analysis

Computer Organization
  • Concepts and Terminology: Digital computer components Hardware & Software and their dual nature, Role of Operating Systems (OS).
  • The ALU: ALU organization, Integer representation, Serial and Parallel Adders, is 1s and 2s complement arithmetic, Multiplication of signed binary numbers, Floating point number arithmetic, Overflow detection, Status flags.
  • Memory Unit: Memory classification, Bipolar and MOS storage cells. Organization of RAM, address decoding, Registers and stack etc

Digital Electronics & Logic Design
  • Data and number systems, Binary representation, Codes and their conversions: BCD, Octal, Hexadecimal, ASCII, EBDIC, Gray
  • Design of combinational circuits-Programming logic devices and gate arrays
  • Sequential Circuits- Flip Flops, various types of Registers and counters and their design etc

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Principals of Programming Languages
  • Concepts of structural program development; concept of data types; precedence and associatively of operators; conditional transfer
  • Data-type handling and various constructs (conditional, loop, functions etc); pointers: concept of pointers and passing parameters
  • Advanced Programming Languages like C++, ADA, LISP, PROLOG, and PASCAL. Comparison of various language.

Way to Download the WBUT B Tech CSE Syllabus:
  • To download the WBUT Syllabus CSE, candidates first visit the official site that is www.wbut.ac.in
  • On home page of official site go to “Academics” section and hit on “Syllabus/Curriculum” link.
  • Then on next page, select and hit the appropriate link related to 01st, WBUT CSE 2nd Year Syllabus, 3rd, WBUT 4th Sem CSE Syllabus etc.
  • Now after hitting the link, Syllabus Of CSE WBUT will be displayed on your computer screen within a second.
  • Download the B Tech CSE Syllabus WBUT on your desktop and take print out of WBUT CSE Syllabus 2018 and start preparation accordingly.

Press Here to Get: WBUT B.Tech Syllabus 2018

Final Words:

Applicants can download the WBUT CSE Syllabus 2018 Sem-Wise through this Official Link. Contenders may follow us on Facebook or Google plus to get most recent updates on your timeline wall regarding CSE WBUT Syllabus. Contenders should visit our web portal regularly to obtain most up-to-date information regarding WBUT CSE Syllabus or you can also subscribe our free email service.

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