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WBUT Syllabus 2018 BBA/B.Tech/M.Sc/MBA Revised (UG-PG) Syllabus PDF


WBUT Syllabus

WBUT Syllabus 2018: Check updated UG-PG WBUT Syllabus from here!! Aspirants who are pursuing BBA/B.Tech/M.Sc/MBA and other Courses from this university might be seeking for Revised West Bengal University of Technology syllabus, so now they are informed to download it by following below stated guidelines.

Every year the West Bengal University of Technology organizes under graduate and post graduate semester wise exams. And huge number of aspirants appears in it to move to the further level of their education. With the help of exam syllabus, candidates can prepare well for the examination.

How To Start Preparation For The University Exam Syllabus?

Those who are going to appear West Bengal University of Technology Exam are advised to download UG & PG Sem wise Exam syllabus from official web portal and then go through it. To perform well in the University Examination, you need to do hard work.

To fetch the complete and updated WBUT Syllabus 2018 of all the UG & PG courses, you are advised to go through this page which is well furnished by the team of www.privatejobshub.in

WBUT Syllabus

WBUT M.Tech Syllabus

Module I: Numerical Analysis
Use of Interpolation formulae of Stirling, Bessel’s, Spline. Solutions of system of linear simultaneous equations using SOR algorithm, Newton’s method [upto two variables] (8L)
[Outcome: Ability to analyze and solve both linear & non-linear engineering problems whose solutions are not found in the closed form]
Module II: Stochastic Process
[Prerequisite: Basic Under graduate course in probability] Random processes, Random walk, Markov process with special emphasis on Markov chain (8 L)
[Outcome: Ability to analyze and solve stochastic engineering & industrial problems]
Module III: Linear Algebra
[Pre-requisite: Basic Under graduate course in abstract algebra]
Vector spaces, Linear transformations, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, some applications of Eigen value & Eigen vector problems. (8L)
[Outcome: Ability to analyze the solution & examine its stability in operator theory]
Module IV: Optimization Technique
Calculus of several variables, Implicit function theorem, Nature of singular points, Necessary and sufficient conditions for optimization, Constrained Optimization, Lagrange multipliers, Gradient method – steepest descent method. (8L)
[Outcome: Ability to optimize & solve real life problems]
Module – V: Fourier series and Transform:
Fourier series, integrals and transforms and their propertie. One dimensional Fourier transform Convolution theorem, Parseval’s formula, Introduction to 2-dimensional Fourier

WBUT M.SC Syllabus

Definition, Properties, Laplace Transform of Derivatives and Integrals, Evaluation of integrals by Laplace Transform, Inverse Laplace Transform and its Properties, Convolution theorem(Statement only), Laplace Transform of Periodic Functions(Statement only) and Unit Step Function, Applications of Laplace Transform to solve Ordinary Differential Equations, Simultaneous Differential Equations, Integral Equations & Integro-Differential Equations.
Periodic Functions and their Fourier Expansions, Even and Odd functions, Change of interval, Half Range Expansions. Fourier Transform: Definition and Properties (excluding FFT), Fourier Integral Theorem, Relation with Laplace Transform, Applications of Fourier Transform to Solve Integral Equation
Definition , Convergence of Z-transform and Properties, Inverse Z-transform by Partial Fraction Method, Residue Method (Inversion Integral Method) and Power Series Expansion, Convolution of two sequences. Solution of Difference Equation with Constant Coefficients by Z-transform method.
Analytic Function, Cauchy- Riemann Conditions, Harmonic Functions (excluding orthogonal system), Milne-Thomson Method, Cauchy Integral Theorem & Integral Formula (Statement only), Taylor’s & Laurent’s series (Statement only), Zeros and Singularities of Analytic Function, Residue Theorem (Statement only), Contour Integration (Evaluation of real definite integral around unit circle and semicircle).
Linear and Orthogonal Transformations, Linear dependence of vectors, Characteristics equation, Eigen values and Eigen vectors, Statement and Verification of Cayley-Hamilton Theorem [without proof], Reduction to Diagonal form, Reduction of Quadratic form to Canonical form by Orthogonal Transformation, Sylvester’s theorem[without proof], Solution of Second Order Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients by Matrix method. Largest Eigen value and Eigen vector by Iteration method.
Axioms of Probability, Conditional Probability, Baye’s Rule, Random variables: Discrete and Continuous random variables, Probability function and Distribution function, Mathematical Expectation, Variance, Standard Deviation, Moments, Moment generating function, Binomial, Poisson and Normal Distributions.

Get Here>>> WBUT M.SC Syllabus

Procedure To Download WBUT Syllabus 2018:
  • First of all, you have to visit the official web portal of the West Bengal university of technology that is www.wbut.ac.in for WBUT syllabus
  • After reaching on the home page of official site, you have to select “Academic” section and hit on “Syllabus/Curriculum” link for WBUT CSE syllabus
  • A new page will appear on your screen containing various notification
  • Now you have to hit on suitable link for WBUT syllabus for ECE
  • WBUT Exam Syllabus will appear on your screen in PDF format
  • You are advised to go through it carefully and also download the WBUT ECE syllabus
  • At last, you have to take a print out of the WBUT mechanical engineering syllabus and start your exam preparation accordingly
Get Here>>>>WBUT Syllabus 2018

WBUT Syllabus PDF:

Candidates can download Syllabus OF WBUT by tapping direct sources provided on table given below. Must have a glance!!!!

WBUT BCA syllabus
WBUT syllabus for CSE
WBUT MBA syllabus
WBUT MCA syllabus
WBUT syllabus for civil engineering
WBUT syllabus electrical engineering


To fetch more information regarding WBUT Syllabus 2018, you are advised to go through Official Link of the West Bengal University of Technology. Also you are advised to stay connected with our web portal to get all the latest updates regarding ECE WBUT syllabus time to time.

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