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NID Sample Papers 2018-19 DAT/Entrance Previous Year Question Paper PDF


NID Sample Papers

Sample papers are useful for the individual who are preparing for any Entrance Exam. So, if you are preparing for NID DAT Entrance Exam then you must go through NID Sample Papers. In this article we are going to list NID Previous Year Question Paper so you must go through it and practice more and more from NID DAT Sample Papers.

Download NID DAT 2018 Sample Papers for better preparation and score maximum marks in NID Design Aptitude Test. Moreover, practicing through NID DAT 018 Question Paper will also let the aspirants know their strong and weak points. To fetch complete detail in respect of NID Sample Papers 2018 you can continue with this page that is prepared by the team members of www.privatejobshub.in.

NID Sample Papers

Here are some NID Sample Papers 2018 links given. Applicants can choose the appropriate link and practice with NID Entrance Previous Year Question Paper PDF.

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NID DAT Previous Year Questions:

Practice with NID sample papers PDF, or go through solved NID Previous Year Questions with Answers that are presented below for the ease of readers. You can practice with NID entrance exam sample papers PDF to get motivated and also by solving more and more of NID exam sample papers you will get to know your weak sections as well as topics in which you strong.

Question 1: Japanese print books are called?
Answer: Manga

Question 2: Largest Island near Africa?
Answer: Madagascar

Question 3: What term is used todescribe the ‘Islamic Law’?
Answer: Sharia

Question 4: Burma, Malaysia and Singapore were colonies of the?
Answer: British

Question 5: The average number of children each woman will have over the course of her lifetime is called?
Answer: Fertility rate

Question 6: The gorges dam is located in which country?
Answer: China

Question 7: Largest Island in the world?
Answer: Greenland

Question 8: Second largest island in the world?
Answer: New Guinea

Question 9: The cold war was dominated by?
Answer: USSR and china

Question 10: A treatise on medicine in ancient India?
Answer: Charaka

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Question 11: Panchtantra was written by?
Answer: Vishnu sharma

Question 12: Author of ‘Arthashastra’?
Answer: Kautilya

Question 13: India wins freedom is the autobiography of?
Answer: Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad

Question 14: Who is the father of Geometry?
Answer: Euclid

Question 15: Aryabhatta was India’s renowned?
Answer: Mathematician

Question 16: Tenzing Norgay distinguished himself in which field?
Answer: Mountaineering

Question 17: Who advocated the theory of laissez faire?
Answer: Adam smith

Question 18: Who discovered the sea route to India?
Answer: Vasco da gama

Question 19: Who is known as the ‘iron man of India’?
Answer: Sardar vallabhaibhai Patel

Question 20: The Ramakrishna mission was started by?
Answer: Swami Vivekananda


You may directly download NID Sample Papers 2018-19, by visiting mention Official Links. Join us on Facebook or Google + for latest updates regarding NID DAT 2018. If you have any query related to NID DAT 2018 Sample Papers comment us on below mentioned comment box our team will soon reply towards it. 

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