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Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET 2018 in 1 Month- Proven Strategy, Study Plan


Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET

When just 1 Month left for the NEET 2018 Exam, then Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET exam gives great help to medical students. Becoming a successful doctor is a dream of every medical student. To fulfill their dreams, lakhs of students appear for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test every year.

Here, we will discuss some proven strategies for medical entrance exam to crack NEET 2018 in 1 Month and with the help of tips and tricks you can plan your study to qualify in NEET 2018 Exam. So, this article will help you to provide Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET 2018 in 1 Month that is prepared by expert team members of www.privatejobshub.in.

Best Study Plan & Proven Strategies to Crack NEET:

Students might be preparing for the NEET 2018 exam with a great zeal to crack it in one go but to get the desired rank in such toughest Medical Exam of the country, will be accomplished only if you follow the proper NEET 2018 Study Plan & Expert’s Designed Preparation Strategy.

This page will guide you and give you a right way to walk to crack NEET 2018 in 1 Month. Check out 1 month study plan for NEET 2018 and implement it in your studies to score good marks in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test in just one attempt.

Week Wise NEET Study Plan 2018- 1 Month Strategy:

Week 1
Electrostatics (Electric Charges & Fields, Electric potential & capacitance
Mechanics (Units and Dimensions)
Atomic Nucleus & Semiconductors
Basics of Organic Chemistry, Hydrocarbons & Halides
Hydro Carbons & Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Chemical Bonding
Diversity in Living World (Excluding Animal Kingdom)
Exchange of Gases, Body Fluids and Circulation
Week 2
Current Electricity (Electromagnetism Induction and AC)
Thermodynamics, Kinetic theory of Gases, Properties of Matter
Organic Chemistry (Aldehydes, Ketones, Ether)
Polymers and Chemistry in Every- day life
D & F block Elements
Cell Structure and Functions
Biology in Human Welfare
Week 3
Laws of Motion, Work Energy & Power
Modern Physics and Optics
Mechanics (Oscillations and Waves)
Mole Concept & States of Matter
Solutions, Solid State, Equilibrium
Classification of Elements, S-block Elements, Hydrogen and its Compounds
Structural Organization in Animals and Plants
Genetics and Evolution
Plant Physiology
Week 4
Gravitation, Mechanics of Solids and fluids
Electromagnetic Waves and Communication Systems
Atomic Structure
Chemical Kinematics and Surface Chemistry
P Block Elements
Biotechnology and Its Applications
Animal Kingdom

Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET

Students preparing for NEET 2018 must have various questions in their mind. To solve all your queries related to NEET preparation we have presented NEET-UG Preparation Tips for the ease of our readers.

# Lists All the Subjects You Need To Study for NEET 2018:

To create NEET 2018 Study Plan, the first step you need to follow is to list down all the subjects that you will need to crack NEET Exam which can be done if you know proper NEET Exam Pattern and NEET Syllabus.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test consists of 3 subjects that is Chemistry, Biology & Physics. To start your preparation, you must have the complete Knowledge of syllabus and Exam pattern. The NEET 2018 Syllabus is the combination of your 11th and 12th class syllabus.

# Stick to the Study Plan and Track Your Progress Timely:

The best way to know whether your study plan is effective or not, is by keeping track of how you are performing in those subjects and how much percent you have covered. For this, you can solve NEET sample Papers of the related topics. Also, the study plan should be followed on a consistent basis. There is no point in making a study schedule if you don’t stick to it.

# Revision is Must and Should Not Be Skipped!

Revision is the key to achieve success in any exam. All your hard work will go in vain if you do not revise what you have studied. For this, you can make sticky notes of the important formulas, highlight the important questions, and prepare short notes from NEET PG Books with yourself to revise all important sections in short time. If your notes are prepared by your hands it becomes easy for you to revise in short period of time.

# Solve Previous Years Question Papers and Mock Tests:

As you know there will be 180 questions in NEET 2018 Exam, and that is to be answered in 180 minutes, that means you have 1 minute per question. So, the time constraint is the biggest challenge for all the aspirants.

But you can ace this challenge, by practicing Mock tests, Arihant NEET Books and NEET Question Papers for Previous Years. You can also read NEET Books for your exam preparation. Solving more and more of NCERT Books For NEET will help you to know how much percent you has practice for your exam. 

# Take Regular Breaks and Stay Positive:

Regular breaks are necessary while studying. Well, studies show that taking breaks in your daily routine can positively affect your attention abilities. We are human beings, not machines; even machines require some rest to work efficiently. So, take regular breaks to increase your concentrations and then work hard with more effectiveness.

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Finally, all information about Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET 2018 in 1 Month is discussed in this page. You can go through provided information carefully and follow the proven strategies to plan you study in a good and better way.

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