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Career in Web Designing

Everything you search in Google search box,you’re sent to a website.Amazingly, 51% of total population on the globe is accessing websites which encourage youngsters to see Career in Web Designing. Let’s discuss about Future Scope of Web Designing Jobs in India.

Often, students get suggestions about various career options from mentors and many of those options require intense training and skills. If you choose Web Designing as a career option, this will require only an interest. A few month training will definitely transform you to a professional Web Designer.

The most amazing fact to choose Career in Web Designing is that it’s a short term training program holding huge career growth prospects. With other countries India is also participating in the race of technology and knowledge. It is increasing career options for students in India only. Now there is no need for the students to go abroad to continue their passion and interest.

Career in Web Designing

Career in Web Designing has a good scope even in India now. Web designing has opened a door for the best career of students. Still there are many aspects through which student’s get confused of making their Career in Web Designing. Here you can collect information through every circumstance for making a Career in Web Designing.

What is web designing?

Web designing generally is a process of planning and creating content for an organization in the form of website. It usually works on the concepts of website content so that it becomes easy for visitors to read andunderstand. Web designing is very important for the work of Information Technology.

Web designers think from the visitor’s side to design a website. They use many tools to make the content more attractive. Web designing has many different areas such as web graphic design, interface design, authoring etc.

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Duties of Web Designer:

Web designer have to see the needs of visitors or clients like what they want to assess. Also they help to create and maintain the product. Its duties cover all the situations of a website. Some of its duties are mentioned below:
  • Writing and editing content
  • Designing webpage layout
  • Determining technical requirements
  • Updating websites
  • Creating back up files
  • Solving code problems
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Requirements of Web Designer:

Web designers need good knowledge in computer technology and website designing to face the competitive job. According to the stats of 2016, 43% of web developers carry a bachelor's degree, 20% carry an associate's degree and 13% carry a post-secondary certificate.

Some of the topics required according to an associate’s degree are mentioned below followed by the required topics of bachelor’s degree.
Associate’s degree common topics:
  • Fundamentals of design imaging
  • Basic web design
  • Animation
  • Multimedia design
  • Content management
  • Editing for video and audio
  • Multimedia programming and technology  
  • Bachelor’s degree common topics:
  • Databases
  • Webpage scripting
  • Programming
  • Digital imaging
  • Multimedia design
  • Web development
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Web Designing Career Scope in India:

Internet is offering large opportunities of jobs to the persons who are professionalized in this term. Many new multi-national companies are starting up themselves in this world. All they want is attractive and best sites to present themselves all over the world and hence the demand for web designers is increasing rapidly.

All such activities have increased job opportunities for the contenders who want to make this field as their career. This field also allows an experienced to work as a freelancer. In this field one may also get many online projects to work on through various private companies.

Jobs for Web Designerin India:

There are many job posts in the field of web designing. Candidates are just needed to understand the term and make it their interest. Some of the jobs are explained below, you can go through it carefully and find the best option for yourself:

1. Front End Web Developer:

Generally front end web developer works on user experience and interacts with scripts and concept by creating HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the website. Tools and techniques used to create all the scripts for the web application is the biggest challenge for the Front End Web Developer.

2. Back End Web Developer:

Bach end web developer is the one who is responsible for the development which is used to interact with the server. It is web developer which specializes in the languages such as:
  • Php.
  • Ruby
  • ASP.Net
  • Java
  • Cold fusion
  • Perl
3. Web Application Developer:

Web application developer is a person who is responsible for all types of designing, coding and modifying websites. It works according to the specification and demand of visitors and it also works from layout to function.

4. Design and Layout Analyst:

It is a person who is responsible for the design of format for online or offline use. They uses software to arrange texts, photographs and other content in easy, readable and understandable manner.

5. Senior Web Analyst:

This is a new occupation in this field. It works on procedures of data manager which includes data analysis, web projects, and data integrity and web server security. They should be aware of the interactions between internet and its users.

6. Web Marketing Analyst:

This is the person who is responsible for collecting the interpret data on market conditions or according to visitors behavior. Number of job opportunities in this position is increasing at a rapid speed as Web Marketing Analyst works in almost every industry.

Skills Required Becoming a Web Designer:
  • Software programming and graphics skills
  • Creativity and imagination skills
  • Adaptable and able to get new techniques easily
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Team worker
  • Tight deadlines worker
  • Thorough and precise in working
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • International web standards and protocols knowledge
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Web designing courses in India:
  • Diploma in Web Designing
  • Diploma Course in Multimedia & Web Designing
  • Diploma in Web Designing & Software Development
  • Certificate Course in Web Designing
  • Certificate Course in Multimedia Web Designing
  • B.Sc. in Multimedia and Web Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Web Designing
  • M.Sc. in E-commerce & Web Design
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Salary of Web Designer in India:
  • Web designer’s salary is decided according to the company’s norms. So, it may differ from company to company. Salary may also vary under following circumstances:
  • A person working in this field who is a fresher may get a starting salary of Rs.10, 000 to Rs.25, 000 per month.
  • An experienced person may easily earn Rs.25, 000 to Rs.40, 000 per month.
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Making Career in Web Designing means to be a part of upcoming technologies. We hope provided information is beneficial or you. So contenders must not get confused and think once for such career fields. For more details regarding the same get tuned with us.

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