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MPSC Online Test 2018 (Pre-Mains) Practice & Mock Tests in मराठी/English


MPSC Online Test

MPSC Online Test: Aspirants who are going to appear in MPSC Pre-Mains exams are informed that here we are providing you MPSC Online Test 2018 in both मराठी/English language; candidates can practice for their MPSC exam with the help of Practice Tests provided here!

The commission will soon going to conducts examination for MPSC कृषी सेवा, Tax Asst, SI and many other posts. So candidates are advised to start preparing for their exam with the MPSC online test paper provided on the below section of this page.

Benefit of MPSC online test series:

Solving Online Test/ Mock Tests is the best way to prepare for any of the examination, as it provides us the patter and the level of the examination. Apart from this it also assist in improving the speed of the candidates.

Solve MPSC online mock test on daily basis

We advise you to solve MPSC online practice test on the daily basis for the better result, we are also providing you some important question which are frequently asked in previous year examination.

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MPSC Practice Question and answers (In English)

MPSC OnlineTest

Question 1 who was the founder of the public meeting?

1.    Brother Daji Lad 
2.    Public uncle
3.    Firozhshah Mehta
4.    Justice Ranade

Answer 2

Question 2 when and how did the Congress pass the full independence?

1.    1928 Surat
2.    1929 Lahore
3.    1920 Allahabad
4.    1931 Karachi

Answer 2

Question 3 India is number one in the world's largest coal production.

1.    First
2.    Second
3.    Horizontal
4.    Fourth

Answer 2

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Question 4 If the product is out of debt, then the private market:
1.    Much of the goods will be produced at very low prices 
2.    Much of the goods will be produced at a very high price
3.    Very few products will be made at a very high price
4.    Very few products will be produced at a very low price

Answer 1

Question 5 Other items of commodity produced in monopoly-only, the secular flexibility in the services: 

1.    It is too much
2.    It is medium
3.    Very low
4.    There is one

Answer 3

Question 6 60 cm All sides of the neck are painted in black color, if its 10 cm If there are size in cubes, then what is the blackness of two sides in black?

1.    16
2.    24
3.    48
4.    64

Answer 3

Question 7 In the vacant place select the correct number

6, 19, 38, 67, _______.  - Not Attempted
1.    70
2.    76
3.    83
4.    102

Answer 4

Question 8 In the vacant place, select the correct option

_____, bca, _____, abc  - Not Attempted
1.    abbc
2.    cbca
3.    cacb
4.    cabc

Answer 4

Question 9 what is the minimum age limit for the election of president and vice-president? 

1.    25 years
2.    30 years
3.    35 years
4.    40 years

Answer 3

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Question 10 what is the first state of India formed on linguistic basis?

1.    Maharashtra
2.    Gujarat
3.    Rajasthan
4.    Andhra Pradesh

Answer 4

MPSC Practice Question and answers (In Marathi)

MPSC online test in Marathi

Question 1 शेडयूल कास्ट फेडरेशन ची स्थापना कोणी केली?

1.    धोंडो केशव कर्वे
2.    डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर
3.    विठ्ठल रामजी शिंदे
4.    दादासाहेब गायकवाड

Answer 2

Question 2 खालीलपैकी कोणत्या कारणाखाली स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकरांना लंडन येथे अटक करण्यात आली होतो?

1.    भारतात क्राँतीकारकांना शस्त्रास्त्रे पुरविल्याबद्दल
2.    लंडन येथे क्रांतिकारक कारवायाबद्दल
3.    कलेक्टर जॅक्सनच्या खुनात सहभागी असल्याबद्दल
4.    क्रांतिकारक साहित्याचा प्रसार केल्याबद्दल

Answer 3

Question 3 सत्तीची चाल बंद व्हावी म्हणूण बंगाल प्रांतात कोणी आंदोलन सुरु केले होते?

1.    राजा राममोहन रॉय 
2.    ईश्वरचंद्र विद्यासागर
3.    व्दारकाप्रसाद टागोर
4.    केशवचंद्र सेन

Answer 1

Question 4 पृथ्वीवर दिवस व रात्र कशामुळे होतात?

1.    पृथ्वीच्या परिवलनामुळे  
2.    पृथ्वीच्या परीभ्रमणामुळे
3.    पृथ्वीच्या वैश्र्विक गतीमुळे
4.    पृथ्वी, सूर्य व चंद्र यामध्ये असल्याने

Answer 1

Question 5 भारतात चहा उत्पादनात --------- राज्याचा प्रथम क्रमांक आहे.

1.    आसाम 
2.    बिहार
3.    महाराष्ट्र
4.    ओरिसा

Answer 1

Question 6 तीन सरासरी मधील कोणता संबंध बरोबर आहे?

1.    A.M ≥ G.M ≥ H.M
2.    H.M ≥ G.M ≥ A.M
3.    G.M ≥ A.M ≥ H.M
4.    A.M = G.M. ≤ H.M

Answer 1

Question 7 बाजारयंत्रणा खालीलपैकी कुठली गोष्टी देऊ शकत नाही?

1.    किंमती 
2.    अस्पर्धा वस्तू कार्यक्षमतेने
3.    पुरवठा आणि मागणी
4.    समतोल

Answer 2

Question 8 जर 1 = D, 2 = Y, 3 = X, 4 = P, 5 = N, तर 2351432 =?


Answer 2

Question 9 ........... ची मर्जी असेपर्यंत राज्यपाल आपल्या पदावर राहू शकतात.

1.    राष्ट्रपती
2.    पंतप्रधान
3.    संसद
4.    सर्वोच्च न्यायालय

Answer 1

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Question 10 महाराष्ट्र हे पंचायतराज स्वीकारणारे कितवे राज्य होते ?

1.    आठवे
2.    नववे
3.    सातवे
4.    सहावे

Answer 2


Hope the above provided MPSC mock test will beneficial for you; we suggest you to solve MPSC Online Test on regular basis as it will help you in better preparation of the exam.

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