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RPSC Mock Test 2018-19 Free Mock Trial for Upcoming Exams, Online Quiz


RPSC Mock Test

RPSC Mock Test 2018: Applying contenders for . have to participate in RPSC Upcoming Exams on scheduled date. RPSC Mock Test will help you to check your preparation level of the examinations.

After doing preparation from RPSC Study Material, you may take help of RPSC Free Mock Trial for Upcoming Exams which is an online quiz and design as actual question paper. In order to solve RPSC Online Quiz, you have to check this page soon.

RPSC Mock Trial for Upcoming Exams Cover:

RPSC Practice Test looks as actual question paper and carries topics from which questions will be asked in the examination. Contenders are informed that at the time of solving RPSC LDC Mock Test 2018, you will get same time as exam.

In order to acquire more details regarding RPSC Mock Test 2018-19 or solving RPSC Online Mock Test, you are suggested to check this page which is well designed by the team members of www.privatejobshub.in

RPSC Mock Test

Here we have provided the complete information regarding Mock Test RPSC. Apart from RPSC Mock Test for LDC Typing, you may check given 20 questions which can help your to grab details about the important topic. Before solving RPSC Mock Test Online, you may check given question and answers also.

Download Here: RPSC Syllabus

RPSC Online Practice Test Series 2018

Question1. Careful is to cautious as boastful is to

1.    arrogant
2.    humble
3.    joyful
4.    suspicious

Answer: Option 1

Question2. Pen is to poet as needle is to

1.    thread
2.    button
3.    sewing
4.    tailor

Answer: Option 4

Question3. Secretly is to openly as silently is to

1.    scarcely
2.    impolitely
3.    noisily
4.    quietly

Answer: Option 3

Question4. Embarrassed is to humiliated as frightened is to

1.    terrified
2.    agitated
3.    courageous
4.    reckless

Answer: Option 1

Question5. Pride is to lion as shoal is to

1.    teacher
2.    student
3.    self-respect
4.    fish

Answer: Option 4

Question6. UIDAI has unveiled the beta version of ____ , which will soon be accepted by service providers in lieu of Aadhaar number?

1.    Primary ID
2.    Virtual ID
3.    Bio ID
4.    Universal ID

Answer: Option 2

Question7. Indian ranks ____________ largest producer of crude steel as per the report of Steel Users Federation of India.

1.    Third
2.    Second
3.    Fifth
4.    Fourt

Answer: Option 2

Question8. JICA signed a Rs.500 crore loan agreement for smarter mobility project to which of the following country?

1.    Netherlands
2.    Denmark
3.    India
4.    Sweden

Answer: Option 3

Question9. India ranks __________ in the largest mobile phone producer of the World.

1.    First
2.    Second
3.    Third
4.    Fourth

Answer: Option 2

Question10. The Union Cabinet approved the MoU between India and this country to establish bilateral cooperation activities in the field of Intellectual Property (IP).

1.    Russia
2.    Canada
3.    Brazil
4.    Iraq

Answer: Option 2

Question11. When an iron nail gets rusted, iron oxide is formed

1.    without any change in the weight of the nail
2.    with decrease in the weight of the nail
3.    with increase in the weight of the nail
4.    without any change in colour or weight of the nail

Answer: Option 3

Question12. Galvanised iron sheets have a coating of=

1.    lead
2.    chromium
3.    zinc
4.    tin

Answer: Option 3

Question13. Among the various allotropes of carbon,

1.    coke is the hardest, graphite is the softest
2.    diamond is the hardest, coke is the softest
3.    diamond is the hardest, graphite is the softest
4.    diamond is the hardest, lamp black is the softest

Answer: Option 3

Question14. The group of metals Fe, Co, Ni may best called as

1.    transition metals
2.    main group metals
3.    alkali metals
4.    rare metals

Answer: Option 1

Question15. Heavy water is

1.    deuterium oxide
2.    PH7
3.    rain water
4.    tritium oxide

Answer: Option 1

Question16. Which country's government proposes 10 years in jail for fake news?

1.    China
2.    Singapore
3.    Malaysia
4.    Mexico

Answer: Option 3

Question17. With which country DRC have signed Brazzaville Declaration to protect the world's largest tropical peatland?

1.    Thailand
2.    Indonesia
3.    Philippines
4.    Cambodia

Answer: Option 2

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Question18. Which of the following country has decided to eliminate 3 zeros from it's currency to counter the economics crisis?

1.    North Korea
2.    Russia
3.    Pakistan
4.    Venezuela

Answer: Option 4

Question19. Which country launched a challenge at the World Trade Organization (WTO) against China over intellectual property breaches?

1.    North Korea
2.    USA
3.    Turkey
4.    Iraq

Answer: Option 2

Question20. How many billion dollars tariffs on China for its alleged unfair trade practices?

1.    40
2.    50
3.    60
4.    95

Answer: Option 3

Procedure to attempt Online RPSC Mock Test College Lecturer 2018:

By following the below mentioned guidelines you can solve Rajasthan PSC Exam Online Practice Test Series 2018 easily.
  • To solve Rajasthan PSC Exam Online Mock Test 2018, candidates are required to visit the official website which is rpsc.rajasthan.gov.in
  • Afterwards you are suggested to follow “Candidate Information” section and press “Online Exam/ Mock Test Information” link.
  • “RPSC Mock Test Section” will be shown at your computer screen.
  • Thereafter you are suggested to hit on “Mock Trial for Online Exam (Sample)” or “Online Exam Briefing – PPT” or “Online Exam Briefing – Video” links as per your need.
  • Now you have to follow “Online Mock Exam” link on this new page.
  • Log in by entering the required details as mentioned in below image for solving RPSC Typing Mock Test.
  • After that you are required to solve RPSC Mock Test Paper 2018.
  • When will RPSC Rajasthan Mock Test be done, you need to press “Submit” tab.
  • Then RPSC App Online Mock Test Result will be shown at your computer screen.
  • Marks of RPSC College Lecturer Mock Test will be shown in shape of RPSC Mock Test 2018 Result. 
  • With the help of this result of RPSC Mock Test for College Lecturer, you may be familiar with actual criteria.
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RPSC Mock Test 2018 Questions Indications

While solving Mock Test In RPSC 2018, contenders can acquire the details of their answer status with the help of given graph:
  • In rpsc.rajasthan.gov.in Mock Test, there will five colors and each color indicates different things.
  • Each color helps you to understand the status of the RPSC Questions.
  • These colors indicate attempted, lets, marked etc. questions.
RPSC Mock Test 2018 Structure
While solving RPSC Online Mock Test 2018, you must have knowledge about benefits also and following guidelines helps you to grab it well.
  • RPSC Upcoming Exam Mock Test 2018 helps you to know about number of questions and duration of exam.
  • At the time of solving RPSC Exam Online Practice Test Series 2018
  • In RPSC Exam Mock Test 2018, marking patterns will be as per RPSC Exam Pattern.
  • Each question has four alternative responses in RPSC LDC Typing Mock Test.
  • Contenders have to press on one radio button indicating the correct answer.
  • Negative marking will be as per the exam syllabus/scheme (A wrong answer means an incorrect answer for any question.
  • Do not close any window directly when you are taking the exam.
  • Please ensure that you reach one hour before the scheduled time of exam.
  • The mock contains 25questions and 25 minutes duration will be given
Final Words!!

Check Official Link  for acquiring more details regarding RPSC Mock Test 2018-19. Apart from this link, you are suggested to be in touch with our portal by subscribing our free email service.

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