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How To Become A Cabin Crew In India - Opportunities, Salary, Career Guide


How To Become A Cabin Crew

How To Become A Cabin Crew: Do you want to become a Cabin Crew? If yes, this article on How to Become a Cabin Crew is complete guide for you. It will helpful for you to know all details about what will be the career Opportunities In India, What Is Cabin Crew Salary etc.  

Essentially a cabin crew member is a person who makes sure that airline passengers have a comfortable, safe, and pleasant flight, there is a big career option in this field. If you like to meet different kind of people and enjoy travelling then this could be an ideal career option for you.

What will be the Minimum Requirements To Grab Cabin Crew Jobs!!!

Air cabin crew members must be a well-mannered person but firm approach when dealing with complicated strangers. Excellent ‘people’ skills are really important, as it is the ability to work as part of a team.

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How To Become A Cabin Crew

Education and Physical Standards:

If you want to become a Cabin Crew then you should have meet the below provided criteria:
  • At least 21 years of age at the time of joining
  • Arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes
  • High school graduate (Grade 12)
  • Fluency in English (Written and Spoken)
  • No visible tattoos while in Cabin Crew uniform (cosmetic and bandage coverings not permitted)
  • Physically fit to meet the Emirates Cabin Crew requirements
  • No excessive piercings (only one in each ear for females, none for males),
  • Good health and fitness (tested at a medical),
  • Eyesight 6/9 or corrected to 6/9 by use of glasses or contact lenses,

Other Required Skills To Become A Cabin Crew:
  • Should have good Communication Skills
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Confidence in dealing with a range of people
  • Team working skills and be able to be supportive of colleagues
  • Discretion when dealing with VIPs/royalty
  • The gift of being tactful and diplomatic but also assertive when necessary
  • Commercial awareness and sales skills
  • Flexibility in working unsocial hours on any day of the year
  • The capability to work quickly and efficiently, often to tight time constraints
  • Numeracy skills for handling cash, including foreign currency

Hard and Soft Skills of Cabin Crew:

Soft Skills
Hard Skills
Team players,
Secondary school education,
Good communication skills,
Great customer service,
Flexibility (rotas change and flights are delayed),
High level of English,
Good time management (NEVER be late)
Basic computer skills,
Good problem solver,
Other languages are welcomed.

How To Become A Cabin Crew In Airlines?

Flight attendants (Cabin Crew) are primarily responsible for ensuring passenger safety during a flight. Many of the airlines provide the vacancies for this post time to time, they are also required to ensure relieve of passengers which is why good customer service skills are so significant.

Hours can differ that’s why a flight attendant's career is not for those candidates who would like to work 9-5 hours. But the lifestyle is social, welcoming and sometimes alien - especially long-haul cabin crew jobs where you will fly and stop-over at world airports.

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What are Salary Scenario?
  • In India, Flight Steward can earn a salary between Rs. 2.5 lakh to 4.5 Lakh per year as a beginner in the public sector.
  • A Head flight attendant is paid as per their experience; they can earn approximately 6 Lakh per annum.
  • The Cabin Crew member working with the International airlines, they can get salary in between Rs. 9 lakh to 10 lakh per years.
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Top Tips On How To Become A Cabin Crew Male Member:
  • Thoroughly research the cabin crew role and what the job entails,
  • Research your chosen airline’s history and routes,
  • Do not choose just one airline. This will most likely lead to disappointment,
  • Apply, apply and apply again, even after rejection,
  • Never take things personally. You have to find the right airline ‘fit’ for you,
  • If you really want to be cabin crew, don’t give up on your dream
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What is the Role Of Being Cabin Crew?

In an archetypal day, you will start by attending a crew briefing, perform security and safety checks on the aircraft and set up for the flight. You'll be serving meals and drinks, reading announcements and selling various goods whilst also dealing with passenger requests.

The downsides to being cabin crew are:
  • Long hours,
  • Time away from home,
  • Missing family events due to your roster,
  • Jet lag is very difficult to deal with for long haul cabin crew,
  • The salary is also considerably low. It is not a career you choose for the money, but more for the lifestyle.
What Kind Of Person Makes Great Cabin Crew?
  • You must adapt well to change and be flexible in your approach to dealing with things.
  • Pliability and being able to cope well in stressful situations is very important.
  • A welcoming nature and a ‘smiley’ team player will not only work well with passengers, but also with their crew (who may change on a day to day basis).
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Final Words:

That’s all about How to Become a Cabin Crew Male, if you want more information regarding the same, and then you need to bookmark this page and get latest updates on your instant access. Thank you…

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