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UCEED Question Paper 2019 PDF Online | Solved Previous Model Papers


UCEED Question Paper 

Candidates preparing for the UCEED Entrance Exam must download the UCEED Question Paper 2019. By going through the Previous Year UCEED Solved Model Papers PDF, candidates can get in-depth knowledge of the paper pattern and structure of UCEED 2019.

IIT Bombay organizes the Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design Test for admission in 4 years Bachelor of Design (B. Des.) course. Candidates can increase their chances of getting admission by regularly practicing the UCEED Model papers.

UCEED Solved Question Paper

Through UCEED Question Paper with answers, candidates can get to know about the important topics and type of questions asked in the examination. Candidates will also get familiar with the UCEED Exam pattern and will be able to strategize the preparation for IIT UCEED Exam.
Candidates can check download the UCEED Question Paper 2019 PDF and Previous solved Model Papers from the below section of this page which is well developed by expert team of www.privatejobshub.in

UCEED Question Paper 2019

UCEED Previous Year Question Papers

UCEED Question Paper
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UCEED Important Questions

Ques1. Which of the following is a/are river(s):
  1. Alakhnanda
  2. Parvati
  3. Vaigai
  4. Baralacha La
Answer:  Alakhnanda, Parvati, Vaigai

Ques2.Which disease is caused by the deficiency of proteins?
  1. Kwashiorkor
  2. Marasmus
  3. Pellagra
  4. Anorexia
Answer: Kwashiorkor

Ques3. Which of the statement(s) is/are not TRUE?
  1. Agricultural activities and use of fertilizers leads to higher nitrous oxide concentration
  2. Deforestation leads to decrease in carbon dioxide due to human activities
  3. Oxygen and ozone are not greenhouse gases
  4. Global warming leads to sea level rise
Answer: Oxygen and ozone are not greenhouse gases

Ques4.When photographs are taken on bright sunny days, there is a possibility of an intense glare appearing in the photograph. Which action(s) can be taken to avoid the glare?
  1. Change the angle of the camera
  2. Open up the aperture to its maximum
  3. Attach a lens hood
  4. Use a polarizing filter
Answer: Change the angle of the camera, Attach a lens hood, Use a polarizing filter

Ques5. In photography, f-numbers represent lens aperture. Write the missing f-number in the sequence below.

f/2.8, f/3.2, f/3.5, f/__, f/4.5, f/5.0, f/5.6

Answer: 04

Ques6. Which of the following statements is/are TRUE?
  1. The Lion Capital of Ashoka found in Sarnath is carved out of granite rock.
  2. The Ellora caves are carved in granite rock.
  3. The descent of the Ganges in Mahabalipuram is carved out of granite rock.
  4. The Ajanta caves are carved in basalt rock.
Answer: The descent of the Ganges in Mahabalipuram is carved out of granite rock, The Ajanta caves are carved in basalt rock.

Ques7.Which of the following terms do not relate(s) to printmaking?
  1. Serigraphy
  2. Lithography
  3. Cartography
  4. Etching
Answer: Cartography

Ques8.Which of the materials given below was/were used for writing on in ancient India?
  1. Coconut Leaves
  2. Palm Leaves
  3. Bamboo Leaves
  4. Birch Bark
Answer: Palm Leaves, Birch Bark

Ques9.The largest number of Tiger Reserves are located in :
  1. Karnataka
  2. Andhra Pradesh
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. West Bengal
Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Ques10.The word ‘ecology’ (Ökologie) was coined in 1866 by :
  1. Charles Darwin
  2. Robert Whittaker
  3. Arthur Tansley
  4. Ernst Haeckel
Answer: Ernst Haeckel

Ques11.The highest per capita emitter of Carbon dioxide in the world is :
  1. US
  2. China
  3. Qatar
  4. Saudi Arabia
Answer: Qatar

Ques12.The relationship between water fern Azolla and cyanobacterium Anabaena is :
  1. Symbiotic
  2. Mutualistic
  3. Commensalism
  4. Proto-Cooperation
Answer: Symbiotic

Ques13.In Nitrogen Cycle, soil nitrates are transformed into free nitrogen by:
  1. Nitrifying bacteria
  2. Denitrifying bacteria
  3. Ammonifying bacteria
  4. Both [1] and[3]
Answer:  Denitrifying Bacteria

Ques14.An aquatic plant introduced from America to check pollution turned out to be a troublesome weed in Indian water bodies. The name of this ‘invasive alien species’ is :
  1. Opuntia
  2. Aegilops
  3. Eichhornia
  4. Pistia
Answer: Eichhornia

Ques15.‘Lion-tailed macaque’ is the key faunal species of which Biosphere Reserve?
  1. Nilgiri
  2. Dehang-Debang
  3. Dibru-Saikhowa
  4. Nokrek
Answer: Nilgiri

UCEED Exam pattern

Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design Test is an online computer based test of 3 hours duration. There will be 3 sections in the UCEED Question Paper 2019 that is Numerical Answer Type (NAT), Multiple Select Questions (MSQ) and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). UCEED Question Paper 2019 will be of 300 marks. There will be negative marking of 1 mark in the Multiple Choice Questions section.

Final Note

Candidates, we hope that above information about UCEED Question Paper 2019 has been useful to you. For more information on UCEED Question Paper 2019, you can go to the above given official link. For more information, keep visiting our pages www.privatejobshub.in. You can also follow us on Facebook or Google+.

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