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WBJEE Sample Papers 2019 | PDF Download – Previous Year Solved Questions


WBJEE Sample Papers 2019

Candidates who are preparing for the West Bengal Join Entrance Examination must download the WBJEE Sample Papers 2019. Candidates can also download the WBJEE Previous Year Solved Questions from the links given here.

WBJEE Sample Papers 2019 are based on the syllabus and format prescribed by the West Bengal Join Entrance Examination Board. In the WBJEE Papers all the previous year questions and important topic are included.

WBJEE Sample Papers 2019- Important Details

Board Name
West Bengal Join Entrance Examination Board
Exam name
West Bengal Join Entrance Examination
WBJEE Sample Papers 2019
Examination Mode
Exam Date

WBJEE Previous Year Question Papers

With the help of WBJEE Question Paper aspirants can familiarize themselves with the exam pattern and all the important topics. By regularly practicing from WBJEE Sample Papers 2019, you will be able to improve your speed and accuracy.

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WBJEE Sample Papers

Before we start, you should go through the WBJEE Exam Pattern 2019

Exam Duration
4 hours
Examination Mode
Type of Questions
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Number of Sections
4 (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
Total Number of Questions
155 (Physics – 40, Chemistry – 40, Mathematics – 75)
Category Wise Division of Questions
Physics & Chemistry - 30 Questions in Category 1, 5 Questions each in Category 2 and 3.
Mathematics – 50 Questions in Category 1, 15 Questions in Category 2 and 10 Questions in Category 3.
Total Marks
Marking Scheme
Category 1: 1 mark will be awarded for each correct answer
Category 2 and 3: 2 marks will be given for each correct response
For every incorrect response, 1/4th mark will be deducted, while for category, no negative marking will be done.

WBJEE Important Questions

Check the below given important questions based on WBJEE Sample Papers 2019:
Ques1. One Kg of copper is drawn into a wire of 1mm diameter and a wire of 2 mm diameter. The resistance of the two wires will be in the ratio

1.    2 : 1       
2.    1 : 2       
3.    16 : 1     
4.    4 : 1

Answer: 16: 1

Ques2. An electrical cable having a resistance of 0.2 fi delivers 10kw at 200V D.C. to a factory. What is the efficiency of transmission?

1.    65%       
2.    75%       
3.    85%       
4.    95%

Answer: 95%

Ques3. To write the decimal number 37 in binary, how many binary digits are required?
  1. 5            
  2. 6  
  3. 7  
  4. 4
Answer: 6

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Ques4. It is difficult to cook rice in an open vessel by boiling it at high altitudes because of

1.    low boiling point and high pressure      
2.    high boiling point and low pressure
3.    low boiling point and low pressure       
4.    high boiling point and high pressure

Answer: low boiling point and low pressure

Ques5. The height of a waterfall is 50 m. If g = 9.8 ms–2 the difference between the temperature at the top and the bottom of the waterfall is:

1.    1.17 °C             
2.    2.17° C             
3.    0.117° C           
4.    1.43° C

Answer: 0.117° C

Ques6. Abeam of monochromatic blue light of wavelength 4200 Å in air travels in water of refractive index 4/3. Its wavelength in water will be:

1.    4200 Å    
2.    5800 Å    
3.    4150 Å    
4.    3150 Å

Answer: 3150 Å

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Ques7. At a certain place, the horizontal component of earth’s magnetic field is 3 times the vertical component. The angle of dip at that place is

1.    30°                  
2.    60°                  
3.    45°                  
4.    90°

Answer: 30°

Ques8. The number of electron in 2 coulomb of charge is

1.    5 × 1029 
2.    12.5 × 1018       
3.    1.6 × 1019        
4.    9 × 1011

Answer: 12.5 × 1018

Ques9. Which statement is incorrect?

1.    Phenol is a weak acid    
2.    Phenol is an aromatic compound
3.    Phenol liberates CO2 from Na2CO3 soln         
4.    Phenol is soluble in NaOH

Answer: Phenol liberates CO2 from Na2CO3 soln

Ques10. In which of the following reactions new carbon-carbon bond is not formed:

1.    Cannizaro reaction        
2.    Wurtz reaction    
3.    Aldol condensation        
4.    Friedel-Craft reaction

Answer: Cannizaro reaction

Ques11. Which one of the following is called a carbylamine?

1.    R CN       
2.    RCONH2  
3.    R–CH=NH
4.    R NC

Answer: R NC

Ques12. The oxidant which is used as an antiseptic is :

1.    KBrO3     
2.    KMnO4    
3.    CrO3       
4.    KNO3

Answer: KMnO4

Ques13. Blackened oil painting can be restored into original form by the action of :

1.    Chlorine   
2.    BaO2      
3.    H2O2      
4.    MnO2

Answer: H2O2

Ques14. Of the following acids the one which has the capability to form complex compound and also possesses oxidizing and reducing properties is:

1.    HNO3      
2.    HNO2      
3.    HCOOH 
4.    HCN

Answer: HNO2

Ques15. Which of the following statements is not correct?

1.    Silicon is extensively used as a semiconductor
2.    Carborundum is SiC
3.    Silicon occurs in free state in nature    
4.    Mica contains the element silicon

Answer: Silicon occurs in free state in nature

About WBJEE 2019

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination is conducted for admission in Architecture, Pharmacy and Engineering courses. The WBJEE Entrance exam is conducted in the 4th week of April 2019. Every year around 1.3 lakh candidates appear in this exam.

WBJEE 2019 is one of the toughest entrance exams in India. Through WBJEE scores, 34125 seats are filled in various UG Engineering and Pharmacy programs offered by the government and private colleges of the state.

Final Note

Candidates, we hope that above information about WBJEE Sample Papers 2019 has been useful to you. For more information on WBJEE Sample Papers 2019, you can go to the above given official link. To get further updates aspirants are advised to keep visiting our pages www.privatejobshub.in. You can also follow us on Facebook or Google+.

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